The Hoodia Cactus Slimming Capsule – Is It Safe for Weight loss?

Hoodia is an (almost) endangered plant, which resembles a cactus but is not of the same family, known to grow in the dessert from Namibia to Angola. The slimming capsule that contains hoodia, and has been promoted in many countries as a means to lose weight, only serves to suppress appetite. The plant (and it’s extracts) is not considered a fat burning food. Taking the capsules, or eating the plant, will not produce a reduction in weight on its own if regular eating habits remain the same. For individuals who eat when they’re genuinely hungry, the slimming pills may help to decrease this desire, but if the weight problem stems from consuming food even when hunger is not present, hoodia will not be beneficial. It’s important to note that it doesn’t just suppress the desire to eat food but also to drink. That’s one reason why hoodia is prized in desert regions because it’s eaten prior to long voyages where food and water will not be readily available. People who eat the hoodia plant do not feel hungry or thirsty during an entire day, even under the sun and while walking for extended periods.

Does the Hoodia Slimming Capsule Have Adverse Side Effects?

Although clinical studies have not proven conclusively that it’s entirely free of long-term side effects or that it will not react adversely if taken in conjunction with certain medications, the slimming capsule manufactures have not received official approval or disproval by agencies that govern the manufacture / distribution of food and drugs. Although it has been used in traditional ways for centuries, it must be stated that because hoodia also inhibits the desire to drink, this may not be a desirable side effect since the best ways for weight loss include drinking large amounts of water and fresh juice. It’s possible to become severely dehydrated while taking hoodia, therefore although the appetite may be suppressed it will be important to force yourself to drink water.

Diabetics should be especially cautious about adding a hoodia slimming capsule to their diet since it’s theorized that one reason the body doesn’t feel hunger is because the brain is deceived into believing that blood sugar levels are normal. Diabetics may find that by not sensing hunger, and therefore not eating, their blood sugar could drop to dangerously low levels. People who suffer from liver ailments, kidney disease and women who are pregnant or nursing, should avoid, these and all other, diet pill therapies.

On the UP Side

For people who are otherwise healthy and serious about changing their eating habits, and are in the process of transitioning from high calorie, carbohydrate / protein rich diets to more natural fresh vegetable meal plans, and need a way to curb the pangs of hunger while making such positive changes, hoodia slimming pills have been reported to be highly effective. People who have taken the capsules state that they do not feel that edgy nervous tension that other appetite suppressants cause.

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