Before and After Eyeliner Tattoo Pictures / Videos and Aftercare Tips Part IV

Viewing RANDOM galleries of before and after eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo pictures won’t help you get better permanent makeup because lip liner, eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo pictures serve one main purpose: to see YOUR specific esthetician, technician or micropigmentation specialist’s work so as to ascertain his/her qualifications, level of experience and specific techniques that you can expect to receive in real life.

Micropigmentation expert Jeenee Lusby {from NaturaLook Insitute of Permanent Cosmetics and active member of the professional Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals as well as the American Academy of Micropigmentation, and developer of the unique smoky-eye colorwash permanent eyeliner tattoo technique}talks about the importance of eyeliner tattoo pictures. She says:

“You MUST see her work. Make sure that the photos you are looking at are actually HER designs to begin with. It’s also helpful to see before, immediately after and healed photos for complete perspective.”

As editor of, I strive to provide women with a practical understanding of procedures and inform them of the best micropigmentation techniques that are available. I also endeavor to keep ladies up to date on innovative technology, equipment, advances in techniques developed by individual artists / technicians or the industry as a whole, and in that way help direct each one of you toward finding a qualified specialist who meets the standards set by the professional permanent makeup societies in the industry. Therefore, the best eyeliner tattoo pictures I can offer are those that will help you understand what’s available so you can seek out similar professionals in your own area and view their portfolios.

You may or may not make an appointment with Jeenee Lusby or Dr Linda Dixon or with the various other specialists / clinics / micropigmentation gurus mentioned in this post, but their expertise is the kind you should look for. To that end, here’s a video that offers detailed eyeliner tattoo pictures as well as the eyeliner tattoo process by Dr Linda Dixon.

Permanent Makeup Eyeliner Slope® Technique Linda Dixon MD:

Notice Dr. Dixon’ Slope Technique and also that the Nouveau Contour digital machine is being used the same as in the permanent eyeliner tattoo presentations by Jeenee Lusby in other posts in this series. Observe how important the anesthetic is so the patient remains comfortable.

Real Women Share Their Eyeliner Tattoo Pictures on One Video

Eyebrow, lip and eyeliner tattoo pictures that feature models don’t help anyone get a realistic idea what can be achieved by a micropigmentation procedure. That’s why the following video with a variety of real-life women of all ages is an invaluable resource for anyone contemplating a procedure. Micropigmentation expert Marcia Renner, a board certified nurse, member of the SPCP, the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals in the United States, and also of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, with over 12 years experience with permanent makeup techniques including her own Painless Program, has brought together some of her satisfied clients immediately after having an eyeliner tattoo procedure to show their new look and tell about their experience. Notice that everyone comments on how painless it was and how happy they are with the results. Since most of the eyeliner tattoo pictures on this video were taken immediately following the procedure the women are otherwise without makeup, although some return to show off their fully healed eyeliner later near the end. Perhaps what I like best about the series of women chosen for this production is that they represent a variety of ages, eyeliner styles and diverse hair and skin tones.

17 Women Share Their Experience AFTER Permanent Eyeliner

Kansas City Permanent Cosmetic Makeup:

For women in the UK, who know the procedures as Semi Permanent Makeup, here’s a video that shows a semi permanent eyeliner being created while expert Debra Robson – Lawrence explains about pigments, techniques, equipment and what you can expect when you get your eyes tattooed.

Semi Permanent Make-up Eye Procedures

An Interview with Debra Robson-Lawrence:

Here’s another example of the semi permanent eyeliner procedure being done in the UK, which is what in the United States and other parts of world is called permanent makeup. Follow Nicola-Crellin Bansal at the HB Med Aesthetic Treatment Clinic in Bolton as she beautifies the eyes of her client. Skip to 8:00 to see the results – better than eyeliner tattoo pictures because you can see a variety of angels.

HB Med Semi-Permanent Make-Up Concept:

For women who want to see just how stunning an eyeliner tattoo can be, join permanent makeup guru Basma Hameed as she creates incredible eyeliner for one of her gorgeous clients. It must be stated that Basma Hameed’s clients have included beauty pageant contestants that provide a wonderful canvas for her to work on, however the artistic skill with which she creates cosmetic tattoo eyeliner designs is obvious just by watching her work for a few minutes.
Take a look at the BEFORE and AFTER eyeliner tattoo pictures at the end of the video, and you can clearly see why her work ends up at Miss Universe pageants {even forth runner up isn’t a bad place to be}.


For a good variety of international faces with diverse eye shapes, skin tones and hair colors, view the collection of brow, lip and eyeliner tattoo pictures in this slide show presentation by expert Andy Ho from Permanent Beauty in Toronto Canada.

Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Slideshow1 by Andy Ho:

Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare

At the end of Dr Linda Dixon’s earlier video that demonstrated her eyeliner slope technique, you may remember hearing her mention eyeliner tattoo aftercare, which in the video consisted of immediately placing cold packs on the tattooed area. Although Dr Dixon doesn’t mention it, the patient will receive a series of eyeliner tattoo aftercare instructions.

Basic Eyeliner Tattoo Aftercare Instructions:

  1. stay out of the sun and keep the area clean yet dry – only splashing water on the face twice a day and then patting dry, and not covering it with a bandage. The first day there may be a little pain and some swelling may remain for about 3 days. Applying anti-inflammatory or numbing cream can ease this temporary discomfort.
  2. add a soothing cream, gel or unscented lotion like Lubriderm to keep the area moist as scabs start to form.
  3. scabs may become tight and itchy. Don’t scratch or pick them. They’ll fall off naturally within a 7 to 28 days. Scabs that are rubbed or picked off may take pigment with them and the eyeliner may then require extra touching up. Keep the tattoo lubricated with lotion which can be applied up to 5 times / day, sooth the itching with Aloe Vera gel and/or a cold compress {or just an ice cube in a plastic bag}.
  4. if the eyeliner tattoo looks too dark the pigments will lighten as the area heals.
  5. schedule a follow-up with the specialist about 4 – 6 weeks after the initial procedure

View some final permanent makeup pictures courtesy of the Aphrodite Permanant Cosmetics Clinic in Hackettstown, New Jersey, USA.  

Actual Clients – Aphrodite Permanent Cosmetics Clinic:

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