Aftercare for Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow tattoo healing will depend in part on how well you care for the tattooed area after the procedure.

Moisturize your Brows

After a procedure, all patients should receive eyebrow tattoo aftercare advice and support from their permanent makeup professional, and this may include a small kit of supplies and instructions for aiding in healing and some useful products that must be used along with the instructions. Aftercare for eyebrow tattooing is similar to other forms of tattoos and micropigmentation for lips and eyes, but brows often require a little extra attention. Your supplies or kit should include some antiseptic cream that also moisturizes. If you are not given any, then you may want to buy some Bepanthen on your own. Apply this with a sterile cotton swab several times a day. Do not rub or press the area too hard. Avoid pulling off scabs that begin to form, and try not to scratch. What you want to do is keep the eyebrow area clean, free of dirt or dust, out of the sun, and moist at all times.

Don’t Panic about Color for at least a Week

If you get home and look in the mirror and want to scream because your eyebrows are too dark, don’t scream yet. Wait a while. They will be a lot darker than you want for a few days. Give it at least a week. If during the course of healing they lighten to much, then when you go back to the clinic for your post procedure consultation, remember you can have touch-ups.

No Makeup, No Water, No Sun

For a week or so try not to wear any makeup, don’t use cleansers and do not go swimming or take saunas or go the spa. It’s also not a good idea to suntan. Try not to get your brows wet during the first week. To wash, just dab the eyebrow tattoo area. If they hurt, use cold compresses to ease pain and swelling.

Don’t Pull Off Scabs

Don’t be alarmed about anything for a week to 10 days (unless it’s red and infected for many days, then call your cosmetician or doctor immediately). Just add your antiseptic cream to the area about 6 times a day. Gently remove old cream before applying more. If your eyebrow tattoo feels tight and gets dry and scabby that’s normal, but avoid the urge to scratch or pick. Add cream and grin and bear it! Don’t pull off scabs because you may remove part of the pigment with the scab.

The Weeks and Months and Years To Follow

Once you have waited the week or two to ensure the eyebrow tattoo healing process is well underway, don’t forget to continue moisturizing every day, for a while keep them extra moist and if going in the sun, wear sunscreen. With or without an eyebrow tattoo you should never wash your face with soap but use a mild cleanser and warm water. If your new eyebrow tattoos have been done professionally and you have cared for them afterwards, then they should remain for many years without need of touch-ups.

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Would the drugs applied during and after the eyebrow tattoo procedure be safe for women who are pregnant?


Great post, I have been after that.



HI my name is christiane, I just got my brows done and i have been getting water on them in the shower will this hurt anything? Also is the scab a darker colour then the tatto ?


my eyes brows was done 5 days ago. It is drying up and peeling off. It is hardly any colours left underneath . I was worry at first because it was so dark , i hated it at first, Just give it time to peel and the colours will become much lighter and you won’t be able to see. Be patients !!!! Try not to get it wet . Keeping moist with bepanthen a few time a day. Don’t let direct sunlight on it.

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