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How to Get Fuller Brows Using Eyebrow Filler with Fibers

Divaderme eyebrow filler creates thicker fuller brows while conditioning with Pathenol and vitamin E. The formula also contains Italian Terra Clay for thickness and cellulose to immediately add volume with tiny hairs that fill sparse areas. Divaderme Eyebrows in a Bottle – Brow Extender comes in 5 colors – dark black, chocolate brown, caramel blonde, [...]

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How to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Professional

Here are 6 tips on how to apply eye makeup using professional techniques, specifically for BROWN eyes, BLUE eyes and GREEN eyes, as well as how to achieve those gorgeous SMOKEY eye makeup looks, plus tricks for NATURAL looking eye makeup. 1. How to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Professional – techniques you can use [...]

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How to Use Eyebrow Stencils Part I

Here’s a step by step guide to using eyebrow stencils to create perfect brows even if you’ve never shaped them before. Then continue in Part II to discover where to buy eyebrow stencils in various price ranges and qualities. Six Step Guide on How to Use Eyebrow Stencils Step 1. Where to Place the Stencil [...]

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The Secret to Kim Kardashian Eyebrow Makeup

Despite the passing of time, women around the world are still wanting to buy any kind of Kim Kardashian eyebrow makeup {or whatever her stylist /makeup artist is using at the time}and continuing wanting to know the secret to her beautiful eyebrow shape. Her secret is that she has her brows professionally shaped and colored [...]

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Three Eyebrow Styles for Women

Of the five main eyebrow styles for women only three are really versatile for a variety of face shapes and offer a natural low maintenance look. The highly angled shape, like an inverted V, is only suitable for a few women, and the flat brow is seldom the most flattering. That leaves the rounded brow, [...]

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False Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Kits, Adhesive, Self Application and Salons

There are three kinds of eyelash extensions: the best false eyelashes that are applied by professional beauticians in salons the semi permanent eyelash extensions that come in kits and can be applied at home surgical eyelash enhancement (eyelash implants) for patients without facial hair (we don’t discuss surgical eyelash procedures in this post) Professional Eyelash [...]

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Fun Fabulous Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Buy Individual Lashes and Sets / Eyelash Extension Glue & Adhesive / Choose the Best Eyelash Extensions and get FREE False Eyelash Application Instructions Novalash semi permanent eyelashes are just one of the many professional solutions to having longer, thicker, darker, more luxuriously sexy lashes without having to remove them at the end of the [...]

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Different Eyebrow Shapes and Tinting Products

Regrowth, Implants, Restoration and Permanent Eyebrows Here are the six main face types and the different eyebrow shapes that are most flattering to each: Oval Face – soft angled brow shape Round Face – straight line to a peak, high arched brow Long Face – straight line with no peak – flat shapes Square Face [...]

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Where Do Celebrities Go To Get Perfect Eyebrows?

The brows of Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez as well as Kim Kardashian amongst many others have all been shaped by Anastasia Soare, known as the brilliant eyebrow expert to the stars. But Romanian born Anastasia, and her rags to riches story, and how she came from Constanta, a Romanian seaport, to becoming the eyebrow [...]

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Styling and Shaping with Eyebrow Gel

Tweezerman clear BrowMousse –$10; Anastasia non-sticky brow gel with conditioner –$22; Isadora eyebrow gel for color and shape – $13; Borghese tinted eyebrow gel or clear formulas for sculpting without flaking – $21; colored or clear – we show you where to buy the best products for styling eyebrows and how to use eyebrow gel [...]

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Semi Permanent Make Up Versus Micropigmentation / Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures

Semi permanent make up UK professionals like Louise Walsh, and Tracie Giles International, founder of the London Permanent Makeup Centre, offer unique make up treatments by qualified technicians to enhance women’s appearance with brow, eyeliner and lip liner treatments that promise ladies a relief from everyday cosmetic application. But the question is: what exactly do [...]

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How To Apply Eyebrow Makeup

Kim Kardashian eyebrow makeup and glamorous looks by Hollywood makeup artists (Mario Dedivanovic and others) are a combination of several product lines and the artist’s talent, not to mention the natural beauty of Kim, who, as we’ve seen on the cover of Life & Style Magazine, can go without any makeup at all. When Kim [...]

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What Happened To The Models Prefer Eyebrow Pencil?

The Models Prefer Automatic Eyebrow Pencil is no longer available under the brand name Models Prefer, but is now called the ybf Transforming Eyebrow Pencil Duo that’s sold through HSN. It may be a very little thing, but the perfect eyebrow pencil can make a huge difference to a busy woman’s day, and not being [...]

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Natural Eye Makeup Tips

How to Apply Eyeshadow, Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pencil Naturally Step by Step Guide to Natural Eyes. Eyeshadow Selection. Color Guide. Eyeliner Advice. Eyebrow Pencil Alternatives. Eyebrow Stencil Kits. Easy…Easy….Natural Eye Makeup Tips… We recommend some of the Jane Iredale products sold through Lovely Skin as we show you how to apply your makeup and what [...]

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