1500 Calorie Diet Cookbook

The latest 1500 calorie diet from renowned author Nancy S. Hughes, also author of the previous book, The 1,200-Calorie-a-Day Menu Cookbook, offers a series of ideas for preparing 30 minute meals, for individuals who are calorie conscious, but not strict vegans, vegetarians or intent on eating raw food. Amongst her 10 cookbooks with assorted recipes with low caloric intake, Nancy S. Hughes has become know for offering meal ideas that come with nutritional information and a detailed outline of calories. While considered an expert by many, having played a large roll in creating Weight Watchers recipes, as well as working with the American Heart and Diabetes Associations, and offering suggestions for lowering calories, not all her recipes or are based on fresh produce, and meet plays a role, with pork, beef and poultry as part of most menus plans.

If you’re making meals for a family, need new ideas every day, and are tired of weighing, measuring or using a calorie counter to prepare every breakfast, lunch and dinner, then Nancy Hughes 1500 calorie diet book will be helpful. Every menu is complete on a single page and each plan can be prepared quickly – in about 30 minutes. All the information you need to stick to a 1500 calorie diet are provided, including a note that shows which meals contain certain vitamins and which have high fiber content, etc. She offers useful information regarding why certain vitamins and nutrients are important.

Some readers, who love not having to count calories on their own, and rely on her 1500 calorie diet recipes, have noted that they would like to see a shopping guide included, perhaps just a simple list to make buying ingredients easier. The majority of reviews, especially those by busy women with families, are extremely positive. Nancy includes ways to use leftovers and shows how to plan the right number of portions to offer exactly 1500 calories per person without any guesswork or calculations.

A 1500 calorie diet, whether designed on your own or using Nancy Hughes suggested menus, can be criticized – not due to the actual amount of calories being too high or too low, but due to a more basic problem – that of deciding what to eat based almost exclusively on the CALORY contain a food contains. Here’s the problem: There’s a tendency for those who COUNT calories as a means of weight loss or weight maintenance to eat small potions of a variety of foods that may not necessarily be healthy despite being low in caloric content. For example many of Nancy’s recipes call for pork, some menu plans recommend bacon, and certain ideas include low calorie or fat-free packaged or processed products. It’s important that people understand that packaged products that tout being low fat, calorie reduced, high in fiber, and fortified with essential vitamins, are not necessarily a healthy choice – although they may be low in calories when eaten in small amounts.

Many health conscious people are waking up to the fact that not every 1200 or 1500 calorie diet is the same, in other words, calories obtained from a low-fat product may not be the same as a 1500 calorie diet obtained from natural raw foods, fresh vegetable juices, fruit, nuts, lentils, etc. Why isn’t counting calories enough to be healthy? Because it’s important to consider colon health. Counting calories may keep you from being overweight because you simply don’t consume more calories than you burn, but each person must ask themselves if eating a slice of bacon or having an egg-style breakfast each day, and including pork and beef in lunches and dinners, will in fact promote colon health.

Many health conscious individuals are starting a cleanse diet, learning about ways to detoxify the body, and then switching to a new way of weight maintenance that does not include calorie counting, but eating high water content foods that are not cooked. Some individuals who have investigated how to reduce weight, begin with a juice diet or a water diet, then maintain their ideal weight with natural low calorie foods like carrot juice, celery juice, green leafy salads, and include negative calorie foods that offer energy, detoxification, and nutrients without animal products, dairy or processed ingredients.

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