Different Eyebrow Shapes and Tinting Products

Regrowth, Implants, Restoration and Permanent Eyebrows

Here are the six main face types and the different eyebrow shapes that are most flattering to each:

  1. Oval Face – soft angled brow shape
  2. Round Face – straight line to a peak, high arched brow
  3. Long Face – straight line with no peak – flat shapes
  4. Square Face – thick line, sharp peak, strong color
  5. Heart Face – rounded arch, softly curved, low position
  6. Diamond Face – gently curved or softly angled

To achieve these eyebrow shapes expertly, without guessing, use a stencil when doing your eyebrow waxing or tweezing to remove unwanted hair while leaving the essential growth required for your ideal shape.

Get perfect eyebrows time after time using the Anastasia eyebrows stencils sold through Anastasia Beverly Hills for $65 to $85, or the Eyebrowz Stencil kits sold online for under $45. Choose from round, soft angled, sharp angled, curved and flat outlines. Match these eyebrow shaping stencils to your appropriate face shape above and eliminate trial and error. Many of the eyebrow shaper kits come with eyebrow tweezers, brushes, combs, an eyebrow pencil or tinting product, clear or tinted eyebrow gel, stencils for shaping and detailed instructions how to pluck eyebrows expertly.

Achieving perfect eyebrows requires deciding which method of maintenance suits your lifestyle. Here are some points to consider when choosing eyebrow shapes, styles, colors and procedures to contour and maintain your brows.

1. Eyebrow Hair Removal

The key to shaping is in the eyebrow hair removal technique, which can be done professionally to give you a basis to easily maintain at home. Although waxing, sugaring and tweezing are affordable, and the most common means of shaping brows, electrolysis and laser hair removal offers a more permanent way to eliminate unwanted facial hair for women. Both electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures will eventually stop eyebrow regrowth in the areas where hair is unwanted. Unlike eyebrow waxing, which must be done every few weeks, lasers target pigmentation in the dermis at the hair follicle level and eliminate the need for plucking hairs with eyebrow tweezers or using wax or other devices.

2. Permanent Eyebrows

For some women, eyebrow regrowth and concerns over eyebrow hair removal are the least of their worries. Millions of women suffer from a total absence of brows or from sparse or fine hair that makes choosing eyebrow shapes an impossible task because they have nothing to work with. For many getting permanent eyebrows through micropigmentation is a viable solution. Permanent cosmetics is about having eyebrows tattooed using a machine that injects pigment into the skin.

Skilled micropigmentation technicians (also called semi permanent make up artists) can effectively mimic the look of real hair using small feathery strokes and pigments to match your skin tone and hair color. In the UK, semi permanent makeup specialists charge about £300, and in the United States, permanent eyebrows cost as little as $500. This option eliminates the need for eyebrow makeup and the frustrating quest for a waterproof eyebrow pencil that won’t last as long as you’d like.

3. Eyebrow Hair Regrowth, Implants and Restoration

In severe cases where eyebrow shapes have been completely destroyed and where brow hair regrowth is impossible, some women are choosing to undergo surgical reconstruction of the eyebrow through a procedure that involves transplants with flaps or grafts. Eyebrow implants, or transplants, are taken from a donor area. One procedure involves taking the skin and hair and grafting it into the brow region. Another system, most commonly used for eyebrow restoration, is done with micrografts. This process employs a single hair, or two, placed into an incision that’s prepared as a graft. Since these are invasive surgical eyebrow restoration procedures, it’s essential to consult a transplantation or eyebrow reconstruction surgeon. There’s good information, and listings for surgeons, who perform eyebrow implants, through the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

4. Eyebrow Tinting

Women who have brow hair, and have achieved the shape they desire through tweezing, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal, may still have another problem – color. Very fine or light colored eyebrow hair may require enhancing with a semi permanent dye. It’s much easier to tint the hair every month, than color the brow with powdered makeup, tinted eyebrow gel or pencils every day. There are good eyebrow tinting products that can be used at home, or you can have your aesthetician do your eyebrow shaping and tinting all together. Doing it at home can be easy using the Godefroy kits that cost about $10 or the Revlon Roux eyebrow tint sets that work for lashes and brows and will last a long time (because there are 40 applications in each kit) and costs about $30. There’s also a Henna eyebrow pen that offers a semi permanent makeup solution somewhere between tinting and using a colored pencil / eyebrow gel, and retails for under $20.

For detailed information regarding permanent and semi permanent make up procedures, the risks and benefits involved in getting an eyebrow tattoo, as well as tips on how to apply eyebrow makeup, use the latest eyebrow gel products or how to get perfect eyebrows using the professional stencils, please consult related posts.

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