The Best Diet Pills that are Safe and All Natural

and…What About FDA Approval?

Brazilian diet pills such as Emigrace Slim by Brazilian Basics (which apparently is based on the YGD formula) is comprised of yerbe mate from the ilex paraguariensis plant for cleansing a detoxification, guarana derived from the seeds of the pullinia cupana plant (for boosting energy) and Damiana which is known as turnera diffusa widely used in Central America and the Caribbean as a relaxant and aphrodisiac, albeit not being FDA approved diet pills, they do appear to have merit when used as dietary supplements.

The other Brazilian diet pills, also by Brazilian Basics, are called Body Slim and contain cha de bugre berry extract which is a diuretic, high in caffeine, also known to stimulate circulation, promote renal functions and boost energy. These all natural diet pills are not FDA approved because the studies conducted to prove their effectiveness have been inconclusive.

Studies funded by the makers of these pills to lose weight indicate that they’re better than placebos, especially in regards to the YGD formulation such as the Emigrace slimming pills. According to a study from 2001, there was evidence that the supplements acted as appetite suppressants due to delayed gastric emptying.

Whether FDA approved or not, the best diet pills that are all natural, and are safe weight loss pills to try, are those formulated with Brazilian herbs and berries which are available through Brazilian Basics.

It’s important to note that herbal weight loss pills, even the ones that really do work, take time. For herbs like yerbe mate and cha de bugre berries to take effect, it can require months of taking the required formulation every day. Even if you decide to buy the herbs on your own and drink yerba mate tea and not buy the pre-packaged capsules or weight loss tablets, the results will take time to notice.

Utra rapid weight loss pills do not exist – at least not ones that work 100% of the time on 100% of the population and are considered safe. Weight gain/loss and metabolism is dependant on too many factors to be able to offer a solution that works the same on everyone. The best weight loss supplement may help one person drop 50 lbs. in a few months and for another it may take 6 months to lose 20 lbs. Why? Because of hormones, the nervous system, a toxic colon, poor circulation, and individual activity levels, without mentioning our inherited genetic code.

Do dietary supplements, herbal / all natural diet pills / fat burners and detox diet work to help in weight loss? YES.

Will they work in the same way for everyone? NO.

It’s a mater of trial and error, finding what works for YOU, until such time as clinical studies conclusively show which of the Brazilian diet pills are the most effective, on whom, in what age group and under what circumstances. Should you risk taking none FDA approved diet pills even if they’re all natural?

It’s up to you. The specific ingredients in the herbal weight loss pills mentioned in this post are not apparently dangerous to healthy individuals. Going to the bathroom a little more probably won’t be a bad thing, and feeling hungry less frequently won’t kill you, so there’s no reason why not to give the best diet pills a try – so long as they’re made from ingredients such as the ones listed at the outset.

If Herbal Weight Loss Pills Actually Work, Why Buy a Three or Six Month Supply?

Because they don’t work instantly!

If you think buying a 3 or 6 month supply of Brazilian diet pills is a marketing ploy, you’re right, but it’s also designed to force you into committing to taking the pills long enough so that you can actually get some benefit and not give up too quickly and then say, “those useless diet pills didn’t do any good, I’m going to ask for my money back!”

Taking herbal formulations for a few days or a couple weeks won’t help, especially if you have more than 5 lbs to lose.

Remember that the best diet pills on the market won’t work as well or as quickly if you don’t cleanse your colon, eat fresh veggies and drink lots of water.

For more information on how to do a detox cleanse and get a few practical natural RAW FOOD weight loss tips, or to compare types of weight loss and cellulite removal treatments and diets, such as the HCG diet, please browse that posts that offer product reviews and advice regarding everything from Eyebrow Tattoo micropigmentation techniques to Cosmetic Surgery, and a variety of Health and Beauty issues.

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