Tips on How to Lose Stomach Fat

Tired of the same advice on how to lose stomach fat? Want to reduce belly fat in a week to 10 days? Here are tips that work. Learn how to lose stomach fat in just a few minutes.

  1. One of the reasons the body accumulates fat, especially in the abdominal region, is due to poor elimination. Stomach fat is one sign that your digestive tract, especially your colon, is not functioning optimally to rid itself of waste and toxins. The solution is an immediate body cleansing diet based on raw vegetable juice and lots of water during a week to ten days. Follow the suggestions offered in the article Fast Weight Loss Tips or start a body cleansing program using elderberry juice and flax seed to flush your bowels. The Master Cleanse diet, the lemonade diet, and the apple cider vinegar weight loss programs all offer ways to detoxify the body quickly and are an excellent to lose stomach fat quickly while boosting your energy.
  2. Consuming animal fat, diary products, refined foods and simple carbohydrates will result in subcutaneous fatty deposits and accumulation of fat around the organs. Eliminate these things from your diet and replace them with high water content vegetables, fresh juice and fiber (such as ground flax seed, psyllium seed husks and/or bran) and lots of water. Starvation is not required, but fresh raw vegetables and juices are a must. Spirulina and seaweed, as well as soy lecithin, cayenne, fresh garlic, cilantro and parsley can be part of a delicious new way of eating / drinking your way to a flat tummy.
  3. Cardio exercise will burn excess fat, however, many people who offer tips on how to lose stomach fat advocate abdomen specific exercises. Building abdominal strength is great once your tummy is flat, but for now focus on moving your body any way you can. Walk, run, ride your bike, swim, dance, jump around your living room, or learn yoga / tai chi, or take up Thai boxing / kick boxing. It helps to get the legs moving – stimulates circulation. Don’t focus on crunches or sit-ups just yet.
  4. Lack of blood circulation and poor lymphatic drainage adversely affect stomach fat. Get the blood moving and the lymph fluid flowing with massage – from a professional or with your own hands. Drink a cup of warm ginger tea after each massage. Take hot baths, use a loofa / natural bristle brush to stimulate problem areas, and then relax!
  5. stress causes bowel / digestive disorders, which in turn creates poor elimination and contribute to build-up and therefore adds to the problem of belly fat. One of the best tips on how to lose stomach fat is to find something that refreshes your mind / spirit – and do it regularly. Stop whatever you’re doing and write down three things that relax you. These should be an integral part of how YOU will lose stomach fat over the next week to ten days!

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