No Pills / No Drugs / All Natural Ideas How to Lose Weight in A Week

Lose those extra pounds in a week! Yes, in just 7 Days! If You’re healthy, but have a few pounds to lose before your wedding day or special event, here are five effective natural ways to lose weight in ONE week.

Here’s how to lose weight in a week without laxatives, diet pills, drugs or caffeine formulations that will leave you edgy and nervous. Relax and see for yourself how easy it is to lose a few pounds while energizing / detoxifying your body.

1. How To Lose Weight in a Week on a Water Diet Cleanse (an intense program)

It’s best to prepare your body for a week long water diet by doing a two or three day juice cleanse first, then ease out of the fast, drinking juices for a couple more days, before returning to solid food. However, if you only have 7 days in which to lose a few pounds, you can divide your week as follows:

  • Day One: a liter of water throughout the day with three to five vegetable juices
  • Day Two: a liter or two of water, continuously throughout the day, plus two or three fresh juice drinks
  • Day Three/ Four/ Five: two to three liters of water, working up to 4 liters of water throughout the day
  • Day six: same as day two
  • Day Seven: same as day one.

2. How To Lose Weight in a Week on a Juice Diet

Juicing your favorite vegetables and fruits is easy and offers an effective means to lose weight and detoxify the body quickly. Choose a variety of juicer recipes using vegetables and fruits – although celery and carrot are the best cleansing juices for fast results. If you feel hungry, try following some of the diet tips in the post on how to lose weight in 2 weeks, but just do it for a week instead of 14 days. (Our favorite recipe is the gazpacho.)

3. How To Lose Weight in a Week at a Body Cleansing Center Abroad

If your budget allows you to take a week and go abroad, some of the best places in the world to detoxify the body are located in Thailand, especially Phuket and Ko Samui. Programs to help you cleanse your colon and liver, lose weight, fight cellulite and re-energize your mind / spirit can be done in 3, 5 or 7 days (starter programs). To find out details about specific locations consult posts about cleanse diet centers, and read what people have to say in the article with colon cleanse reviews.

4. How To Lose Weight in one Week with Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy

Whether or not you choose to do a water diet or a juice diet, you can add lymphatic massage therapy to your program to lose weight and feel rejuvenated even faster. Thai and Chinese massage therapies are the best and are available in most major cities in the United States and around the world, however, almost any therapeutic massage center will offer some form of massage that will prove useful in your weight loss endeavor.

Remember to drink lots of water before and after your massages, and it’s good to sip ginger tea immediately after, then go to the bathroom. If the massage center doesn’t offer tea or have hot water, take along a thermos with your tea, or hot lemon water to sip afterward.

You can schedule a massage each day during a week, or go 3 – 4 times in conjunctions with one of the other weight loss suggestions.

5. How To Lose Weight in one Week Eating High Water Content Raw Veggies

You don’t have to just drink water or vegetable juice to lose weight in a week.

If you want to cleanse while still eating solid food, it’s possible to do and is a very healthy option. The trick is to eat only high water content vegetables and fruits – primarily vegetables.

Make a salad with tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce or any combination of veggies you love to eat raw – and use a half avocado and lemon/garlic and cayenne as dressing instead of oil or prepared sauces. Cut out dairy products, animal products and carbohydrates. You may heighten the benefits by drinking hot lemon water with cayenne as well as green tea. If you stick to high water content veggies and eliminate everything else for one week, you’ll lose weight, and as a bonus, feel energized without diet pills, drugs, or chemicals to harm your system.

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