Facts About FDA Approved Diet Pills and Dietary Supplements

Looking for a list of FDA approved diet pills and dietary supplements? Wondering if all diet pill and supplement manufacturers must get FDA approval before selling their products? Do most diet products get a thorough USA Food and Drug Administration analysis before being made available to the public? Here are some surprising facts.

If you feel protected believing that most diet products, dietary supplements and diet pills that are sold in the United States have had to pass an FDA approval test before being marketed, you may be shocked to find out that it’s not the case. Although there are FDA approved diet pills that are recognized and prescribed by qualified physicians in order to treat patients suffering from specific conditions such as sever obesity, lots of products sold over-the-counter or online have not been subjected to any investigation by the Food and Drug Administration.

Isn’t it the FDA’s responsibility to evaluate and carefully analyze all the ingredients in diet pills and dietary supplements before they’re put on shelves or marketed to consumers in the United States?

A similar question is posed on the official FDA website, and the answer may come as a surprise to many. No. The Food and Drug Administration does not analyze all ingredients in all the products available for consumption before they are marketed to the public and therefore there’s no list of FDA approved diet pills or supplements. Due to limited funds, the emphasis of research and analysis has an order or importance – first, to evaluate products that have been reported as causing harm or posing a public health threat, and second, to monitor that manufactures label the contents of their products so that consumers can clearly read them and decide if they wish to buy them or not. Here is the exact quote from the FDA consumer information website: “The agency does not analyze dietary supplements before they are sold to consumers.” And “FDA does not have resources to analyze dietary supplements sent to the agency by consumers who want to know their content.”

What Exactly are FDA Approved Diet Pills and Supplements?

FDA approved diet pills will therefore be those that have ingredients that are on the controlled substance list and are ONLY available with a medical prescription. Other over-the-counter pills, capsules and supplements, may have been reported as causing problems, but have been subsequently analyzed and/or tested by the FDA and found not to present a public health threat – therefore are approved.

What about Products claiming to have “FDA Approved Ingredients”

Certain wording may persuade consumers to believe that products are in fact FDA approved diet pills or supplements. How? If all the ingredients listed on the label are on the FDA approved list, it’s easy to claim that all SEPERATE ingredients are approved by the FDA. That does not mean that the combination of ingredients in a particular brand or product is indeed FDA approved.

Claims that a product, supplement or diet pill may help with weight loss or some other condition, is the responsibility of the manufacturer to tell the truth (on the label and in advertising) and is likewise the consumers’ responsibility to understand what they are buying by reading labels – being an informed buyer. Here is another quote direct from the FDA: “The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of these claims; they are not approved by FDA.”

Diet Pills and YOU

You need to be responsible for what you choose to buy and ingest. You need to become informed about weight loss products, read ingredients and do research on your own. Remember that even “new” ingredients (which may be unknown in the United States) only require a manufacturer to show that the ingredient is REASONABLY safe, and if it is already a “food substance”, nothing is required to be able to market it. What all this means to diet pills and YOU is that you need to be a smart consumer. Don’t depend on FDA approval to decide what diet pills to take.

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