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Detox diets in Thailand & Eating Out: The Natural Restaurant Phuket & Mor Mu Dong

If you stay in Thailand for a while after the body cleansing or detox diet is over, there will be many benefits. Fresh Thailand foods, lightly sautéed vegetable stir-fries, the abundance of tropical fruits and the variety of freshly made juices are a marvelous way to get back into the swing of life. Even if you’re not into spicy dishes, the average Thai food menu at Phuket restaurants will include healthy choices. Although it will depend on what the detox specialist has recommended when you leave the clinic or resort, in most cases the local dishes are healthy, but…beware of MSG in stir fries, curries and soups.

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The Trick Behind Weight Loss for Idiots

Weight loss for idiots (now called Fat Loss 4 Idiots) has worked for many people. Men and women have lost weight in 11 days and are happy to write testimonials explaining how the diet (which confuses, shocks and tricks the body into not lowering its metabolic rate) works. The stories fill blogs and forums. Some [...]

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Is Slimquick a Safe Method for Women to Lose Weight?

SlimQuick contains methylxanthines (or xanthines) better known as bronchodilators used to treat asthma. One of the reasons that this weight loss aid should be seriously investigated before trying is because xanthines are known to cause heart palpitations and arrhythmia (amongst other side effects). The methylated xanthines such as those in slimquick also include caffeine, and [...]

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Acai Berry Slimming Tablets

The acai palm (euterpe oleracea) that grows in Central and South America, produces a small purple berry, which has become a popular ingredient in western detoxifying juices and slimming tablets. It’s been heralded as a super food, marketed for its fat-burning properties, said to stimulate weight loss, and touted as a powerful antioxidant that may [...]

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Natural High Energy Weight Loss Shakes

While many popular protein shakes and weight management supplements contain controversial (if not dangerous) ingredients to over-stimulate fat burning or unnaturally accelerate the metabolism, as well as having mucous causing dairy derivatives, and often too much protein (which may impede weight loss) and decelerate the body’s cleansing and detoxification abilities, there are healthy, natural weight [...]

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What is Slimming World?

In the UK, Slimming World is a company (located in Alfreton, Derbyshire) that offers menu plans and guidance for individuals who wish to lose weight but require a helping hand. With the support of three thousand Slimming World professionals, many people have been able to change their eating habits and lose weight within a structured [...]

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Is Goji Juice the Chinese / Himalayan Elixir of Youth?

Chinese / Himalayan Goji juice, derived from the Chinese Ningxia Gouqi berry (in Tibet known as Dretsherma), and in English called Wolfberry (also Lycium Fruit in Latin pharmacology terms), is being touted as a miracle juice – the elixir of youth – due to it’s antioxidant properties, high vitamin C content and ancient medicinal benefits. [...]

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Real Life Tips to Lose Weight

Put an End to Diets. Stop Counting Calories. Don’t buy Diet Pills. Eliminate Expensive Supplements and Protein Shakes. If you’re tired of the cliché phrase “eat a healthy diet and exercise”, then it’s time for…Real Life Tips to Lose Weight. Eating Isn’t Just About Hunger…Really! You already know that dieting, taking pills, counting calories, taking [...]

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No Pills / No Drugs / All Natural Ideas How to Lose Weight in A Week

Lose those extra pounds in a week! Yes, in just 7 Days! If You’re healthy, but have a few pounds to lose before your wedding day or special event, here are five effective natural ways to lose weight in ONE week. Here’s how to lose weight in a week without laxatives, diet pills, drugs or [...]

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The Quickest Way to Lose Weight

The quickest way to lose weight in three simple steps. Here’s the key to weight loss that’s natural, safe and effective, and requires no starvation diets, drugs, diet pills or questionable dietary supplements. Best of all its free and you can start the first step today. The quickest way to lose weight – STEP ONE: [...]

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Atsumi Therapies to Cleanse Your Body and Calm Your Spirit

Atsumi healing to cleanse your body involves fasting and detoxifying the impurities in the physical body through natural herbal therapies, holistic nutritionally balanced drinks as well as yoga and mediation. It can include acupuncture, shiatsu and Thai massage, as well as personal and spiritual development through a variety of techniques. In Phuket Thailand, the Atsumi [...]

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Yummy Juicer Recipes

Here are YUMMY juicer recipes that help cleanse your body, plus a special Spanish gazpacho recipe ideal for detoxification programs. The focus of these recipes is on vegetables, not fruit. Why? Veggies are better for detox diets due to containing less sugar. People who want to fight Candida, lose weight, cleanse the colon / liver, [...]

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Safe, Healthy, Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here are five fast weight loss tips to cleanse your body, boost your immune system, help get rid of cellulite, lose belly fat and energize your system in a safe and healthy way. This is not Fat Loss 4 Idiots, but healthy tips for intelligent people who want immediate results! Detoxify the Body Many popular [...]

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What is a Juice Diet?

Is a juice diet safe? Are there side effects you should be aware of before starting? Will drinking fresh vegetable juice help you lose weight in a week or two? Who should not do a juice cleanse? Is a water diet better to detoxify the body? What are the best juicer recipes for beginners? Do [...]

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Delicious, Natural Low Calorie Foods Everyone Can Afford to Eat

No more expensive prepackaged low calories foods! Here are delicious, natural, affordable foods that are high in nutrients but low in everything your body doesn’t need and can’t process efficiently. The best low calories foods are the cheapest items in every grocery store, namely: fresh celery leafy greens and lettuce tomatoes carrots and beets fresh [...]

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Using Negative Calorie Foods to Lose Weight and Nourish Cells

Natural negative calorie foods require more energy to digest than the calories they delver to the body as fuel. What’s unique about these foods is that they’re not just zero calorie foods devoid of nutritional value, but packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and in many cases provide what the body needs and [...]

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How to Detoxify the Body, Reduce Stress and Refresh the Mind

Detoxify the body for 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days with customized herbal formulas. Safe fast weight loss, liver cleansing, colon cleansing and whole body rejuvenation. Choose more intensive programs to cleanse your body with detox fasting using natural supplements for 10 days, 14 days, 21 days or even a full 28 day program [...]

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What Are The Top Natural Fat Burning Foods?

The thermic effect of food is called TEF and pertains to how much energy is required to process food versus calories delivered. Protein is thought to be difficult to digest / process by the body and therefore may require more specific dynamic action, also known as SDA, and thus offer a higher thermic effect. Nevertheless, [...]

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