Eyebrow Shaping Tips for Women

Here are 10 common eyebrow shaping, waxing, tweezing, trimming, coloring and makeup mistakes plus lots of eyebrow tips to help you deal with each problem.

Number 1 eyebrow shaping mistake:

  • too high of an arch

Eyebrow shaping tips for avoiding excessively high arches:

{a} if you have a tendency to create a high arch, start growing out your brows {it takes approximately 60 days to have significant eyebrow regrowth} and next time you shape them, use a professional stencil or follow the instruction in this video that demonstrates how to create an eyebrow map to find your ideal shape and arch. {video presentation courtesy of Expert Village}.

Eyebrow Shaping Map:

{b} if your arch is high from over tweezing, while you wait for regrowth, create hair illusion by using a sharp eyebrow pencil to add hair-strokes and fill with powder using an angled brush

{c} if over tweezing has caused a permanently over-arched shape where hair no longer grows, consider enhancing your eyebrows or filling-in some of the arch with a hair by hair {or feathering technique} eyebrow tattoo procedure that defines, adds texture, fullness, the illusion of volume and provides a permanently shaped brow that will include an arch where it aught to be. There are new permanent eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo procedures that scarcely resemble the older stark {often unnatural-looking} tattooed eyebrows. For more information go to Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Styles and Procedures Part I and The Latest Colorwash Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo Technique and Prices Part II that deal with modern techniques used in the micropigmentation industry which apply to eyebrows, eyeliner and cosmetic lip tattoos.

Number 2 eyebrow shaping mistake committed by women who want thick brows:

  • overshadowing the eyes with thick brows

Eyebrow tips for women with small eyes and delicate facial features:

{a} faces that have small eyes often have smaller features in general, therefore eyebrow shapes should be more delicate

{b} don’t hide your peepers under extra full or overly thick eyebrow shapes

An example of a delicate eyebrow design that has a defined shape without being too arched or overly thin is seen in this video presentation courtesy of EyezOnUMakeup. I suggest watching this three part series but just to get you started, here’s Part II.

How to Define Your Eyebrows Tutorial Part 2:

Number 3 eyebrow shaping mistake committed by ladies who love tweezing:

  • too thin a brow shape

Eyebrow plucking tips:

{a} pronounced or sharp facial features require a higher arched brow but don’t overdue it

{b} ultra-THIN high-arched brows don’t work for ANY face shape

{c} undertweezing is preferable to overtweezing

Watch the following video tutorial courtesy of bebexo:

How to get Perfect Eyebrows:

Number 4 eyebrow coloring mistake committed by blondes and brunettes:

  • choosing too dark or too light of an eyebrow color

Eyebrow makeup tips for all hair types:

{a} blondes shouldn’t go more than 2 {maximum 3}shades darker than their natural color

{b} dark haired women shouldn’t go more than a couple shades lighter

Watch some shaping and coloring tips courtesy of bebexo.

How to Fill In Sparse Eyebrows Tutorial:

Number 5 eyebrow waxing / tweezing mistake committed by gals without rulers:

  • leaving too wide a gap between brows

Pre eyebrow waxing tips:

{a} before waxing or tweezing, find out what is the ideal space that should be left between your brows using the techniques such as…

{b} the space between the eyebrows should be about the length of one eye

{c} use a ruler to measure an eye to know how much space there should be, or…

{d}place a long brush or pencil upright against the outer nostril to see where the bridge of the nose joins the brow bone. Mark this point. That’s where each brow should start. See how to do this by watching the following video.

How to Shape Your Eyebrows (Tips and Tricks) courtesy of bebexo:

Number 5 eyebrow mistake committed by symmetrically challenged ladies:

  • arches that aren’t the same height

Eyebrow tweezing tips for better symmetry:

{a} uneven arches can spoil the entire equilibrium of the face. It has been said that beauty is about symmetry, therefore having identically arched brows is imperative, but how?…read on…

{b} natural eyebrow flaws can be corrected by going to a professional to establish a shape that can later be maintained at home.

{c} Don’t try to correct pronounced asymmetrical eyebrow imperfections without professional help. Using a professional stencil can help, but it’ll be difficult to know where to place the stencil. I strongly suggest going to a salon at least ONCE to get a good shape started and to correct the irregularity.

{d} if you’ve over-plucked, or if one brow is naturally lower or higher, while waiting for hair to grow out, use a pencil or powder-filler to enhance one a little more than the other to create balance. How can you know where to fill? To discover if you need professional help or can handle the job on your own, watch this video courtesy of EyezOnUMakeup.

The UNIBROW Technique – How to make your brows even:

Number 6 eyebrow grooming mistake committed by wild browed women:

  • untamed brows – hairs that are too long plus unfilled sparse areas

Eyebrow trimming tips to tame wayward wild hair:

{a} trim long brow hairs with scissors before starting to tweeze or wax

{b} use wax or gel to flatten wayward hairs

{c}apply powdered eyebrow makeup to fill sparse areas especially where the brow starts nearest the bridge of the nose

{d} an ideal look should be smooth, flat and continuously filled with color.

{e} the best eyebrow trimming tips can be found by looking at Megan Fox’s latest shape. Her brows are smooth, flat and evenly colored from start to finish.

Watch Tips for Trimming Eyebrows with Kacie Marie of About . com:

Number 7 eyebrow makeup mistake committed by eyebrow pencil useres:

  • drawing a defined line to replace natural brow hairs

Eyebrow tips for women with sparse or thin brows who use pencils:

{a} if you have very little natural hair, draw hair-like strokes with a pencil and then fill the area with powdered eyebrow makeup using brush strokes to create fuller brows

{b} don’t use shimmering or glossy brow pencils – only soft matte formulas

{c} try using an eyebrow stencil to get a more natural shape that won’t be too thin instead of trusting your own abilities. First, use the stencil to create an outline of the shape, begin filling with soft, but sharp, pencil strokes, then use an angled brush to fill the entire area. Set with transparent gel.

Number 8 eyebrow makeup mistake:

  • not removing fine hairs above the brow

Above the eyebrow plucking tips:

{a} it’s not taboo to remove hair from the area above the brow, in fact it’s a must to do so if there are odd or fine hairs that inhibit a crisp upper shape. Professionals often use a small blade to remove tiny hairs, but it’s acceptable to tweeze a little. Don’t take any of the main hairs that form part of the actual brow– only strays. Here’s a peek at a professional tweezing session on a client who gets her fine hairs removed from under, above, between and along the sides of the brow. Notice that strays are removed all around. Video is courtesy of Expert Village.

How to Gently Remove Eyebrow Hair:

Number 9 eyebrow shaping mistake:

  • tweezing or waxing before tinting

Pre waxing / tweezing eyebrow tips:

{a] blondes especially do well to tint fist and pluck after. Tinting makes ALL the hair visible and easier to remove which will lead to a more defined and smooth shape.

{b} brunettes may have dark hair in general but lighter areas above and below the main brow line. These may require coloring, with a pencil, powder or tint before removing to be sure they actually do require removing, or to discover that they should be left to grow to form part of a fuller, more natural, brow. You can’t know what to take or what to leave if you can’t SEE what’s there.

{c} no matter what hair color is involved, most women have areas that are sparse or less populated than others. To be able to shape properly, fill in the sparse areas first with a pencil or powder, then remove strays. This applies to shaping using a stencil or doing it freehand. First, create an OUTLINE for a perfect eyebrow that’s clearly defined. Next fill in gaps with a dark colored pencil or powder. Tweeze / wax. Cleanse. Now do your real eyebrow makeup.

Number 10 eyebrow trimming / grooming mistake:

  • using long coarse hairs to fill sparse areas

Eyebrow trimming tips – what to do with long hairs and bare patches

{a} don’t make the mistake of trying to use a long wayward hair to cover a bare patch {like what some men do by combing long hair over a bald spot}. Coarse, wayward and unruly hairs often grow much longer than regular ones, but they must be TRIMMED, not tweezed, or the brow will quickly lose its shape or have gaps. Solve this by using a mascara brush to comb all the brow hair down. Use scissors to trim long hairs. Brush hair upward then once more down. Trim any stragglers. Brush back in place. Now fill sparse areas with pencil or powder. If you use this technique, your brows will look more natural than if you try to use a wayward hair to fill a gap.

{b} unless a hair, which forms part of the main body of the brow, is deformed or growing in the contrary direction to all the others, it’s better not to pluck it. Leave all hair in the body, especially grey hairs. It’s better to trim, use gel for control or tint for color than to have bare patches. Many long or grey hairs you think should be tweezed may be perfectly acceptable for shaping beautiful brows, but once you’ve plucked them out they may never grow back. That could lead to unnecessary bare patches.

How About a More Permanent Solution to Eyebrow Problems?

If you have daily trouble with your brows and are feeling frustrated with makeup and shaping techniques or battling with bare patches, you may want to consider permanent makeup. Take a look at what a difference the RIGHT permanent makeup tattoo can do to enhance your face.

Join expert Basma Hameed and her client in the following video presentation courtesy of fabulousityclinic.

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows:

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