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Novalash semi permanent eyelashes are just one of the many professional solutions to having longer, thicker, darker, more luxuriously sexy lashes without having to remove them at the end of the day or even apply mascara in the morning. These are not cheap stick on lashes but some of the best eyelash extensions and false lashes on the market today. Synthetic individual lashes are adhered to real ones using their own patented eyelash extension glue called Platinum Bond, which keeps the hairs in place for about a month. Although it’s a good idea to have them re-touched every 4 weeks, the lashes can be worn all day and night without removing them at all. Best of all, they look fabulously real!

Novalash false eyelash glue and individual eyelash extensions are to be used only by certified professionals to ensure they are properly applied and will last a long time. Finding a Certified NovaLash center near you isn’t difficult. There’s a list of beauty experts that are trained in applying them all across the United States and around the world – from Australia to Yemen. For a complete listing of locations with addresses for salons and clinics where professionals do lash extensions, go to Novalash and click on “find a stylist”.

Xtreme Lashes

Xtreme semi permanent eyelashes and extensions are another of the leaders in lash technology. One of the things that makes permanent or semi permanent extensions possible is the false eyelash glue or adhesive. This is why the latest development of XL FlexFusion eyelash extensions adhesive is a breakthrough for professional stylists and makeup artists who work with extensions and false lashes.

As with all high quality products these individual eyelash extensions must be applied by professional lash extension technicians who have received specific training using Xtreme Lashes. If you’re worried that you won’t find someone in your area, rest at ease, because there are more than six thousand trained professionals in the United States and many more world wide. How will you know if the stylist or aesthetician who will be applying false eyelashes is qualified to do so? Easy. Both Novalash and Xtreme will not sell their extension products to a salon unless there is a certified professional on staff who has taken their certification training courses.

Ardell Lashes

If you can’t afford to get professionally applied semi permanent eyelashes, then you may want to experiment with Ardell lashes, which are false synthetic hairs on strips or individual hairs. For the most part, they’re considered “fashion lashes” and not genuine eyelash extensions, nevertheless, they can be fun to wear for glamorous looks. Their Lash Grip black eyelash glue and clear formulations allow you to add individual hairs or full strips. There are several shapes, lengths and colors, from natural to glamour and even ones with glitter and rhinestone accents.

The Ardel collection includes individual hairs that are made from natural eyelash fibers that have been synthesized. As far as DIY extensions is concerned, they look quite real if done with care and can be enhanced with your regular mascara and shaped with your eyelash curler. You can choose from the Ardell fashion lashes, the cheapest ones, or select the Ardell Duralash kits which have individual lashes, they claim to be the next best thing to real ones. The latest product is the Ardell lash extension kit, which comes with everything you need if you’re a professional. Kits start at around $80 or $90. But don’t panic, there are also mini starter kits for home use that cost just under $9. Don’t forget to buy false eyelash glue because it doesn’t come with all the sets.

False Eyelash Application Tips

Most important is that your eyes be clean and dry.

To apply individual eyelash extensions, use tweezers to hold them, dip the tip in the glue, wait a second, then apply from the outer edge of your lash line working your way inward.

Trim the lashes as needed, leaving the longest ones on the outer corners for a glam look, and filling in hairs using clusters as you work in.

If the lashes are on a strip, then you can use tweezers toothpicks and cotton swabs, but it’s necessary to lay the strip as close to the natural lash-line as possible and press for a minute or two to keep them in place.

The best eyelash extensions that are cheap and you can use at home will be the ones you place individually with glue. These will last several days if you’re careful. The ones sold on strips last a few hours, good enough for an evening or special event, but should be removed at night.

How to Remove Professional and Cheap Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Don’t tug or pull on your lashes to remove fake ones. Use eyelash removal products that will gently release the glue without harming your natural lashes. Ardell has a remover, but most brands (amongst the DIY products lines) have a remover that’ll work for the temporary lashes you put on yourself. If you’ve had professional ones applied, like the Novalash or Xtreme lashes, then you’ll want to have them removed at the salon, or you can buy the professional removal products sold through where you had them applied.

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