How to Get Fuller Brows Using Eyebrow Filler with Fibers

Divaderme eyebrow filler creates thicker fuller brows while conditioning with Pathenol and vitamin E. The formula also contains Italian Terra Clay for thickness and cellulose to immediately add volume with tiny hairs that fill sparse areas. Divaderme Eyebrows in a Bottle – Brow Extender comes in 5 colors – dark black, chocolate brown, caramel blonde, espresso brown, paradise ash.

How to Apply the Divaderme Eyebrow Filler with Fibers

It’s easy and can be done in two quick steps:

  1. brush on the gel
  2. while brows are still wet, use the wand to add the eyebrow filler

In 60 seconds the gel is dry and the eyebrow filler with fibers is set in place. Once applied and dried, the filler can last several days, giving fuller brows without retouching with powders or pencils.

Eyebrow Filler Extender – Eye Brows in a Bottle by DivaDerme

Emani Liquid Eyebrow Filler

Amongst the best eyebrow filler products are the Emani Minerals collection of liquid fillers with fibers. They come in powder formats that can be brushed on as well as liquid formulations. The liquid eyebrow filler can be stroked into the entire brow or just added to sparse areas.

Watch how to use powdered Mineral makeup to fill sparse areas with the video tutorial courtesy of Purely Pleasures.

Tutorial: Mineral Brow Filler:

Notice how natural the mineral makeup fillers add color, definition and fill gaps in the brow area. It’s recommended to use a small eyeliner or angled brow brush to work the makeup into desired areas, then finish with a gel or wax to hold everything in place.

Make Up For Ever Liquid Eyebrow Filler from Sephora

Although it doesn’t contain fibers, the waterproof Eyebrow Corrector by Make Up For Ever, sold through Sephora, is a great eyebrow filler that can be used to fill gaps, define and add color to the brows. It’s sold in a tube, and can be applied with an angled brush or mascara-style round brow brush. The good thing about the Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector is that it adds volume and lasts all day even when it’s hot or humid. It comes in 4 colors – light taupe brown, medium warm brown, dark ash brown, and dark brown black. It’s available online through Sephora and Amazon.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector

Eyebrow Filler Makeup by e.l.f. Studio

If you don’t need fibers but want long-lasting color that stays in place all day, I recommend the e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Filler Makeup Kit that’s really affordable. It comes in three colors – light, medium and ash. Each kit has two colors in a duo compact along with a double-sided applicator bush. For the price, e.l.f. offers some of the best eyebrow filler products that actually work. One of the reasons that this eyebrow filler makeup kit is recommended, has to do with the fact that the colors are actually pigmented wax. In sparse areas the colored wax can be applied a little thicker to act as a filler, but the entire brow will benefit from the castor seed oil in the formula, since castor oil acts as a conditioner to encourage hair growth.

To find out what other oils and natural products stimulate eyebrow hair growth, go to the post entitled: How To Make Your Eyebrows Grow Back Thicker and Faster

An Eyebrow Filler Makeup Pencil with Duo Colors

e.l.f. Studio also has the Eyebrow Lifter & Filler pencil which is a well-designed product to define and fill sparse areas. It comes in ash, natural, ivory / dark brown, ivory / light brown, and ivory with medium brown. It’s a pencil that’s a little thicker and richer than most others, and comes with a defining ivory color on one end and a darker shade on the other. e.l.f. eyebrow filler makeup pencils do not contain fiber, but still offer excellent coverage and long-lasting color.

Expert Eyebrow Filler Tips

1. It depends where you need filler most where you should start working – if you have full brows at the inner edge {nearest the nose} then you should probably use a sharper tipped pencil to define and fill gaps first.

2. If using a pencil, use sharp quick strokes to mimic hair and fill without leaving heavy lines on the skin. Try to get any hairs in the area to pick up the color and then fill lightly below or above to add width.

3. Connect the thicker areas with natural hair and the sparse area that you’ve filled-in by using a mascara-style brush to blend.

4. Clean up the area using a cotton swab, especially after using powdered mineral makeup as filler.

5. Cream or liquid eyebrow filler should be applied with a brush and blended with a round mascara-type wand. The idea is to get fine hairs to pick up the fiber and color without getting much on the skin. Although sparse areas in the brow may appear like large gaps, in many cases there are tiny hairs that will be sufficient to pick up texture and color and provide a fuller, natural look.

Watch makeup expert Kate Shepherd as she demonstrates the techniques mentioned above using a retractable eyebrow filler makeup PENCIL.

How to Fill In Eyebrows: Quick Makeup Tips {courtesy of Expert Village}:

Watch how to use POWDERED eyebrow filler makeup to create natural looking brows in this demonstration courtesy of Studio Tilee.

Eyebrow Filling:

Notice how clean defined strokes, using an angled eyebrow brush, create a very natural brow. Pay special attention to filling-in the ends with a few crisp strokes where there may be the least amount of hair. If using powdered eyebrow filler, remember to clean up under, above and around the brow with a cotton swab before finishing with a gel or wax.

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