How to Lose Belly Fat and Choose an Effective Weight Loss Management Program

The best weight loss program tailored to YOUR needs without pre-packaged diet food preparations, pills or none safe weight loss starvation programs that are doomed to failure. Learn how to lose belly fat safely and quickly. Here are the secrets about how to reduce belly fat and how to lose weight in 2 weeks…and KEEP it off forever!

This is not Fat Loss 4 Idiots with an auto generated menu plan that’s suppose to confuse your body into burning fat. The body’s metabolism doesn’t require confusing in order to give you the weight loss help you need. What your body needs is for you to give it the tools it requires so it can detoxify itself and eliminate belly fat because the organs, lymphatic glands and digestive system are functioning optimally. What’s the best weight loss program that really works?

How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks

Here are the steps you need to take to learn how to lose stomach fat that won’t come back.

  1. Stop calculating calories, buying pre-packaged diet food preparations and low calorie sauces, soups, beverages and dairy products. Stop reading every weight loss program that comes your way and listening to weight loss tips that the so-called gurus offer.
  2. Start your healthy diet by buying two items – a juicer and a small electric grinder.
  3. Shop for groceries in the fresh produce isle. The rest of the store doesn’t exist.
  4. Natural weight loss will begin after you detoxify your colon, eliminate waste build-up inside your body and get your own elimination process functioning. You can do this, or get a good start, in 2 weeks.
  5. Lose belly fat by drinking fresh celery juice in the morning, carrot juice at midday, and a blend of celery, tomato, red/green pepper, and cucumber juice in the evening. Season with garlic, add fresh onion, basil, parsley and/or cilantro. It’s delicious! Try to use rock or sea salt if you must have that particular condiment.
  6. When you wake up in the morning, take fresh flax seed, raw, grind about two tablespoons and mix with warm water. It tastes pleasant, somewhat like nothing. Add seaweed (pure organic kelp / sea algae ) if you can find a tolerable preparation, if not just the flax. Why flax? You need to cleanse your colon and for that you need fiber not just veggies / fruit. After the flax, drink a glass of freshly made celery juice. Your elimination cycle is in the morning. Don’t weigh your body down with a heavy breakfast. Drink as much fresh juice and water as you like.
  7. At noon, drink carrot juice, one or two glasses. If you’re starving you can have a salad with olive oil or avocado, but if you really want to lose belly fat in 2 weeks, drink juices for 3 to 10 days before starting a solid RAW food plan (see detox cleanse article for more details).
  8. This is not one of the weight loss solutions that requires you to buy specific products or books, and therefore it’s not advertised. But it works! Drink fresh juice and take flax seed for 3 to 10 days. Your bowls will cleanse and you’ll start to feel less hungry in 3 days! The magic number is three days. To do an effective detox diet you don’t need any fancy products, although you can buy colon cleansing solutions that will do what the flax seed does. What’s that? Stimulates elimination in the morning to start your day fresh!
  9. If you’re wondering what weight loss foods you should be eating during the 2 weeks that you’re cleansing, it’s really, really simple. There’s no magic involved – eat only high water content foods that are ALIVE. Think about what that means and you’ll know the answer to most questions you can come up with. Is cheese full of water? NO. Is bread a high water content food? No. Are potatoes and rice full of natural life-giving juice? Are fish and steaks alive? NO. If you can cut it open and it squirts out fresh natural juice (not blood), that’s what you eat or juice up in the juicer and drink.

Keep it simple.

Eat and drink whatever veggie you love, so long as it’s RAW, FRESH and full of water.

Losing Stomach Fat CAN be Achieved

If you eat a fresh raw food diet, drink juices and stop eating anything from a commercial package, bottle, can, or fast food restaurant, you WILL LOSE BELLY FAT and not only that, you’ll feel energized and full of life. When you switch from eating DEAD foods to eating LIVING foods you’ll be ALIVE and there will be no need for your abdomen to store fat any longer. Why?

Knowing How to Reduce Belly Fat may depend if you understanding why it’s there in the first place. Stored body fat is the body’s reaction to STARVATION!

“I’m not starving,” you say, “I’m exactly the opposite!” Not true, In most cases people who have stored body and belly fat have it because they aren’t giving their bodies the nutrients it needs to relax and burn what’s offered. The body is starving for nutrition, for vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty oils that it never gets, so it says to itself, “Self…I need to store something for later or I’ll have nothing to live off.” And that’s what it does. Why? Because you’re starving your body of what it really needs to be efficient.

Stop starving your body of water, vitamins and fresh elements. Let your body lose belly fat by releasing it from the obligation to store fat for a rainy day – give it some fresh veggies, juice, lots of water and it’ll thank you so fast you’ll never want to go back to buying packaged or processed foods again!

Important Note: If you are diabetic or have ANY health conditions at all, please do not undertake a juice, raw food detox cleanse, or colon detoxification process on your own without consulting a juice / raw food expert and having the necessary equipment to test your blood pressure and glucose levels on an hourly, or at least daily, basis. Safe weight loss, which will help you lose belly fat, can be accomplished provided you are under the care of a an expert who can help monitor your progress.

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