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Kim Kardashian eyebrow makeup and glamorous looks by Hollywood makeup artists (Mario Dedivanovic and others) are a combination of several product lines and the artist’s talent, not to mention the natural beauty of Kim, who, as we’ve seen on the cover of Life & Style Magazine, can go without any makeup at all.

When Kim Kardashian is glammed up, one of her makeup artist’s has told interviewers some of the products he likes to use are the Ardell false eyelashes and sometimes the MAC ones when he needs individual pieces. He also uses some items from the Smashbox line of cosmetics, especially concealer, and his own invention called Eye M Glam through the Giella line (which we can’t seem to find online any longer).

When asked about getting makeup to last longer, the professional Hollywood makeup artist said what many of us know – powder keeps everything where it aught to be. Setting the overall look with a powder finish and then using a fine mist spray is always a good tip.

Makeup For Eyebrows

When it comes to the brows, it depends which Kim we’re talking about: the exotic dark brow gal or the sexy blond lady from 2009. Let’s look at the lighter brow choice first. Kin says that she began using the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow makeup from Sephora when she went blond.

The best eyebrow makeup that Anastasia makes is sold through several online shops if you’d like to buy it. For example you can shop at Amazon, Nordstrom, or directly from Sephora, and find the complete eyebrow pencil makeup kit that includes stencils, pre-tweeze brow gel, eyebrow filler powder, a matte eyebrow pencil called Eye Light, and a tube of eyebrow gel to set the finished look. (By the way, the Anastasia line of cosmetics is cruelty free.) The complete kit costs about $85, but you can buy the individual items like the duo eyebrow pencil and gel set for just $22, or the famous Perfect Brow Pencil (by Anastasia) for the same price. All the compacts with duo powder colors are also available for $22 and you can choose dual colors that have a combination of Brunette, Medium Ash or Ash Blond.

When asked about what Kim uses to shape and define her darker natural brows, Kim told interviewers that she uses the walnut colored eyeshadow made by MAC. She uses the powder to fill-in with some color and then the eyebrow pencil to define and shape.

Each of the latest MAC eyebrow makeup items cost just $15, whether you choose the Impeccable Brow Pencil, the Penultimate Brow Marker, the Eye Brows self sharpening brow definer, the eyebrow gel called Brow Set, or the Brow Finisher which is a wax tool for the final grooming procedure.

Before Shaping Brows Or Putting On Makeup…1…2…3…

No matter what you do to your brows or how you apply your makeup, the first priority is to have beautiful radiant skin.

To keep your skin fresh and healthy, one of the products Kim Kardashian endorses is the PerfectSkin line of cleansers. In fact, more than just cleansers, the PerfectSkin treatment is about nourishing the skin with vitamins and antioxidants in a 3 step formulation that offers a cleanser, balancing toner and moisturizer, with little extras like a repairing mask and an eye cream, sold in a kit for just $39.90 through the makers of PerfcetSkin.

Now you’re ready to learn how to do eyebrow makeup…

You have fresh, clean and well moisturized skin. You’ve got your eyebrow makeup supplies for shaping, drawing, filling-in and setting the brow. You have a brow comb, a mirror, your perfect colors, eye shadows or brow powders in the right shade for your hair color, a perfect brow pencil, and a tube of your best eyebrow gel. You may also need some tweezers, a stencil or just your own beautiful natural shape. Let’s get to work:

    1. If you have not already shaped your brows using a stencil that works with your face shape, do so now. Tweeze the small hairs and leave a smooth upper and lower eyebrow edge. For instructions on how to tweeze and create the perfect brow go to the post called Eyebrow Gel to learn how.
    1. Your shape is done. Now set up your vanity table with all the things you’ll need:
    2. Two or three shades of eyebrow powder (or the shadows you prefer) in different tones. If you have dark brows, use two shades that are lighter and if you have blonde ones, then use two colors that are just a couple degrees darker.
    1. Choose a very sharp pencil to add some feathered-type strokes in the brow, lightly and not too dramatic – brush as though you were drawing a feather line where the tip vanishes.
    1. Now take a brush and add some of the lighter color, again, light strokes. Blend into the hair. Don’t rub into the skin. Drag the brush outward to create a line to the outer edge.
    1. Add a darker shadow or eyebrow makeup powder to give darker defining points, always working from the outer edge and proceed toward the eye/nose area. Use powder to enhance the thickness and brush against the way the hair grows to give volume, if the brow is thin. Now take a brush and stroke up and out, the way the brow should naturally be growing. You can use a brow comb or a mascara brush (very clean) and blend the colors.
    1. You can create the illusion of larger eyes that are open and bright if you give just a little more space between brow and eye – and if you darken the upper part, above the iris, a little more, making it full, the difference will be more pronounced.
  1. one way to add color is to lightly tap and stroke the color along the well-formed arch. Leave the edge somewhat wispy but do not go too far beyond the eye. Even dramatic makeup does not require a long wispy tail. Save the long tails for Japanese and Chinese opera singers.
  2. Do not choose too dark a color as the base if you are blonde, and if you’re a brunette, go a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color. If you’re blond, it’s good to use a variety of shades to get a natural color effect because blonds seldom have only one color of hair throughout. Don’t just choose a brown and draw a line and brush a little, because it will look fake. Fluff the hairs and dust them with a slightly darker shade and then accent with highlighting tones and brush out to smoothen the hairs, then set with gel.

Is there waterproof eyebrow makeup?

Yes. Even if you don’t go the permanent eyebrow makeup route, such as getting a cosmetic tattoo (which is waterproof) you can have brows that stay on by using the professional formula sold through Sephora by Makeup Forever called Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector which comes in a tube. It’s actually a cream that can be used to define the brow shape, fill sparse areas and keep color true even when exposed to conditions that normally would cause make up to run, such as intense heat, perspiration, and water itself. It comes in four colors and costs about $19 a tube.

Although waterproof eyebrow makeup is a form of long-lasting brow enhancement, it is not what people in the UK call semi permanent eyebrow makeup. Semi permanent and permanent eyebrow makeup is in fact a form of micropigmentation which is like getting a tattoo – a cosmetic procedure that requires some forethought since the pigments are deposited into the skin and therefore remain there for an indefinite period of time, including forever. For more information on how to get eyebrow semi permanent makeup done in the UK or details regarding cosmetic tattoo procedures in the US, please refer to the related posts titled: Semi Permanent Make Up Versus Micropigmentation / Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures, and the article called: Cosmetic Lip Tattoo Procedures – A Guide To Lip Micropigmentation, for information on other types of permanent facial tattooing procedures.

If we haven’t answered your specific beauty related question in this post, please see one of our other topics, including Eye Makeup tips and suggestions on Eyebrow Waxing and Facial Hair Removal using home depilatory equipment.

If you need more detailed information on Eyebrow Gel products available and even where to get the best Eyebrow Pencils, please read the suggestions in our numerous free information guides.

We leave you today with a special treat: a visit to Anastasia Beverly Hills with Kim Kardashian where she gets her blonde brows done by Anastasia herself! Enjoy!

And here are some bonus videos to watch: The series with Hollywood makeup artist Stephen Moleski called: Kim Kardashian Herself Makeup Tutorial.
Here are parts ONE through Four:

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