Basic Facts About Unwanted Facial Hair Removal For Women

Facts about Silk’n SensEpil and TRIA Laser home hair removal for women that uses light impulses (IPL); laser hair removal treatments versus home units; cream hair removal products like Veet and facts about Vaniqa cream; how permanent hair removal works to eliminate unwanted hair; who should consider light treatments and who should NOT.

1. The TRIA Laser is a system that removes hair permanently on the BODY

But it is NOT approved for FACIAL hair removal for women or men

It’s specifically designed to stop hair growth forever anywhere on the BODY however it has not been approved for the face. If you are considering this unit for underarms, legs, bikini area, etc…great….and it takes only about eight months to achieve smooth hair-free results, but not on the face…not yet anyway. We highly recommend the TRIA Laser Hair Removal System, which is FDA approved, and is based on the exact same laser technology as that which is used in laser hair removal clinics, but only for body hair. We mention it here because many ladies may buy it without understanding what it’s about. So here are some basic facts to decide if it’s right for you:

If you have medium or light colored skin and darker hair the light sensor will detect the darker hair. It is not recommended for those with dark skin pigmentation or those with fair complexions that have very light blond hair. The unit comes with a sensor that will indicate to you if it will be effective based on your individual characteristics. It’s not painful to use, although there may be a snapping or prickling sensation, especially when you begin and have very coarse hair. Later, as the hair growth becomes finer and less obvious, it is often noted that there is almost no sensation at all.

The first month of treatment will not offer results that you will be able to see, however, if you have patience, in the second month of use, the hair will become finer. After you have used the laser treatment system for about 3 months the hair will be obviously finer and the amount that grows back will be substantially diminished. If you continue to use the device for a few more months, you will see that the follicles actually have become disabled to such a point that hair simply does not grow. After about 8 months, your skin should be smooth and hair-free, permanently! If your hair is very coarse, it may require about 12 treatments. The unit costs $595, but you can make payments of as little as $49.95 to get started. There is no way you will ever get laser treatments in a clinic for that price. However….If you only want to eliminate facial hair, do NOT buy the Tria Laser. See the next product instead.

2. Silk’n SensEpil Home Removal Of Facial Hair For Women

Approved for below the cheeks removal of facial hair for women and men

It has been in the media and all over women’s magazines and the Internet, but what really is Silk’n SensEpil all about? Here are the facts:

Silk׳n SensEpilis one of the top rated and most technologically advanced home hair removal systems that can replace the need for more expensive treatments like laser facial hair removal for women. Studies indicate that it is effective and safe even on facial hair, however it’s not for everyone.

First, the hair you wish to remove should be from the cheek down. This is not a unit you will use to replace eyebrow tweezing or brow waxing. It is for unwanted facial hair on the cheeks, chin, upper lip region and below. It is not for the eye area and it is not for ladies with naturally dark skin tones. Caution must be taken to avoid the sun for about three weeks prior to a treatment and the same period of time after sun exposure. There are side effects if improperly used and these may include pigmentation alteration and even burns, so read the instructions carefully before using this product. However, it is an effective treatment for unwanted body and facial hair.

How does Silk’n SensEpil permanent facial hair removal for women actually work?

Silk’n SensEpil is a light-based unit that allows you to treat yourself, even on the face, as long as you avoid the eyes. It’s based on flashes of light, then a popping is heard when the pulse is activated. There is a warm tingle that accompanies the treatment. This is a system for long-tern hair removal, however, as with laser treatments it takes time. It can require many treatments over a year to two years to eliminate coarse hair. Some women notice a remarkable difference after just using the device for about 2 weeks. Hairs will fall out on their own.

How much does it cost? About $499 for the unit, but you can also buy through a payment plan that’s more affordable.

Professional Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser facial hair removal for women through the American laser center, uses an FDA approved system with modulated RF energy and light impulses to eliminate even very difficult hair colors ….like the light blond and even red or gray hairs that sometimes are not able to be removed through home light systems. You will need various sessions, from about seven treatments to as many as thirteen or more depending on your hair. The cost will be determined by many factors but can be as much as $600 or more, in fact if your hair is very coarse, it may cost as much as $1,000. If you only need a small area, such as the upper lip or a spot on the chin, then it may only run about $200 per treatment. Still, that can add up over several treatments. That is why facial hair removal for women cream and home systems are so popular. We’ve looked at the home light systems that cost about $500, but what about cream? Is there a cream that works?

Ladies Hair Removal Cream

Veet is hair removal cream that really works. It’s not permanent but often unwanted facial hair returns finer, and after a long time, disappears. Although Veet itself never makes such claims, it’s known by the ladies who have used it for a while….and they won’t say for how long because…..well that’s a ladies prerogative.

If you’re going to use this cream or lotion on the face where there are more delicate tissue areas, try VEET® Sensitive Formula, which is a hair removal lotion that’s very mild, with lots of shea butter, and is safe for almost all skin types. One of the great things about this product is that hair re-growth is really fine, not coarse or thicker like after shaving.

By the way, if you’re in North America and used to buy Neet, it doesn’t exist under that name any longer. Veet is the French counterpart that is now marketing all products under the French name Veet.

Please remember that all the over-the-counter cream s that offer temporary removal of facial hair for women is exactly that: a temporary solution. Even if a side effect of using Veet or Nair or other depilatory products is that hair grows back finer and softer, the truth is that it is not a permanent solution. The best facial hair removal for women cream products that offer more permanent results will be addressed in the following segment about Vaniqa.

Does Vaniqa cream offer a genuine solution to facial hair removal for women with serious problems?

First, let’s address what some of the serious facial hair problems are.

Although many women may have facial hair from puberty onward, it is most commonly an issue that arises as women age. As female hormones change and decrease, especially during menopause, male hormones become stronger and sometimes cause an increase in facial hair, especially on the neck, perhaps the chin area or even on the cheeks and upper lip.

There may also some medical conditions and some hereditary factors that can make some ladies more prone to facial hair than others. Obesity can also cause an increase of male hormones because fat stores these hormones. Also certain ovarian issues and natural and hormonal fluctuations may also cause a certain amount of unwanted facial hair from time to time. This is not a little problem you have all alone, but a situation affecting millions of women, in fact over 40 million. Many ladies have been bleaching, lightening, shaving, waxing and threading the hair off their faces for years. But the hair doesn’t really go way, it grows back and every day the same issue must be solved over and over again.

So we now have something called VANIQA® which is not a depilatory cream like Veet that removes hair, but a system to stop hair growth over time. How? First, you can still have laser hair removal done, or you can tweeze or remove your hair as normal, but after you apply a small amount of the Vaniqa cream, and over time, some say after just eight weeks or so, the hair growth is reduced. You need a prescription from a doctor to get this product, however, many women feel it has been a useful aid to help to eliminate the unwanted facial hair . They use a thin layer of Vaniqa 13.9% cream about 5 minutes after their routine form of hair removal and it can be rubbed into the skin and left for about 4 hours. The next application can wait another 8 hours at least.

Just a note: Vaniqa shouldn’t be used by pregnant women or those breast feeding.

BASIC Beginners Guide To Hair Removal

We wish to make a note that all the information in this post regarding depilatories, home laser hair removal and other issues pertaining to unwanted facial hair has been created as a very BASIC beginners guide only. Before considering laser procedures please get as much information as possible on laser hair removal safety from places like the American laser center. Also before buying any expensive IPL hair removal devices, be sure that you have the right hair and skin type on which these devices will be effective, and please understand their dangers and limitations before investing.


Remember that before going for any type of cosmetic procedure, laser or IPL treatments consider threading hair removal like the Orientals use, or the ancient Egyptian system of sugaring hair removal which is not only less painful than waxing but leaves your skin soft as the syrup used. By the way, if you don’t know where to get sugaring without going to a salon, try the Body Shop. Their product lines vary from the UK to what’s available in the US, but we believe you can order it online under New Body Products in the main US Body Shop website.

For more information on other cosmetic procedures like eyebrow tattooing and permanent makeup as well as less permanent beauty suggestions like how to shape and define your eyes with some useful eye makeup tips….please browse other related topics.

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