Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Growing up on an Aloe Vera plantation in Latin America had its benefits – every morning the day started by taking a couple tablespoons of aloe juice with a little red wine. At the time, being too young to understand all the Aloe Vera juice benefits, it didn’t seem important, and the slippery extract made the youngest members, like me, make faces. It wasn’t until years later, that it became clear how everyone on the plantation had received a daily gift of health – a boost to the immune system, a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial tonic, as well as a source of essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins (such as B12) and a dose of natural calcium and magnesium.

Perhaps it was, in part, due to the delicious homemade red wine that accompanied the Aloe juice ritual that could account for everyone starting the day so happily, but it certainly couldn’t account for the high level of energy everyone had all through the day – often with long hours under the hot sun. Now, understanding the many Aloe Vera juice benefits, it seems clear that a clean body is a happy one. A body with a good elimination cycle and a clean colon; a body that doesn’t store decayed matter in the stomach, or retain impurities and toxins in the liver and kidneys, will have more energy, more life, more vivacity.

As an adult who studies herbal and natural remedies, Asian cleansing and energy tonics as well as Chinese traditional medicine, it is more obvious than ever why so many diverse cultures, from Native Americans to island tribal people, have all discovered the curative properties of aloe.

What are the best documented Aloe benefits?

The benefits that are most obvious and immediate are for people who suffer from indigestion and ulcers, however, over the long-term, the benefits are numerous because the aloe plant extract is one of the finest immune system boosters that exist. That means that the body is healthier overall, has more defenses, and therefore can cure itself or find a measure of relief from illnesses, by first not getting the diseases, and second by having the strength to fight off infection, and heal naturally.

For example one of the aloe vera juice benefits includes relief from bladder and kidney infections – due to the antibacterial/anti-inflammatory agents in the plant, and because the stomach and intestinal track is kept clean, there are fewer problems with constipation, and one of the most common results of poor elimination – hemorrhoids. Also because aloe is soothing, cleansing and healing, many people find that it helps to thwart insomnia, especially if the disorder is caused by physical ailments that hinder relaxation and sleep. Women who suffer from female problems such as Candida and vaginitis may find relief because aloe cleanses the body, fights bacteria / infection, and can be used both as a soothing internal tonic (via oral) or a vaginal douche as well as a soothing gel for irritated, inflamed or infected skin.

With a cleaner colon, a better elimination process, smoother functioning kidneys and bladder, many skin problems can be avoided or cured from the inside out. Amongst the most notable aloe vera juice benefits are those that pertain to healthier skin. Not only applying the gel on the face to eliminated acne, but drinking the liquid, can provide smoother, more supple, healthier skin because the whole body is detoxified. It’s well known that many skin problems originate in the kidneys, the colon and the intestinal tract. Dirty bowels cause no end of health problems, most obvious in skin eruptions.

The benefits of drinking aloe vera juice on a daily basis are so numerous, including helping reverse some of the effects of cancer and leukemia, as well as chronic kidney disease and even heart conditions, that many experts, biologists, medical doctors and researchers, including endocrinologists, study aloe and attest that the juice of the plant is potent and an effective treatment for many ailments and boosts the immune system.

Can it be duplicated, synthesized, produced in tablet form or delivered in a an easier to take preparation?

The reason that the aloe vera juice benefits are so numerous is not based on a single ingredient that can be isolated or extracted from the plant, rather it’s effectiveness is about the way in which all the elements (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins) of the WHOLE plant work together, in their natural state. The best way to take aloe juice is to have a plant (or live on a plantation in Latin America) and slip the whole inner (albeit slippery and slimy) leaf into your mouth or take a couple teaspoons of the juice mixed with fruit juice. The second best way to get the aloe vera juice benefits working within your body is to buy natural (stabilized) aloe juice from your local health food store.

Quick Guide to Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

The basic medicinal properties that aloe offers are:

  1. anti-inflammatory agents
  2. anti-bacterial ingredients
  3. antiviral properties
  4. immunological boosters for healing and energy

What conditions can be helped by daily drinking aloe vera juice?

  1. Aloe Vera Juice Benefits include help with digestive functions (and dysfunctions).
  2. People who suffer from colitis and ulcers would do well to take aloe juice on an empty stomach a half hour or an hour prior to meals. Anyone with stomach problems or those who wish to cleanse their colon or detoxify the body would do well to add aloe juice to their diet.
  3. III. Anyone who suffers from bladder infections, urinary tract infections, vaginal infections and recurrent viral / bacterial infections of various kinds can use aloe juice to obtain relief and strengthen the immune system.
  4. Many individuals have found relief for arthritis, leg cramping and even asthma by using aloe juice on a regular basis.
  5. Aloe juice has been used to alleviate effects of chemotherapy, help with leukemia and has been approved by the FDA as a treatment for HIV (primarily due to its ability to boost the immune system).
  6. Due to providing an overall boost to the entire body, it’s known to help produce more white blood cells and thereby aid in defending from attacks of various unrelated diseases.
  7. Healthier skin is possible by taking aloe juice internally as well as applying the gel externally – this is true for eczema, dry irritated skin or even to help with acne breakouts. It can also help counteracts aging, wrinkles, skin diseases, tumors and has been known to help fight skin cancer.

How Much Juice Should You Drink Daily?

  • You can’t overdose – it’s okay to swallow half a leaf each morning if you happen to be wandering through aloe fields. Or you can take a few ounces mixed with fruit juice or a few tablespoons before meals.
  • Depending on the freshness and purity of the gel or juice, the recommended doses start at about an ounce per day if you want to boost your immune system.
  • Increase the dosage to about two ounces per day if you’re trying to combat an infection or disease.
  • A juice diet with aloe is ideal as a colon cleansing treatment. A couple ounces a day is sufficient if fresh juices and lots of water are part of the cleanse.
  • For ulcers, take at least one tablespoons of aloe juice, or fresh gel, before each meal. Wait a half hour (or an hour) before eating.

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i am really interested in knowing how to douche with aloe vera. i cannot find it anywhere on the web. i know someone with the hpv virus and i believe aloe will help. i use it constantly for many other ailments but is it safe to douche and how can i be made for douching?? please help. thank you so much.

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