The Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal

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Here’s the average cost of laser hair removal in the United States, including clinics divided by region, what body areas they specialize in, and their special offers.

Laser Hair Removal New Jersey

  • Unwanted facial hair removal from the upper lip costs about $50 -$75 per session
  • Unwanted facial hair removal from the chin also costs about $50 – $90 per session
  • Body Hair removal from the underarms costs about $75 per session
  • Bikini hair removal starts from about $100 – $125 per session
  • Lower Leg laser hair removal prices start at around $200 – $250 per session
  • Upper Leg treatments to eliminate unwanted hair start around $290 per session
  • Full leg hair removal systems can range between $490 to well over $500 per session
  • Men’s back hair removal is not cheap and starts at around $350 per session
  • Mens chest hair removal is similarly priced at around $300 per session

To calculate the total laser hair removal price for complete depilation, count on at least four to eight sessions that will be spaced about six weeks apart. In the best case scenario, an upper lip hair removal procedure will cost about $200 to $400, and a leg procedure will end up costing about $800 to $1,600 depending on your type of skin and hair.

Clinics for Laser Hair Removal NJ

  1. Lana’s Place is a salon/spa and laser center on Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park
  2. Reflections of Livingston on East Northfield Road, Livingston, NJ
  3. Reflections of Bridgewater on Grove Street, Bridgewater, NJ
  4. New Jersey certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Parvaiz Malik.on Kuser Road, Hamilton, NJ
  5. Anara Medical Spa and Laser Center on Stelton Road, Piscataway, New Jersey
  6. L’Amore Laser and Med Spa, Jode Professional Plaza, Manalapan, New Jersey

Laser Hair Removal New York City

If you’re wondering how much does laser hair removal cost in New York City, you might be surprised to know that, because there’s so much competition, there are lots of seasonal specials, new client discounts and packaged deals. The permanent hair removal New York clinics, are offering most services priced at the national average. For example:

Laser Hair Removal NY Price Specials

1. One of the top centers is called Advanced Derma Laser, on Madison Avenue, and offers some great packaged deals. You can get 6 sessions to remove unwanted facial hair from the chin for just $300. Get started on that Brazilian bikini depilation and be ready for summer, with a package of 6 treatments costing just $900. What’s great is that this should cover all the sessions you’ll require to walk away ahair-free. Even better, Advanced Derma Laser hair removal New York City guarantees all hair removal for life. Oh, and for men there are some great deals on facial hair removal for just $900, again a package of 6 treatments to have a baby smooth face.

Average First Time Client Laser Hair Removal NYC Prices:

Competition has brought many first time prices down considerably. Start with these fun laser hair removal specials and get yourself addicted to being hairless. Get your feet wet by having your toes and fingers done for just $25 each. Give a gift certificate to friend to have his/her ears, chin or sideburns cleaned up also for just $25. Get an upper lip or chin job for $25, and get hooked on being smooth.

What can you get for $50? A laser hair removal bikini line, a pair of smooth underarms, or a little hair removed from the back of the neck. The full Brazilian Bikini hair removal costs $200, but you can start with just the basics and move up. If you’re thinking about having a tattoo done, then why not get hair-free first. Arms start at about $150. And what about the buttocks? Get started with a $100 gift certificate.

Mens laser hair removal New York:

  • Get a nice clean nose for $25.
  • Upper or lower legs are about $200 (upper or lower)
  • Stomach hair removal is just $100
  • Back hair removal starts about $300
  • Remove chest hair permanently for about $200

Where to go for Laser Hair Removal NYC

  1. Completely Bare on 103 and 5th Avenue
  2. Skintology Total Skin Laser SPA, on 7th Avenue
  3. Azure Day Spa, on West 20th Street
  4. Advanced Derma Laser Hair Removal on Madison Avenue
  5. Nina’s European Day Spa & Laser Center, West 35 Street
  6. Romeo & Juliette Laser Hair Removal, East 57th Street
  7. Laser Hair Removal Manhattan: Laser Touch Soho, 150 Spring Street
  8. Laser Hair Removal Brooklyn: Aesthetic Allure Laser Center on Homecrest Avenue
  9. Sleek is a MedSpa in New York on 5th Avenue that offers laser treatments and cosmetic services

Laser Hair Removal Boston

The high-tech Sleek Medspa centers are located in New York, Florida and Massachusetts.
For intense pulsed light hair removal the Sleek MedSpa Boston centers offer the best facilities and top medical teams and trained technicians as well as state-of-the-art equipment. For permanent laser hair removal choose which Sleek MedSpa in Boston is nearest you:

  1. Sleek Laser Hair Removal Boston Downtown on Newbury Street
  2. Sleek MedSpa Braintree
  3. South Shore Plaza Laser Center, Granite Street, Braintree
  4. Sleek Surgical MedSpa on Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington
  5. Sleek Laser Hair Removal Center in Natick Mall on Worcester Street, Natick

Laser Hair Removal Atlanta

While the average cost of laser hair removal goes up a little per session, the number of locations where you can choose to have it done go down.

WIFH Laser hair removal Atlanta has two locations, they offer financing and have all sorts of cosmetic surgery procedures like laser skin rejuvenation, resurfacing and tightening as well as Botox, rosacea laser therapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, SmartLipo, and laser liposuction. However their specialty is laser hair removal and here are some of their packaged prices:

  • 8 sessions on the Bikini area are a total of just under $1,200.
  • A complete buttocks removal treatment, also 8 full sessions, costs just under $1,300.
  • Mens chest hair removal will cost a total of just under $1,200.
  • A chin facial hair removal treatment is $800 (again includes 8 sessions)
  • A total upper/lower leg and feet package is about $3,000.
  • Underarm epilation is $900
  • Eyebrows cost under $600.

Laser hair removal Atlanta clinics are not the cheapest in the country, but the quality of service and technology is excellent.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago

Advanced Laser Clinics Chicago on Wabash Avenue, also in Arlington Heights and Bannockburn, offer affordable permanent facial hair removal and cosmetic surgery procedures. There’s also the Lapiel Laser Center, a Medspa on Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, directed by Catalina Ruiz and Gonzalo Ruiz M.D. offering effective laser hair removal treatments as well as a variety of other cosmetic procedures. Some examples of their hair removal prices are: Brazilian Bikini – $200 / facial hair removal, chin – $100, full legs – $350, back – $350 and chest – $200. Lapiel Laser Center also specializes in Botox, and if you need information in Spanish, they’re the people to go to in Chicago.

Chicago has a series of NuU Medspa centers that have plastic surgeons and technicians for a variety of cosmetic needs.

Omeed Memar is a certified dermatologic surgeon who has laser hair removal in Chicago on East Washington Avenue, Chicago Loop. Dr. Memar is an assistant professor at Northwestern University, also the director of dermatology and skin cancer institute and a developer of new devices and techniques in dermatologic surgery. His clinic offers a complete range of cosmetic laser surgery, cellulite treatments and even liposuction.

On average, how much does laser hair removal cost in Chicago? Abut the national standard of $300 per session, which means that 6 sessions will cost around $1,800. There are fewer special packages in Chicago than in New York / Manhattan, but you can combine treatments and get reduced rates especially from medspa centers that have locations in other cities.

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