Eyebrow Color Tips and Products

4 Tips for Expert Eyebrow Coloring! Get the products you need for coloring eyebrows to match your hair and skin tone. BUY top brand name eyebrow coloring products online.

Eyebrow Color Tip #1:

Dark Hair – Women with naturally dark hair should choose eyebrow coloring products that are no more than one or two shades lighter than their hair color.

Blonde Hair – Women with light hair can benefit by darkening their brows two shades darker than their natural hair color.

Eyebrow Coloring Tip # 2:

Dark Hair – Coloring eyebrows can be done with soft powder and a brush when a natural look is desired and there’s sufficient brow hair to work with. Dark haired / dark skinned ladies with thick brows often benefit by using dark brown or medium brown powdered eyebrow makeup to make the brow hair appear highlighted but not unnaturally light. Black is seldom a good choice for eyebrow makeup, gel, dyes, tinted mousse or eyebrow mascara even on women with black hair.

Eyebrow Color Tip # 3:

Blonde Hair
– Blonde and auburn hair colors often find that eyebrow gel, brow mousse, eyebrow makeup with fiber and long-lasting tinting or dying products work the best to deliver color on fine hair and peach fuzz to make the most of all available hair and make brows appear thicker and fuller with minimal daily effort.

Eyebrow Coloring Tip # 4:

Never use hair dye on eyebrows because the peroxide / oxidant is usually a higher strength and may irritate or injure the eyes. Eyebrow hair dye and tinting products employ a low % of oxidant and thereby are safe. Also, hair dyes are sold in large packages that must be discarded after a single use. Eyebrow hair dye and eyebrow coloring products that tint the hair come is small tubes with separate bottles of oxidant for mixing in separate batches as required.

The best tint and dye for coloring eyebrows expertly are available from Refectocil, Tintocil and Godefroy. Shop now

See how tinting is done quickly and easily:

How To Dye Your Eyebrows:

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Waterproof Eyebrow Coloring Products

One of the best eyebrow coloring products for those who want flawless waterproof brows without resorting to tinting or dyes is made by Make Up For Ever.

1. Make Up For Ever Eyebrow Kit - comes with a waterproof eyebrow corrector in a variety of colors and two brushes for expert application. The complete kit costs just $45.

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2. Blinc Eyebrow Mousse – waterproof eyebrow color that also help groom the hair with a spiral brush. Blinc eyebrow coloring products don’t fade, run or smudge although they do contain moisturizers that deliver anti-aging benefits for skin and hair. Blinc brow mousse is priced at just $28 a tube.

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Long Lasting Japanese Precision Eyebrow Color

– Get Japanese eyebrow coloring precision with Kanebo Lavshuca Eyebrow Color that costs just $18 a tube and comes in many natural-looking colors. Or choose the latest Kanebo Media Liquid Eyebrow color that comes in easy to apply tubes for $17. For ladies who preffer powdered eyebrow makeup, the Kanebo Lavshuca formulation and colors are also available in a Powder Compact format for $18.

4. SK-II – Top Japanese SK-II Cosmetics offers their unique Color Clear Beauty Eyebrow Liner in colors such as Grayish Black, Deep Brown and Light Brown for precise eyebrow color perfection. SK-II is considered one of Japan’s top rated cosmetics brands and is now available internationally through Yesstyle. Choose the eyebrow color that best suits your style for $35 each.

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Quick Fix Eyebrow Coloring and Gel Kits

5. ESTEE LAUDER - Estee Lauder has a great series of Kits called Artist’s Brow Stylist Mobile Essentials Kit. Choose light or medium colors to suite your needs. The Estee Lauder Artist’s Brow Stylist Mobile Essentials Kit comes complete with Brow Gel, Dual-Ended Eyebrow Pencil, Mini Tweezer and Brush for shaping, grooming and coloring, for $35.

- Jane Iredale’s PureBrow Brow Gel is ideal for ladies with Auburn hair, and the PureBrow Brow Fix and Mascara Kit can be sued to hold eyebrows and lashes in place after coloring.

7. JOUER COSMETICS – There’s a product made by Jouer Cosmetics called Brow Fix that delivers all-day hold in a gel formulations that has no color but helps powders and pencil eyebrow coloring stay in place.

Shop for Estee Lauder, Jane Iredale and Jouer Cosmetics eyebrow coloring products now.

Coloring Eyebrows with Mineral Makeup and Brow Gel for added THICKNESS

8. GLO MINERALS - gloMinerals has a tinted Brow gel in clear, brown, taupe and other shades for rich eyebrow color that also provides fullness and thickness to thin eyebrows. A tube of colored brow gel cost just $17.50. gloMinerals Brow gel is a water-based formula that offers brow sculpting control and instant cover for gray.

9. BARE ESCENTUALS - Bare Escentuals is one of the top mineral makeup companies that offer complete eyebrow coloring kits with two tones of powdered mineral eyebrow makeup, a brush and finishing gel to set the color. Buy the complete three-piece kits for $31.95 and choose your own two-tone powdered color combo.

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More Products:


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Styli-Style and ANASTASIA Eyebrow coloring products:




E.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame

Find many more products and suggestions for coloring eyebrows at: http://shop.eyebrow-tattoo.com/make-up/ where you can view items such as Eyebrow Pencils, Filler, Gel, Mascara and buy E.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame in assorted colors.

Watch how to use eyebrow mascara and gel in this video courtesy of futilitiesandmore.


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