10 Quick Weight Loss Tips for Men and Women

Simple weight loss tips that are healthy, fast and effective!

Want something simple that actually works? Need motivation? Frustrated with contradictory advice? Here are 10 suggestions that work no matter where you live or how much weight you want to lose:

1. detoxify your body with a 3 – 10 day inner cleanse. Get a juicer. Buy fresh vegetables: celery, cucumber, carrots – high water content vegetable and apples. Drink juice to replace meals during three to ten days. In the morning, apple juice, for lunch / dinner, carrot juice is filling. The juice MUST be fresh, not from concentrate. Between juice-meals, drink a glass of water every half hour, if possible.

For a spicy juice meal, make a cold soup with tomatoes, celery, cucumber, red /green peppers, lettuce and a touch of parsley / cilantro. Add cayenne if you like it spicy. In Spain, this is called gazpacho, and can be served with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and seasoned to taste. The best fast weight loss tips that recommend Mediterranean diets suggest skipping the olive oil when gazpacho is for cleansing.

2. one of the best simple weight loss tips you’ll ever get will include elderberry juice or tea. Don’t go crazy and buy expensive detox formulas that claim to be magical, just get some elderberry extract without preservatives, mix with a liter (quart) of water and drink throughout the day, in combination with a juice meal replacement diet, this will help to clean the body. A clean body will eliminate waste and fatty deposits faster.

3. Asian weight loss tips include ideas on how to restore balance by not drinking or eating only hot or cold foods. This refers to ying – yang balance not temperature. The top 3 easy weight loss tips in a yin-yang diet to lose weight and gain energy are as follows: 1. mix soy sprouts and vegetables in a wok and sautĂ©ed for a few seconds. 2. a balanced meal consists of cool/ warm/ hot and cold foods to create a positive energy balance. A stir fry will have sprouts, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms a smattering of meat very thinly sliced (unless you’re vegetarian), garlic and/or cayenne, but not a lot of any one element to throw off the balance. 3. eating only hot, cold or cool and warm will not provide balance for the negative/ positive energy. Look into Chinese weight loss tips if you’re serious about weight loss that REALLY WORKS! Obesity was a none-issue in Chinese culture, until… western fast foods companies arrived in the East!

4. celebrity weight loss tips are not tips, they’re fads. Use common sense instead and let your body be your guide. Raw, fresh vegetables should be the primary part of your diet. Drink lots of fresh juices, and water. Cut out animal products, replace with olive oil. Don’t overcook veggies (raw is best). Don’t buy pre-packaged diet foods.

5. most diet and weight loss tips don’t work. Here’s one that does. Include seaweed in your diet. If nothing else, get algae or seaweed wraps; add them to boiling water with a little soy sauce as a soup. Chop parsley and other veggies into it for variations.

6. best holiday weight loss tips include deciding not to have turkey for Christmas. Make fresh salads the focus. Raw vegetables with whipped almond dip is a great treat. Download free healthy raw food recipes and change yoru holiday “comfort” foods.

7. the best weight loss tips motivation incentives and advice for confidence boosting and feeling better are a dime a dozen. But not enough of them tell you the secret: Water, water, water. Drink water. We’re almost entirely made of water. Drink it, eat high water content foods and you won’t be reading about how to lose weight.

8. free weight loss tips that come with diet pills and exercise equipment are ineffective because companies need overweight people to buy their products. You don’t need special equipment to lose weight. You don’t need pre-packaged food or ephedra diet pills. You need water, raw vegetables, foods that are ALIVE – not dead packaged / processed to death foods that are devoid of nutrients.

9. amongst the 100 best weight loss tips that have ever been published are those that tell people to cut out all dairy products. You don’t need milk if you’re not an infant, and if you’re human, you don’t need what baby cows drink. Replace milk with soy, juice, and leafy vegetable concentrates for calcium. Eliminate mucous producing products derived from bovine udders.

10. Stop paying for fitness. The best exercises are whatever you enjoy: walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, skating, yoga, tennis, anything…just move!

When you see weight loss tips for women on magazine covers (or online) and read the recommendations, and beside the tips are advertisements for processed cheese, skimmed milk, FDA approved diet pills, exercise equipment and…STOP reading! Weight loss and diet tips sponsored by the Dairy industry, pharmaceutical companies or exercise equipment manufacturers are not designed to make you thin but to make someone else rich.

Instead of wasting time reading nonsense, take a walk to the grocery sore, stick to the produce isle, make a juice dinner, a raw salad, some seaweed soup or a Mediterranean gazpacho, and feel ALIVE!

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