False Eyelash Extensions Eyelash Extensions Kits, Adhesive, Self Application and Salons

There are three kinds of eyelash extensions:

  1. the best false eyelashes that are applied by professional beauticians in salons
  2. the semi permanent eyelash extensions that come in kits and can be applied at home
  3. surgical eyelash enhancement (eyelash implants) for patients without facial hair (we don’t discuss surgical eyelash procedures in this post)

Professional Eyelash Extension Salons

When it comes to fashionable permanent eyelash extensions, added to your natural lashes in a solon by professionals, the Novalash, Extreme eyelashes (Xtreme lashes) and Lavish Lash are the three best choices. The procedure is simple for ladies who want the next best thing to permanent ones that don’t have to be removed nightly. How does it work? First, individual eyelash extensions are glued to existing hairs in the lash line. The lash glue is durable, however it’s not recommended to use mascara or makeup removal products after having the extensions. These semi permanent eyelashes remain in place day and night, although it’s advisable to go to for monthly touch-ups and maintenance.

It’s important to note that salons offering these services cannot provide the Novalash or Xxtreme products unless aestheticians or beauticians have received the eyelash extensions training from the companies who manufacture the products. This guarantees that your false eyelash application will be done correctly, using the appropriate eyelash adhesive specific to each company, and that the natural lashes will not be unduly damaged.

DIY Eyelash Enhancement

Ardell eyelash extensions kits are the more affordable choice, and although they can be applied at home, there are also eyelash extension salons that may use the temporary Ardell products to add finishing touches to professional makeup, especially for weddings or glamor events.

If you want to try giving yourself longer eyelashes, it’s not imperative that you go to salon. Without attending eyelash extension classes, almost anyone can have fun with the kits that include everything required including the false eyelash glue for as little as $18 or single auto adhesive sets for around $3.

Lash Adhesive

Although choosing the style and length of individual lashes may seem to be most important, in fact the lash adhesive is what really counts. Many ladies prefer to use black lash glue, others choose clear formulations. There’s also lash adhesive tape, but it usually won’t last as long as the glue.

What do you need to get started?

  1. eyelash extensions kits or individual lashes
  2. glue or lash adhesive
  3. scissors
  4. tweezers
  5. cotton swabs
  6. toothpicks
  7. a lighted mirror

False Eyelash Application:

Prior to starting, ensure you have all needed supplies, lashes, glue, and tool. Trim lashes according to your needs – remember that individual eyelash extensions should not be much longer than your natural hair, especially in the center. The outer edges can be a little longer, but unless it’s for enhancing glamour makeup, keep the extensions a natural length.

  1. thoroughly wash your face removing all traces of makeup, oil and moisturizer
  2. make sure the eye area is completely dry
  3. separate hairs into small groups, the longest for the outer edge
  4. using tweezers grasp the hairs, dip them in the glue, wait a minute and apply to the lash line. Hold in place for a minute, then release
  5. using toothpicks, press down or separate hairs as required
  6. add hair evenly along the lash line, with shorter hairs toward the center
  7. there’s usually no need to add hair near the inner eye area

For more information on professional semi permanent eyelashes, please refer to the related post. If you need eye makeup tips or would like to know how to choose eyebrow shapes or how to do eyebrow waxing, please read posts dealing with these topics.

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