Safe, Healthy, Fast Weight Loss Tips

Here are five fast weight loss tips to cleanse your body, boost your immune system, help get rid of cellulite, lose belly fat and energize your system in a safe and healthy way. This is not Fat Loss 4 Idiots, but healthy tips for intelligent people who want immediate results!

Detoxify the Body

Many popular fast weight loss tips revolve around some kind of gimmick, a diet plan or calorie counting system that requires downloading or becoming a member of some club, a book or packaged meal plan that must be bought and followed meticulously, some new product or diet pill to increase metabolism, or a revolutionary fat burning system or body shocking / confusing theory that promises to trick your body into quick weight loss. This post has nothing to do with any specific product, but will give you a basic idea of what you need to get started losing weight, as well as a means to detoxify the body, regain energy and feel healthy.

Five Fast Weight Loss Tips That Work

ONE: set aside a week, ten days, or best of all two weeks in which you will not have any packaged foods or your usual unhealthy items in your pantry or refrigerator (only you know what these items are). If the challenge is too difficult, or you live in a family environment, this may not be possible. An alterative is to set aside some time when you can escape to a hotel, motel, country house, bed & breakfast, or even take a foreign holiday – anywhere that’s different from your habitual environment. A hotel/motel with a pool is a good place to start – even if it’s within (or near) the same town or city where you live. If you have a larger budget, and can afford a detox holiday at a wellness center such as a body cleanse in Thailand, so much the better. (see related posts on body cleansing, cleanse diet programs, how to cleanse your body abroad and colon cleanse reviews, as well in the posts about how to detoxify the body.). Nevertheless, let’s be very clear: it’s not essential you go far away, or spend a lot of money. You just need to break free of routine, eliminate access to your usual pantry items and unhealthy refrigerator trips. Although this may sound like a rather unorthodox beginning to our fast weight loss tips, please continue reading to see how practical this will be – no mater where you live or how much weight you hope to eventually lose.

TWO: if you’ve followed the fast weight loss tips in part ONE, you’re now situated in a new environment or are at home with an empty fridge and pantry (and preferably you’re alone and can relax). Now you need supplies. Go to a health food store and buy the following items:

  1. whole flax seed (organic if possible) you’ll need a small grinder (which often is part of the newer blenders). You’ll need a blender / small grinder. If you don’t have one at home, you can get a small one for about $20.
  2. spirulina – which is seaweed and is sold in powder form through most health food stores. One jar is enough to get you started.
  3. cayenne pepper powder or capsules you can open.
  4. sea salt – real salt from the sea and not iodized table salt
  5. lemons (not lemon juice extract but real lemons) a dozen or so will get you started and they last a long time. Don’t refrigerate them – let them ripen and get soft naturally. Instead of lemons, you can choose apple cider vinegar, and if you decide on this system, try to get organic vinegar. One jar will get you going.
  6. elderberry juice extract — available at health food stores or online through Sambu. You may need two jars of extract which you’ll mix with lots of water.
  7. pure bottled water – calculate 2 to 4 liters per day
  8. seaweed wraps or pieces of Nori in almost any form
  9. vegetable bullion cubes or powder with no additives or oils
  10. fresh tomatoes, celery, carrots, apples, spinach leaves, lettuce, garlic and other fruits or vegetables you enjoy
  11. a blender (as stated above plus small electric grinder) and a juice extractor are indispensable (and can be taken to a hotel or used at home) as well as a small water heating device – an electric coffee percolator or hot water pot. Plug into any outlet in a hotel or use for fast hot water at home.
  12. A selection of herbal teas – (no black / red tea) choose green tea, mint tea, fruit tea blends, chamomile tea, and a natural laxative tea from a health food store – have several on hand so you can sip them whenever you want.

THREE: the third pertains to successfully applying these fast weight loss tips – starting to detoxify slowly. Here are the steps to put them into practice – modify as needed.

  • wake up and drink a liter of water (you may add two teaspoons of sea salt) – drink it fast and wait. This will get your bowels stirred up. You can add a squeeze of fresh lemon to the liter of water if it makes it easier to swallow. After an hour, you should have gone to the bathroom although it can take time – after a few days you’ll know what to expect from your body and can moderate the salt / lemon or eliminate them as you see fit. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY – don’t just follow a weight loss or detox diet blindly.
  • grind two tablespoons of flax seed until its powder. Add to a cup of warm water and a heaping tablespoon of spirulina powder and blend. Drink immediately before the flax thickens. This will help cleanse the bowels with fiber and also deliver essential nutrients with the spirulna.
  • wait another hour, and you may have to go to the bathroom again or not. It will depend on your body. Meanwhile, drink water every 15 minutes / half hour or continuously sip water with a dilute solution of elderberry extract. If you drink several liters of water with elderberry extract (a couple teaspoons per liter), you’ll feel satisfied because of the natural sugar content. The flax also helps to keep you feeling full. You may mix a couple tablespoons of flax in water two or three times a day if you feel you need it – but add the spirulina only once in the morning.
  • during the day, you can alternate adding a couple teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to your water – whatever works best and makes you feel refreshed is fine, or you can alternate days – some with lemon, some with vinegar.
  • using your juicer throughout the day, make yourself vegetable and/or fruit juices – more vegetable than fruit, especially if you have problems with Candida (which feeds off sugar). Mix celery with anything including apple. Drink about 5 to 8 glasses of fresh juice throughout your day and use them as meal replacements while you detoxify. A variety of carrot, celery and apple will be satisfying and nutritious. Most hunger pangs totally disappear after two or three days. For more ideas, see the post regarding Juicer Recipes.
  • sip herbal tea as you like – vary the kinds depending on your activities. Chamomile is best at night to soothe; mint if you feel your breath is less than fresh during the first days (this is part of body cleaning).
  • you can modify the basic juice diet or water diet cleanse by adding soup. Take a half liter (or liter) of boiling water, pour it over a bullion cube, add Nori pieces or seaweed wraps broken into small pieces, dice a tomato and add low salt soy sauce/cayenne/ garlic for flavor and have a sumptuous meal. To give it more substance, add thinly sliced lettuce, a few raw spinach leaves, parsley, cilantro, finely diced carrots – but do not cook. The hot water will blanch the veggies and make you feel like you’ve had a solid hot meal. This is optional, but can work well in conjunction with most cleanse diet formulas that are primarily water and juices.

Listen to your own body. Stay in tune with how YOU feel. YOU are your best advisor. You need to feel how your organs react to what you offer; then do what works for YOU.

Repeat the steps that best work during 3 days, 5 days, a week, two weeks, even longer if you can – this will detox your body, cleanse you colon, rejuvenate and provide fast, effective weight loss. Many women can drop 5 to 8 kilos during a single detox as stated above and feel energized, not drained, lifeless or hungry. Men may lose weight even faster. No pills, no dangerous side effects. Healthy men and women can go on a cleanse diet for up to a month and experience weight loss and gain energy.

The final fast weight loss tips to detox and energize

FOUR: the forth weight loss and detox tip pertain to how you spend your time during the days you’re cleansing. Part of winning the battle with weight is mental / emotional. Many people fill a void (that’s not necessarily in their stomach) with food. If you’re at home, you may continue normal routines, although it’s best if you’re able to spend time swimming, practicing yoga, and getting pampered in whatever ways you enjoy. It’s not the time to start heavy workouts in a gym, start aerobics or pumping iron, but you may try Tai Chi or get a yoga video and do it on your own or join a class. Some basic activities like walking, swimming, going for a bike ride, are good to get blood flowing, clear your mind and refresh your spirit.

FIVE: if you’re planning to do this cleanse during a week or two in a hotel/motel/B&B (which is highly recommended), take along items to feed your spirit /mind/ soul. Gather books you’ve always wanted to read, your favorite videos, movies, self-help guides, or fictional entertainment – not work! Do things you don’t normally have time for – getting a manicure, pedicure, indoor tanning, getting your hair done, having your teeth cleaned, reading, writing, relaxing by the pool (indoor or out), taking a sauna or steam bath, getting a massage, getting your legs waxed or sugared, trying a colonic treatment or colon hydrotherapy or a coffee enema. Pamper yourself – especially if you’re a busy professional woman or a mom. Take time JUST FOR YOU!

These healthy, safe effective fast weight loss tips are helpful for people who do not have serious medical conditions. Diabetics, and those who have chronic heart conditions, amongst other conditions, may be able to modify these tips but must be done with medical or professional supervision in order to monitor blood sugar levels, blood pressure and other body functions. Please consult your natural professional or medical expert before putting fast weight loss tips into effect if you are currently taking medication or suffer from any chronic health conditions.

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I believe to have a healthy weight loss program one should not be dependent on just taking weight loss pill but of course they should give extra effort in loosing weight. Eating healthy food like what you mentioned above will really help. Balance diet and good exercise really helps a lot to a person who’s on the process of loosing weight and of course one should have a healthy mindset to keep himself motivated until the last day of the program to see best result.

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