Clinical Studies Regarding Cranberry Juice Benefits for UTI

Drinking cranberry juice has been touted as beneficial to the body due to the phytochemicals that were thought to help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease as well as act as an effective means for women who suffer from chronic urinary tract infections (UTI) to find relief. The beneficial effects of drinking cranberry juice, regarding how it might help prevent reoccurring UTI in women, was due to the theory that proanthocyanidins found in the juice of these small berries acted as a bacterial deterrent in the urinary tract and bladder. It was also believed that imbibing cranberry juice could help to alter the bladder/urine’s pH to become more acidic and therefore less prone to bacterial infections. Other proposed cranberry juice benefits have included theories pertaining to its ability to decrease kidney stones, and others that claimed the juice was detrimental and actually increased the propensity for stones in kidneys. What should we believe?

Results of the University of Michigan Study Regarding Cranberry Juice Benefits

Despite much controversy, cranberry juice benefits continued to be proclaimed wide and far by many who held to the theories that the juice of this small berry is a means to prevent, treat and effectively combat female UTI. Since cranberry juice is natural, tastes great and has for so long been a home urinary tract remedy, many women simply drink copious quantities of the juice without further investigation. Nevertheless, cranberry juice benefits have been recently studied by a team of experts in the Center for Molecular and Clinical Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at the University of Michigan and the findings of these clinical studies have been published, as of January 2011, in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health by Barbosa-Cesnik C, Brown MB, Buxton M, Zhang L, DeBusscher J, Foxman B.

Did the clinical study indicate proof of cranberry juice benefits for women with UTI? Unfortunately, NO. The results indicated that cranberry juice therapy was not an effective means to cure or prevent urinary tract infection in the 319 women who participated and suffered from UTI. The conclusions of the study found that the women who participated, otherwise healthy college students who suffered from acute urinary tract infection, and were given an 8 ounce drink of cranberry juice (that was 27% pure) didn’t have a lower rate of UTI recurrence during the six month trial period. The results also indicated a slightly higher rate of UTI reoccurrence in the women who drank the cranberry juice versus those who were given a placebo!

Reconsidering How to Treat UTI

Women need to reconsider what they’ve been told about cranberry juice benefits when it comes to treating and preventing urinary tract infections. Since the benefits of cranberry juice have for so long been promoted as a healthy means to alleviate urinary tract and bladder infections, spawning cranberry cocktail drinks to be sold in almost every grocery store in North America, perhaps it’s time to look into other natural treatments for the frequent and uncomfortable condition of female UTI.

A Personal Note from the Editor

I must confess that I used to suffer frequently from UTI, and furthermore, there was a time when I wholeheartedly believed in cranberry juice benefits. However, while drinking the juice, my infection never seemed to get much better, and I couldn’t understand why I often felt worse, until I had to take an antibiotic and then a probiotic. What changed?

Body Cleansing for Overall Health

I began investigating natural body cleansing and rejuvenation treatments in Asia and found genuine relief from UTI. So…what’s the cure for urinary tract infections?

Urinary tract infections, bladder infections, kidney disease and many other conditions arise easily in a toxic body. Total body cleansing – bringing the ENTIRE system into balance – is essential. A cleanse diet can be the first step in helping your body fight bacterial / viral infections and boost your immune system. Instead of looking for a cure to a single problem, and treating symptoms one by one, it’s fundamental to eliminate the CAUSE at the root level. That comes through detoxifying the body. The side effects of body cleansing can be seen in fewer infections due to an overall stronger immune system, better circulation, better elimination cycles and a cleaner colon and bladder, as well as better functioning kidneys and liver – therefore less chance for bacteria to thrive.

For more information, please read related posts about body cleansing using elderberry juice, and suggestions on where to go for complete fasting and cleanse diet programs in Thailand. Read colon cleanse reviews about some of the best and most affordable detox and wellness centers in Phuket, Koh Samui etc.. Learn how to restore your health, fight infection and lose weight while becoming rejuvenated from head to toe!

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