Herbs, Foods and Vitamins to Promote Hair Growth

and Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Vitamins to promote hair growth, herbal hair growing products that work and tips on how to make your hair grow faster through non surgical hair restoration techniques.

Without resorting to getting hair implants or having to choose hair replacement surgery, there are some things men and women can do to stimulate hair growth. These are not quick fixes or instant remedies, but long-term aids to becoming healthier overall by taking vitamins, specific herbal formulations and eating foods that promote hair growth.

If you want instant results, the only solution is hair replacement for men and women provided by replacement surgery specialists who perform hair transplants – a lengthy and expensive procedure. However, even if you choose to undergo a complicated hair loss treatment for men or women from a plastic surgeon who specializes in hair restoration and replacement, you can still benefit from taking vitamins for hair growth and changing your diet to be one filled with foods that promote hair growth and health.

Vitamins To Promote Hair Growth

The list of vitamins to promote hair growth include the B vitamins and vitamin A, as well as vitamin K.

Folic acid is another to be kept in mind as well as vitamin C from natural sources and calcium, also natural sources – not from dairy products but leafy vegetables.

The objective in taking vitamins is to promote a healthy scalp and provide nutrients the body needs to continue the hair growth process.

Foods that Promote Hair Growth

Soy sprouts are very rich in the vitamins and trace minerals that help hair growth. They must be fresh. Green leafy vegetables eaten raw and carrots, which are famous for vitamin A, will help stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

Protein is an essential ingredient in hair growth, but that doesn’t mean you should be eating more meat. It means you should add wheat germ, dates and tofu. Non-vegetarians may benefit from fish and eggs, and although many nutritionists will also add cheese and dairy products to this list, we do not agree that anyone other than baby cows should be imbibing milk or partaking of dairy products like cheese or ypogurt.

The Best Hair Growth Products

The best hair growth products are already in your kitchen pantry. For example, increase your iron intake by eating raisins and green leafy veggies. B vitamins can be taken orally and some can be injected to give the body a boost, but in your kitchen you may have all the B vitamins you need if you look carefully.

Whole grain cereals, legumes, avocados and preparations with royal jelly are good sources. Okay, maybe you’ll need to buy some royal jelly if you don’t have that in your cupboard.

Essential fatty acids that are compatible with the body and help with hair growth include nuts, especially walnuts, soy oil, and olive oil – a good source of natural oil that isn’t saturated. Make sure your oils are COLD PRESSED and in the case of Olive oil, it should be extra virgin.

Vitamin E from natural sources are found in seeds and nuts as well as avocado. Notice that avocado appears repeatedly. Keep that in mind when making salads.

How to Speed Up Hair Growth

If you’re wondering how to speed up hair growth, we’ll have to disappoint you and say that it can’t be done. Hair grows at a specific speed that appears to be determined by your genetic code.

So what about all the hair growing products?

Do any of them work?

The products that work are those that help restore circulation to the scalp and stimulate the follicles and aid you to be healthier, however nothing will alter your natural hair growth rate, which is likely set at about six inches of growth per year if you’re in good form, healthy, have no illnesses that cause loss of hair and are eating a natural fresh food diet.

Non Surgical Hair Restoration

Amongst the best non surgical hair restoration techniques is having laser treatments that rejuvenate the cells and stimulate blood flow to the area.

That’s about all you can do unless you want hair implants.

Is There A Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women That Actually Works?

Natural hair restoration products abound, but all operate on the principles of stimulating circulation, offering nutrients to the scalp and follicles while eliminating blockage of the pores caused by commercial shampoo build-up.

None of the products are hair loss cures or hair growth miracles. Herbal preparations with things like saw palmetto, kelp, basil, peppermint, cayenne pepper and citric acid (vitamin C), are designed for circulatory stimulation and pore detoxification – not actual hair growth.

In that regard, the best hair growth products work to deliver what they promise – a nice clean, healthy scalp and good blood flow so that if your genetic code is designed to grow hair it will be able to do so uninhibited.

What About Products like Scalp Med?

Please refer to the related topic for more information on this hair growth product that promises miracles. Find out if the claims are justified and if you can benefit by choosing Scalp Med as a hair restoration solution.

If you would like more information on other cosmetic and beauty treatments that involve laser procedures to rejuvenate the skin and provide hair removal solutions, continue browsing the articles that deal with a variety of topics including information on getting healthier through a detox cleanse and find other weight loss tips that have to do with eating a LIVE FOODS DIET.

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