A Guide To Women and Mens Eyebrow Waxing

Kits, Tips and Best Wax

Complete eyebrow waxing kits with strips and lotions for about $15; the best facial wax or soft cream wax for about $13; hemp wax for about $11; starter kits with waxing pot included for under $60 and pots alone for around $49; everything you need to create perfect brows at home. Step by step eyebrow waxing tips and recommendations for where to buy the best products available online.

What You Need To Get Started

What you need to do eyebrow waxing for men or women is basically the same. We’ll discuss brow shaping techniques for ladies and how to wax for gents later in the post, but first here’s what you need to have on hand:

  1. witch hazel or some form of cleansing astringent (never use alcohol)
  2. an eyebrow pencil, stencil kit or shaping materials
  3. some Vaseline
  4. a microwave, an electric pot, or a wax heater (called a Wax Warmer) to melt wax and keep it soft and easy to spread
  5. the wax
  6. a spatula or two
  7. thinly cut linen or cotton muslin waxing strips
  8. natural oil, preferably macadamia or almond oil, but baby oil will do or Wax Off
  9. a soothing balm, light tea tree oil, Aloe Vera gel or redness reducing salve
  10. a mirror with good light and a comfortable position where all your tools will be handy

Note: If working in the bathroom, remember you will probably need an outlet where you can plug in your wax pot, which we highly recommend, however you can also do it at the kitchen table and use the microwave, or sit at a vanity. We suggest that beginners cover the table, counter or vanity with a cloth that they don’t mind tossing away afterwards. If hot wax spills on furniture or counters it may be very difficult to remove and may stain because waxing formulas contain oils that easily penetrate porous surfaces.

Where To Get The Supplies You Need

Before you can do anything, you’ll need to go shopping and we recommend doing so online. Gigi carries a complete line of waxing products and kits that are affordable and very practical. Some require strips and others don’t. Here are some of the items we suggest and you can buy easily at Folica.com:

1. GiGi Strip Free Honee Wax Microwave Kit – this is a complete kit that does not require muslin strips because the wax itself will harden sufficiently to pull off on its own. This wax is gentle for facial use and is specifically created for those who do not have a waxing pot and will warm the wax in the microwave. You will get an 8 ounce jar of wax, which they call Honee, 2 ounces of astringent lotion for prior to waxing, an after wax product called Wax Off which works to remove excess wax and may replace the need for oil, a 2 ounce bottle of Slow Grow which helps to impede the re-growth of hair, and also they include a 2 ounce bottle of concealer to minimize redness. The kit also comes with 10 applicators, or spatulas in two different sizes. This kit costs $15.99 (We have included step by step instructions to follow the end of this post)

2. The GiGi Mini Pro Kit – This is a very comprehensive kit to get you started and do things as professionally as possible without having to go to a salon. Here is what you get: a wax warmer 9in other words the little waxing pot that melts and warms the wax), 14 ounces of soft cream wax, the necessary applicators in assorted sizes that will be ideal for the brow area and other regions you may want to wax, a total of 60 natural muslin strips in two different sizes, a pre-waxing cleanser called Pro-Hon Lotion, the necessary after waxing cooling gel, a cleanser called Sure Clean, the after waxing redness concealer, a post epilation lotion and some handy little tools where you can rest the applicators as you work. The complete kit that includes the wax warmer costs just $59.95. We recommend this kit because the average professional eyebrow wax costs about $15 to $20, so you will have paid for your pot and kit in just 4 waxes.

The supplies in this kit will last a long time, but when you do need more wax, the GiGi Gentle Facial Honee, which comes in a 14 ounce jar, and is specific for facial hair removal, costs just $13.50. And the other best eyebrow waxing formula which is the ultra soft GIGI Honee Creme Wax, which is easy to work with because it melts at a lower temperature and is especially great for sensitive skin, comes in a similar jar for just $13.95. You can choose the SOY Cream wax for the same price and is also recommended for sensitive skin types.

Replenishing astringents and lotions is also easy because the large 16 ounce bottles of cooling gel and other products are not expensive, most under $9 or $10. You can also replenish your supply of muslin strips and applicators or spatulas with small kits that are under $5, also through Folica.com. The cheapest ones are by a company called Satin Smooth, which also makes a good starter kit.

3. Satin Smooth – This company has a series of kits, starting with a all-inclusive eyebrow waxing kits for professionals for around $133, which include a professional style double wax warmer and all the lotions, creams, balms, waxes and strips you could need, as well as an instructional DVD that offers not just eyebrow waxing tips, but detailed instructions for depilation of other body parts.

However, if you can’t afford to invest in such a complete kit, the Satin Smooth collection also has a really affordable body and eyebrow waxing kit that costs just under $36. In that kit you get a small wax warmer for beginners, a 14 ounce jar of soothing vitamin E based honey wax, a special pre-wax cleanser, a residue remover, a soothing Aloe gel for after waxing and a few extras like a skin nourishing formula and some accessories. It’s a good deal and gets you started with everything a guy or gal could need to do their own brows.

Now that you have your supplies, if you are a man, or a woman waxing a man, skip to:
- Step By Step Instructions For Eyebrow Waxing Men and Women (below)

Eyebrow Waxing For Women – Starting with The Shape

The same basic techniques apply to both women and men, but the difference will be in the shaping and contouring of the brow before the waxing begins.

The ladies will want to take a moment to decide the shape they wish to achieve. An eyebrow stencil kit is the best way to start if you have not already begun shaping your brow. If you do not have a stencil, you can get one easily at Lovely Skin called the Form-A-Brow Kit by Senna. The complete kit costs $43, but you can buy just the stencils by Senna or Colorescience for just $10, also through Lovely Skin. It’s worth the investment to get the first shape right because waxing is not like shaving. The hair tends to grow in less thick after a few waxings and therefore your shape will eventually only need a little upkeep and not a total re-design. Using the Senna kit and colors you can begin to accent the hair by darkening them so you know what shape you’ll get. Or you can use an eyebrow pencil or gel to color the area you want to keep.

If this is your first time waxing your brows you’ll want to keep the color on the brow as a guide, however, in future, when you are more sure of yourself, and have a basic shape created, you can skip this step and go straight to disinfecting the brow area. Again, for first timers or those who are bit unsure of what they are doing, you can add a teeny bit of Vaseline, using a cotton swab, only to the hair area that you wish to keep. Be careful that the Vaseline does not get on any of the hairs you are about to remove. This will act as a fail-safe should a little wax get out of hand, so you won’t totally ruin your brow if wax were to spread in such a way that you pull out the entire brow…oops! But this won’t happen if the basic shape has a little Vaseline on it. Don’t use oil because it might run. We suggest petroleum jelly that will be easy to control with a cotton swab.

Note: Whether you are a professional studying the best waxing procedures or an individual wishing to do a professional job of waxing yourself, you may want to consult a great book called: Beauty Therapy: The Basics by Maxine Whittaker, Judith Ifould and Debbie Forsythe-conroy. And another helpful manual for ladies who want to treat themselves to the best at home is: Natural Beauty: Pamper Yourself with Salon Secrets at Home by Laura DuPriest, wherein amongst other things you can find a recipe to create wax and instructions on how to keep unwanted hair away for long periods of time.

After The Shape Is Decided

You have your shape. You’re protected against mistakes with a little Vaseline. Now we’re ready to proceed with:

Step By Step Instructions For Eyebrow Waxing Men and Women

1. The Wax preparation – If you will be using the microwave version of wax, remember to remove the lid, cap or plastic disc from the bottle or jar. It can take about thirty second to heat, but check each bottle or jar because it will depend on the kind of wax and the size of container. If you are using the GiGi Strip Free Honee Wax Microwave Kit, the wax provided is harder and thicker than the cream varieties. You will have to warm it initially for thirty seconds. Then stir it with an applicator stick, then keep heating and stirring every fifteen seconds or so until it’s like thick honey or molasses. Just be careful that you don’t overheat it and make it too hot for the skin. If you do, wait till it cools a little. Test a little on the back of your hand or wrist before applying to the brow or any other sensitive skin area you wish to wax.

2. Pre Wax Cleansing – Using an astringent like witch-hazel or one of the lotions you have in your kit, like Pre-Hon Lotion, cleans the area you will wax. If you have applied Vaseline to the hair you don’t want to remove, then be careful not to do the entire brow, just the skin to be depilated.

3. Direction Of Placing the Wax On The Hair To Be Removed – It is very important that you place the wax that is on your spatula uniformly going in the same direction as the hair is growing. In other words, the hair will be pressed flat and down and not standing up. Always apply wax in the direction that hair is growing. Look at the area carefully to see how it is growing because not all hairs are the same. In the brow it may be slightly upward and out.

4. The Actual Moment of Waxing – If you are using the Strip Free Honee Wax, then you will let the wax cool on your brow. You will sense it cooling and becoming pliable…not hard, and this may take around thirty seconds. If you’re using a cream or regular wax that requires strips, then you DO NOT wait for it to cool, but apply a small muslin strip immediately, pressing down in the direction of the hair growth and pull back in the opposite direction as fast as you can while holding the outer skin very taunt. Immediately press down on the waxed area with your thumb or finger to stop the stinging. If you have used the strip-free version, you will have waited for the wax to cool and then you’ll pull the wax off in the opposite direction the same as if you used a strip. Press down afterwards.

5. You should have removed the majority of hairs in the region. You will see them stuck into the wax or on the muslin strip. Do not re-apply more wax even if you see you have missed a few hairs. You can tweeze strays afterwards so long as the majority are gone.

6. If you have almond or macadamia oil you can apply a liberal amount to the brow area and use a soft cotton pad to remove all the wax residue stuck to your skin or remaining brow hair. If you have the GiGi products, then now is the time to use Wax Off. Be gentle, but please be sure to remove all the wax.

7. With all the wax cleaned off, now you can apply a little after waxing cooling gel, or some Aloe gel or even fresh Aloe Vera.

8. If you want you can finish off with the Benzokal Skin Concealer which will reduce redness. It is totally normal if you have redness or some bumps for a few hours in the area where you’ve waxed. It’s best to do your eyebrow waxing a day before any event because it could take 8 or more hours to look and feel normal.

9. If you’ve purchased a kit by Gigi that included a Slow Grow product, then you can use this after you shower the next time. Don’t apply right after waxing. But you can use it each time you bathe or shower. Just a little in the waxed area….not on the hair you want to keep.

10. When your brow area has stopped stinging, take a mirror and some tweezers and get the little stray hairs that didn’t come off with the wax. And now rest a moment. Don’t go out in the sun or go to a tanning bed appointment. Don’t get a facial immediately afterwards either, and wait a while to shower or wash your face. Try not to put makeup for a little while. The area will be sensitive for a while. Let it breathe.

The final eyebrow tips – coloring and tinting

If you have a beautiful shape, but your brows are very light, you may be interested in making the shape you have just created be semi-permanent by tinting your brow hair.

There are easy ways to do so like using the Godefroy Shape & Tint kits that only cost about $7. And if you buy one of these kits before you do the waxing, this is a good idea because waxing after a tint job is better. It leaves a defined color line and eliminates some of the tint that may get on the skin. You also will have the perfect shape and the stencils and waxing strips that come with the Godfroy kits. Try natural black, auburn, medium brown and jet black….Or use the Godfroy lightening kits if your brows are too dark. The lightening kits are a bit more expensive, around $16.

For more eyebrow shaping ideas please consult some of our related topics, including permanent makeup and eyebrow tattoo procedures. We also offer advice on where to get eyebrow pencil and gel products, and which is the best, as well as offering eye makeup tips and ideas on home facial hair removal, including laser and IPL devices.

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