How Much Can You Lose in 2 Weeks with Lymphatic Massage?

Let’s be clear about what you can achieve in terms of weight loss when it comes to massage. First, massage can stimulate circulation and therefore help the body get blood flowing to areas that may have been long unattended and harbor cellulite or fatty deposits. A lymphatic system massage, in particular, is designed to help stimulate the elimination of waste in the body through the lymph glands. However massage on its own will not be enough to get the body to melt excessive deposits of fat. Massage that focuses on stroking the body’s lymph nodes may help with weight loss only indirectly, by eliminating fluid buildup / toxicity that may be stopping your body from being healthy, and thereby more prone to storing fat and fluids.

Many people claim they’ve lost inches in just a couple weeks just by getting lymphatic massages. How much can you lose in 2 weeks with lymphatic massage? Well, that will depend on how much water you drink and the number of calories you ingest during the two week period while undergoing the massages. In many cases, with a low calorie diet of 1500 – 2000 cal/day, some light exercise, a couple liters of water/day, and a series of lymphatic massages, the diuretic / drainage effect may induce a loss of what may appear to equal 10 – 15 lbs. Nevertheless, most of the weight you can lose in 2 weeks with lymphatic drainage massage will be fluid – not fat. So why bother?

One reason to try lymph drainage massage for a couple weeks is to help improve digestive tract functions, help elimination cycles become more regular, reduce water retention, and get circulation stimulated in areas that may not have been getting enough blood to get rid of stored fat; like the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and even under the chin and arms.

Despite the fact that the majority of what you lose in 2 weeks with lymph massage isn’t fat, simply feeling better, being a little lighter and looking a teeny bit thinner {usually noticeable in inches} may provide the impetuous needed to continue on a low calorie diet and be more active. Often, winning the battle with the bulge has a lot to do with motivation and seeing quick results. That’s why the visible inches that can be lost using lymphatic massage may be exactly what’s needed to motivate you to stick with a healthier lifestyle and continue drinking lots of water.

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