How Much Does Eyebrow Transplant Cost?

Calculate your eyebrow transplant cost using this basic formula:

Eyebrow transplant cost is based on the number of hairs grafted, usually a minimum of 100 individual transplants to add fullness to a brow and about 250 – 300 or more{for each brow} if the eyebrow must be completely reconstructed from grafts.

An average eyebrow hair transplant will require between 200 and 600 follicular unit transplants, which are priced at around $10 each.

When you calculate your eyebrow transplant cost, just to get a ballpark figure, it’s easy to see that a procedure to fill sparse areas of the brow will cost a minimum of $2,000 and a full brow re-creation will cost between $5,000 and $6,000.

Eyebrow Transplant Cost – Discounts and Financing

There are discounts and promotions such as the ones offered by the famous Bosley hair restoration centers whereby a $250 gift certificate can be redeemed toward the price of a procedure. They also provide the option of financing {through independent companies} so that patients can make monthly payments.

To see what Bosley surgeons can do for you, watch one of the best eyebrow transplant reviews that aired on KCBS and KCAL in Los Angeles.

Bosley Medical Eyebrow Restoration:

How much does eyebrow transplant cost per month when using financing?

Through Bosley {and the independent financing companies they work with}, if the eyebrow transplant procedure requires up to 800 individual grafts, then the monthly payments would come to about $160.

What can you get for that price? Take a look at another of the top eyebrow transplant reviews from Good Morning America.

Bosley Medical Eyebrow Restoration on Good Morning America:

Why is it so difficult to get an EXACT answer about eyebrow transplant cost from clinics and surgeons that have websites that deal with hair loss and restoration?

The reason that getting an exact eyebrow transplant price quote is difficult without making a consultation in person is that costs vary drastically from person to person. To know the exact price, a surgeon would have to know exactly how much hair has been lost and where the graft hairs will be harvested from. They need to know if your donor hair will come from your scalp or other area and if so, what type of hair it will provide. The surgeon must know how many hairs need grafting, because each one is taken from a donor area and grafted INDIVIDUALLY. Every eyebrow transplant procedure is uniquely tailored to your needs and to achieving the results you desire, therefore the prices are not available online without a personal consultation.

One of the best Transplant before and after videos, that also includes a look at the procedure of harvesting donor hairs from the scalp, and the personalized grafting process, is this presentation from OC Neo Graft. Watch as Dr. Ken Williams, of OC Neo Graft Hair Restoration, demonstrates the no scar eyebrow transplant technique on a patient with very thin brows due to over-tweezing during the years.

Eyebrow Restoration using Automated FUE- NeoGraft:

Dr. Ken Williams works from the Irvine Institute of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery
OC NeoGraft in Irvine, California. Want to know how much does eyebrow transplant cost at the Irving Institute? You may not need to go to a personal consultation if you don’t live nearby because patients can take advantage of using Skype to have an initial consultation with Dr. Ken Williams.

Eyebrow Transplant Before and After Procedure Q&A

Q: Where is eyebrow transplant donor hair taken from?

A: The donor hair is usually harvested from the scalp of the transplant patient. Strips of hair are carefully removed from the back areas of the scalp where they are not very noticeable and will eventually grow back.

Q: If hair is taken from the scalp, will it grow like normal eyebrow hair?

A: In eyebrow transplant before and after pictures you can see how well the transplanted hair fills the brow area, however the grafts are scalp hair and will grow as they are genetically programmed, which means they grow longer and will require more frequent trimming and grooming.

Watch one of Dr. Dauer video eyebrow transplant reviews that examines the results after a follicular unit transplantation procedure on a patient who has virtually no eyebrow hair before starting. Notice how and where the hairs are placed so as to create a natural looking eyebrow that will grow in the correct angle. This presentation is courtesy of Pacific Hair Institute.

Single Follicular Unit Eyebrow Transplantation:

Q: If hair grows longer than normal brow hair, won’t the brows look fake?

A: Eyebrow transplant before and after images clearly demonstrate how much skill is involved in the procedure so as to achieve a natural looking result. It’s important to understand that strips of hair aren’t randomly taken from the scalp and quickly added to the brow, but that each individual donor hair is chosen specifically for its likeness to brow hair, and that the surgeon meticulously grafts these hand selected hairs, one by one, so that they will have the best chance of growing in a similar angle and shape as they would if they were natural eyebrow hairs. This is a lengthy, painstaking process that requires the special skills of a surgeon specialized in hair restoration.

The best eyebrow transplant reviews are from patients themselves who describe the procedure and show the results. Here is a video diary, courtesy of Lam Facial Plastics, that demonstrates Dr. Samuel Lam and the painstaking pre-operative process required to achieve excellent results. Notice how the brows are designed beforehand, how the hair is harvested from the scalp very carefully, how the grafts are done individually, and what the final results are like immediately after and several weeks later.

Eyebrow hair Transplant Video Diary

Q: How many procedures are required to fill the eyebrow area with grafts?

A: Most eyebrow transplant procedures are able to completely fill the area with one procedure that can take about two hours or longer – depending on the number of grafts.

For a look at how completely the brow area can be filled, watch Dr. Jeffrey Epstein demonstrate the success of an eyebrow transplant just 15-20 minutes after an operation.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein – Female Eyebrow Transplant Post-Op

Q: Will the eyebrow transplanting procedure require complete sedation? How painful is the process / recovery?

A: Patients are usually sedated with an orally administered sedative. The procedures are therefore not painful and recovery is considered mildly uncomfortable for a few days, but not necessarily painful.

Q: What can I expect during recovery?

A: The donor area on the scalp will have had sutures that can be removed at the end of the first week. During that time, crusts will form on the brow area and will fall off naturally. The donor hair will also fall out.

Q: How soon will new hair growth appear in the eyebrow area?

A: It takes about 90 days for new hair to grow, but will continue growing ever after.

Q: How can I know if an eyebrow transplant surgeon is qualified / experienced?

A: Choose a professional from amongst those listed with The American Hair loss Association and through those associated with The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Q: Must all consultations be done in person?

A: It’s ideal to consult a surgeon in person, but some allow you to send digital images which they analyze {along with your history}, and then are able to provide a quote for your specific eyebrow transplant cost. This is a good way to choose a top surgeon who may not have a clinic in your area.

Eyebrow Transplant Photos – Personal Before and After Video Presentations

Here is an excellent example of realistic results to expect. Renee Smith offers her eyebrow transplant photos of what her brows were like before the procedure, immediately after and once the hair had grown in naturally a year later. The transplant was done at PAI Medical Group in Nashville.

Eyebrow Transplant 2 – PAI Medical Group – Renee Smith:

Some of the most interesting eyebrow transplant photos are not the before and after results on women, but on men. Watch this video with Dr. Diep from MHTA Clinic who reviews eyebrow hair growth on a male patient who initially had almost no brows at all. It’s obvious the patient requires a brow trim, but the success of the transplantation procedure is unquestionable. See what these eyebrow transplant photos have to say.

Eyebrows Restoration Transplant Surgery Result Before & After:

Editor’s Note:
Please be careful when searching for eyebrow transplant before and after pictures online or in ads that show unrealistic perfection just weeks after a procedure. Pictures can be deceptive and may not reflect accurate results.

Remember: It takes at least three months for hair grafts, which fall out initially, to start growing new hair, and usually it takes 8 months to a year to see decent eyebrow growth. The results are permanent but the procedure and eyebrow hair regrowth takes time. It’s essentially the same process, and often done in the same clinics and hair restoration centers, as those performed on men with male pattern baldness.

The videos offered in this post are as examples of what real people have to say while sharing their experiences as well as media reports that review techniques and developments in the hair restoration industry.

Looking for more information on hair restoration and eyebrow hair growth?

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