How to Detoxify the Body, Reduce Stress and Refresh the Mind

Detoxify the body for 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days with customized herbal formulas. Safe fast weight loss, liver cleansing, colon cleansing and whole body rejuvenation. Choose more intensive programs to cleanse your body with detox fasting using natural supplements for 10 days, 14 days, 21 days or even a full 28 day program for total body cleansing, stress relief and mental refreshment.

Three Essential Detoxification Elements

While cheap colon cleanse preparations, which can be purchased online or at health food stores, may provide a good means to start a cleanse diet for individuals on limited budgets, many people who recognize that toxic bowels, poor liver, kidney and bladder functions (and many common or chronic illnesses), are the byproduct of ingrained bad eating habits and lifestyles within stressful environments, choose to detoxify the body in more complete ways. In many cases the only way to truly alter bad habits is to make a drastic change – to get away from everything and dedicate a few days or a month to a full body cleansing experience because health involves a combination of three elements:

  1. physical detoxification
  2. mental refreshment
  3. spiritual rejuvenation

Retreats and Detox Centers to Detoxify the Body as a Whole

In many cases the only way to detoxify the body, mind and spirit is to get away from the elements that have contributed to the cause of a toxic body – to leave behind routines and environments that contribute to poor diets, everyday stress, work tension, physical exhaustion and spiritually draining lifestyles – even for a couple weeks. That’s why many men and women (of all ages and financial resources) are choosing to detoxify the body in retreats or detox centers, many of which are located in Thailand.

New Leaf Detox Retreat

One such place to cleanse your body, reduce stress and refresh your mind is the New Leaf Detox Retreat situated on Lamai Beach in paradisiacal Koh Samui Thailand. There are several cleanse diets to choose at the retreat, from their three day Express cleanse to a 28 day comprehensive life altering program.

Here’s a video with information you’ll appreciate:

Personalized Attention

All the programs are customized and will provide safe fast weight loss, colon and liver cleansing, and may help to relieve the root causes of chronic illnesses, allergies and even regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels which may be out of balance. At the New Leaf center, the fasting cleanse diet programs provide organic products to help you detoxify the body. Best of all, you’re not one of hundreds in a crowd, but receive personal attention because only twelve individuals may stay at the retreat and participate in their detox programs at any time. The colon cleanse treatments are also included, as are supplements / vitamins to help rid the body of build-up. There are bungalows where guests stay, just a minute from the beach, and swimming pools for daily exercise, as well as yoga and meditation. Another feature of their complete body cleansing program is massage.

What About Weight Loss?

Although your main reasons to want to start a cleanse diet may be to lose weight, essentially weight loss is not the primary goal, but it is a very welcome byproduct that many people experience when they detoxify the body. Cleansing and regulating the body functions, becoming more peaceful and healthful overall, will balance a person’s weight. Thos who need to lose a few pounds or kilos will see results within a short time, and those who need to gain weight, will find that their ability to absorb nutrients from a wholesome diet will improve. It is reasonable to expect to lose several kilos during a full detox program, however it will depend on the length of program. Men tend to lose more weight than women, The New Leaf retreat in Koh Samui suggests that women who stay for a one week body cleansing program may lose about five kilos; men a little more.

Are the Programs Just Guided Fasting Diets?

The cleaning programs consists of a juice diet (fruit, vegetables, soy) and includes a fiber drink for helping flush the colon, along with at least eight or ten glasses of water. It’s important to note that programs that may be called “fating” will include fiber and supplements to help detoxify – not just a water diet.

Considering Cost of Detoxifying the Body Abroad

It’s understandable that many people who live on limited budgets may find the suggestion to detoxify the body in Thailand not within their means, considering it will mean taking time off work, buying an airline ticket, and paying for the actual program. Even reasonably priced body cleansing centers may be out of the question. What is a good alternative? What supplements may be taken at home? Is the lemonade diet or the apple cider vinegar weight loss program a reasonable alternative?

Body Cleansing at Home

To answer questions pertaining to weight loss and detoxification, and provide alternative recommendations, we provide information related posts that offer fast weight loss tips and provide juice diet and juicer recipes to detoxify and explain how to lose weight in a week or two and how to cleanse your body naturally at home. Consult the post about body cleansing to learn about the benefits of an elderberry detox program that you can do very easily and affordably at home.

How to Choose a Program that’s Right for YOU

If you do decide to go abroad to reduce stress, refresh the mind and eliminate toxins in your body, you will be interested in browsing the post with colon cleanse reviews, where real people share their experiences after participating in different detox programs at several cleansing and wellness centers in Koh Samui and Phuket.

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Great article on body detoxification and great advice about breaking away from the daily routine and completing a holistic detox in a center away from home. For once, the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of a body detoxification are considered, not just the physical! Detoxing the body naturally is definitely the best and most effective approach when it comes to detox and becoming healthier and happier… If only we took a break from the unhealthy habits and completed a simple home based detox once in a while, we’d feel so much better and healthier. These kinds of detox definitely provide the help and support most of us need to make the shift and attain our wellness goals. Personally, I highly recommend starting with a holistic detox that integrates the spiritual element of detoxing in order to be able to gain awareness and break free of bad habits. Indeed, detoxification on the physical level is seldom sufficient to eradicate unhealthy patterns and behaviors and will not help in achieving a long-lasting objective of health. The next logical step is therefore to become aware of the bad habits and patterns that keep us needing to detox our body. To do that and achieve long lasting results where you’ll feel great day after day, a holistic body and mind cleansing is the best option. As the article mentions, not everyone can afford an expensive full body detox away from home. The South Beach Detox is a wonderful holistic program that can be done at home and promises to change your life forever. Check us out at and
Let us help you stay healthy and happy!

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