Whole Body Detoxification Participants Offer Colon Cleanse Reviews

There are no better colon cleanse reviews than these – what real people are saying about their body cleansing experiences after choosing a variety of different programs and techniques. Detoxifying the body, from a basic 3 day program to extensive fasting and cleansing during 14 days or longer, has provided life altering changes. Here’s what participants say, and what you can expect if you choose a similar cleanse diet to detoxify your colon, liver and/or your entire body.

1. Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Holistic Spa Resort

The detox cleanse at the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui Thailand offers three detox programs – one is a short introduction to body cleansing, the second is a basic cleanse diet, and the third is a comprehensive detox that helps thoroughly detoxify the body. Their programs teach participants how to lose weight in a week or two, find their ideal weight, reach optimal fitness goals and get relief from stress, fatigue and burnout. Yoga and massage are part of their whole body cleansing. A main aspect of the detoxification center is the daily colon hydrotherapy in addition to herbal supplements and lymphatic drainage.

Energized, Invigorated, Serene, Relaxed – Life Changing…

More than just colon cleanse reviews, guests of the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary (from the UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, the United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and other parts of the world), who completed the cleansing therapies and detoxification programs, all say the same thing:

  1. “re-store, re-energise and invigorate”
  2. “I feel a changed person”
  3. “was completely re-energised”
  4. “our way back to serenity and relaxation”
  5. ”feeling in the best health I’ve had for many years”
  6. “ hoping for a rest and to feel better…my stay … has changed my life”

Are these genuine colon cleanse reviews? They sound too good to be true.
What does detoxification have to do with changing your life?
Is it possible that after drinking herbs and experiencing colonic therapies people are really saying things like: “I came with the sole purpose of focusing on my health … What I got far exceeded my expectations and I reconnected with my spirit and was completely re-energised.”

Yes, these are real people talking about their experiences at Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary in Koh Samui – these are the colon cleanse reviews that require serious attention – not the reviews of colon cleanse products that may remove toxins from your intestinal tract but do nothing to relieve what causes the toxins in the first place – poor diet, inactivity, lack of motivation, stress, tension, nervous anxiety, environmental pollution, packaged foods… the list is endless.

There’s no single product that will offer an effective means to detoxify your body and eliminate worries and stress – the nervousness and daily tension that compounds dietary problems and leads to toxic bowels writhing into knots attempting to process high protein, fatty, carbohydrate intense diets that are a way of life for many tense individuals.

Read and absorb these REAL colon cleanse reviews and get yourself back on track with a few days, a week, two weeks or a month of WHOLE body cleansing in Thailand!

The reason many people are seeking to read the latest colon cleanse reviews online is to find an inexpensive means to quickly detoxify their colon using a pill formulation or dietary supplement. Individuals on tight budgets may believe that a two week at a Thai detox center is out of the question. They simply can’t afford it. Really?

How Much Do You Spend Maintaining Your Body?

Speaking about detoxification costs, the director of Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Center in Phuket, Michael Massey, made an excellent point when he stated something to the effect that many people spend more money maintaining their cars than their bodies. Sit down and calculate how much you spend on car maintenance and then ask yourself, can you afford not to spend as much on your body? That idea brings us to the colon cleanse reviews from participants who have undertaken to detoxify the body at Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Center in Phuket.

2. Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Center – Friendship Beach Resort

The Atmanjai Detox and Wellness Center is located (in conjunction with the Friendship Beach Resort) in Phuket Thailand. Offering much more than a mere colonic detoxification process, the participants who have completed their programs have written and offered video (whole body) colon cleanse reviews that go way beyond detoxing the bowels. In fact, due to the effectiveness of the programs certain participants have received very welcome side effects.

There’s a particularly impressive review about a gentleman who arrived a diabetic with insulin dependency and left without needing medication. Watch the video to see for this body healing and colon cleanse review for yourself:

Links to the full body detox and colon cleanse reviews regarding what Atmanjai offers and how participants have felt afterward, are available on a TV program called Phuket Plus and are published in various international magazines such as Absolute Magazine in Thailand, Insight from Australia and travel websites such as Travolaa and Travel Asia Daily, featuring reviews of colon cleansing diets and detoxification centers in Thailand.

There are dozens of colon cleans and detoxification reviews by participants in the Atmanjai programs that can be watched on YouTube. Here’s just one review:

Can Regular People Do Holiday Detox Cleanses Abroad?

Individuals who want to engage in whole body cleansing, and are prepared to undergo a fasting cleanse diet to detoxify the body, and would love to go abroad, find themselves faced with the cost element. Many feel that a holiday cleanse is only for the wealthy, but “regular” working class people need to buy cheap colon cleanse product and be satisfied. But…consider how much an average (western) person spends on unwholesome groceries, packaged foods, snacks, drinks, antacid medications, treatments for headache / stress relief, and entertainment in an attempt to relax. Then compare that to the cost of a two week detox program in Thailand. Here’s just one budget alternative:

3. Ashstar Detox Center — Clean Wave Resort

The Ashstar Detox Center is operated from the Clean Wave Resort, situated about fourteen km from Chumphon, right on the Thung Wue Laen beach. Chumphon is located at the point where boats depart to various islands such as Koh Tao, Koh Phang Ngan and even Koh Samui.

The full body cleansing programs that are offered have spurred many budget conscious participants, to write their colon cleanse reviews – not only to express their delight at finding a place that’s so affordable, but at the results they have achieve.

4. Absolute Sanctuary

Another place that receives rave reviews from participants and guests, albeit not the cheapest detox center, is the Absolute Sanctuary in Koh Samui. Here’s a video showing what colonic therapies involve at their colon cleansing and body detoxification center.

Preparing for Your Cleanse

If you choose to cleanse your body, lose weight, and rejuvenate your spirit at one of the retreats in Thailand, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself beforehand by doing a pre-cleanse that will permit you to easily transition into the fasting and juice diet or water diet programs that are more intense. To do this, you will find ideas in other posts such as the one that deals with apple cider vinegar weight loss, and fast weight loss tips, as well as the articles that explain body cleansing using elderberry preparations and simple cleanse diet solutions. You will find useful pointers in the posts that offer advice on aloe vera juice benefits, cranberry juice benefits, and how to get started losing belly fat.

It’s recommended that before you begin an intense colon cleanse treatment, you work your way up to it with a juice diet. We offer suggestions on the best juice extractor machines you can buy and also provide juicer recipes that are easy and affordable. Get started eating low calories foods that are fresh and will begin to detoxify the body. Discover the natural weight loss tea formulas and get answers to questions regarding the safety of slimming capsules and diet pills.

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