How To Make Your Eyebrows Grow Back Thicker and Faster

Here’s how to make eyebrows grow faster:

1. Grow Eyebrows Fast by Stimulating Blood Circulation

Stimulate the blood circulation {and thereby stimulate eyebrow regrowth}by brushing the brows with a clean round mascara brush. Brush as often as you can throughout the day, at least once in the morning and again before going to bed. Brush in the direction of hair growth and avoid ruffling the brow. There’s also a unique product, albeit quite expensive, that REALLY WORKS, to nourish and stimulate hair growth called:


Librow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator

Marché Double-Sided Lash and Brow Brush by Spornette International

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2. Strengthen and Grow Your Eyebrows with the help of Camphor Oil

Rub a small amount of camphor oil on the brow. Camphor essence is available from most Chinese shops or can be ordered online.

Now Foods Camphor Oil

3. Growing Back Eyebrows with the help of Castor Oil

Rub a small amount of castor oil into the brow twice a day making sure to rub only in the direction of hair growth so as not to break any fine growth. If you can’t apply the castor oil during the day to help regrow eyebrows then it’s best to apply the oil at night so it has time to work. I especially recommend Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food by Tropic Isle Living which is available online.

Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Food by Tropic Isle Living

4. How to Make Eyebrows Grow Back using Dabur Coconut Oil

Learning how to make eyebrows grow is not a secret art. It’s about offering the follicles nutrients, moisture and a little stimulant to STOP hair breakage and encourage regrowth. Oils of various types tend to do the trick. One of the most common ways to grow eyebrows fast and thick is to make it a habit to use a little coconut oil on the brow area instead of waxes or gels. Spread the oil gently in the direction of hair growth and use a brush to shape the brow while stimulating circulation. Use a tiny drop of oil. You don’t want greasy brows, so use just a little, even during the day with your makeup.

One of the best products available, specifically designed to stimulate hair regrowth, is Vatika Coconut Hair Oil by Dabur. It’s not only a quality coconut oil but has been enriched with lemon and 5 herbs that nourish the roots, follicles and hair shafts, giving existing hair more strength. The lemon helps to control flaking while counteracting oiliness so it can be used during the day. It’s a lightweight oil that doesn’t leave the brows goopy. It contains a little henna which some ladies love because it tends to help cover grey, although the effects are subtle. The list of ingredients in the Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil is simple: mostly it’s made from coconut oil, neem, brahmi and extracts of amla, bahera, harar, kachri, kapur and a teeny bit of henna, milk and a little rosemary and lemon oil. Perhaps this product should be at the top of the list because anyone who has used the oil raves about how wonderfully it works to grow eyebrows and stimulate growth. {Use it on the scalp as well.}

Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil

5. Stimulating Eyebrow Regrowth with Moroccanoil Oil

Anyone wondering how to make eyebrows grow back faster or thicker should consider a product that’s designed to revive, strengthen, condition, and provide shine while nourishing the hair shafts using a special Moroccan oil. Although not marketed to ladies who are interested in growing back eyebrows, it can be used on the brows as well as the scalp. Because it strengthens hair that’s prone to being brittle, it tends to stop breakage while repairing damage and balancing skin conditions so that hair can grow more quickly. It protects without leaving a greasy buildup, meaning it can be applied to the scalp or the brows during the day.

Moroccanoil is sold in tinted bottles so that it doesn’t deteriorate in light because the main ingredient, which is Argan oil {native to Southwest Morroco}, is sensitive to UV light. This is no surprise to anyone who knows that Argan oil is primarily natural Vitamin E {tocopherol}, which is sensitive to light and is why Vitamin E capsules are sold in dark caplets and/or tinted bottles. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that aids in renewing the cellular structure of the body, especially hair and skin cells.


Buy Moroccanoil Oil Treatment For All Hair Types {as well as other beauty products such as shampoo, conditioners and facial masks made from Argan oil}

6. Grow Your Eyebrows Thick and Strong with Bhringraj and Butea Frondosa Oil

If you’re searching for ways how to make your eyebrows grow thicker and faster but haven’t yet tried an Ayruvedic formula containing the extracts of the South Asian Bhringraj and Butea Frondosa oil, then you should try Biotique Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Hair Growth. The formula is natural, paraben and chemical free, and helps stimulate and strengthen hair growth. The essential oil works to nourish follicles so eyebrow regrowth can occur naturally. The Biotique formula contains Butea Frondosa, Hibiscus, Acacia, Mangifera Indica, Bhringraj, Emblica Officinalis, coconut oil and goat’s milk. It can be applied to the brow area and left on for a half hour, then removed gently with cotton pads. The oil will penetrate the shafts of hair and help restore growth while minimizing hair loss. Give your skin what it needs to grow eyebrows and also try it on your scalp to thicken and revitalize your head of hair.

 Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil

Buy Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Hair Growth by Biotique

Here are 10 more suggestions for those who still haven’t found the answer to how to make eyebrows grow faster:

1. Still wondering how to make eyebrows grow faster?

Try Rozge Cosmeceutical Renew Eyebrow Oil:

It’s a blend of oils including clove, lemon, sesame oil, ginseng and niacin.

2. Curious about how to make eyebrows grow by taking a supplement?

Try Solgar – Biotin

Biotin is recommended as a means to internally strengthen hair and skin. Biotin is a naturally occurring B vitamin found in common foods like soy. It aids in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins and boosts overall vitality essential for hair growth.

Try taking Solgar Biotin with Oceanic Silica

Mixing these two preparations can deliver faster and better results for hair growth. Taking these supplements helps eyebrow regrowth. Noticeable results can be seen within as little as 2 weeks to a month.

3. Want to know how to make eyebrows grow back as fast as possible?

Try Godefroy Double Lash & Brow Treatment

This is an affordable six-week treatment to be applied at night

4. Searching for cheap ideas on how to make your eyebrows grow thicker and stronger?

Try Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel by Ardell

This is a cheap treatment that’s easy to apply. It’s a gel that comes with an applicator.

5. Need help with immediate eyebrow regrowth?

Try Billion Dollar Brows Brow Lash and Brow Growth Serum

Many women rave about this product. It contains, amongst other things: Saw Palmetto, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Riboflavin and Squalane. It can be applied at night and many ladies, with sparse brow hair report seeing a difference in thickness and growth within a month, however treatments should continue as long as possible for maximum results.

6. Have you heard of a miracle way for growing back eyebrows?

Perhaps you’ve read testimonials by ladies who’ve used:

Librow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator {Mentioned at the outset of this post}

The question is: Does Librow work?

For most women the answer is YES. However, it’s one of the most expensive products on the market, and although it does help grow eyebrows quite quickly, it’s often not a sustainable solution because each tube costs around $125. It must be noted that a tube should last four to six months, therefore it may only cost about twenty dollars a month, which isn’t expensive considering the results.

7. Do you want an easy way to regrow eyebrows without having to apply creams or oils?

Try Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets by Viviscal

This product is one of the premier hair growth supplements that’s natural and has been around for over ten years. It contains extracts of marine proteins, vitamin C derived from cherries and magnesium, amongst other ingredients. Two tablets can be taken per day, but as with all supplements, it may take up to six months to see concrete results.

8. Do you need to grow your eyebrows quickly before a special event?

Resist the urge to buy Brow Relongé – Maximum Eyebrow Growth Conditioner by Beauté de Paris that promises fast eyebrow regrowth but doesn’t have a good track record of being effective. It’s extremely expensive: $95 – $125 /tube. Instead Try:

Librow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator

It’s also expensive {around $125/tube}, but it actually works.

How to Use LiBrow:

9. Do you think it’s impossible to grow eyebrows that are thick and healthy?

It may not be impossible.

Try Maxi Hair by Country Life

Maxi Hair is a powerful time-release supplement specifically designed to stimulate hair and nail growth plus nourish the skin. It takes about a month and a half to notice results, but if taken over a period of time, women who thought they couldn’t have thick brows and healthy hair have noticed eyebrow regrowth, healthier hair on their head, fewer skin problems and stronger nails.

10. Can women really grow eyebrows fast? And how fast might that be?

Resist the temptation to buy the Brow Enhancing Serum by Anastasia. Although I highly recommend the other Anastasia Beverly Hills products, including the eyebrow stencils, pencils, mascara, shaping tools, and complete brow kits, unfortunately Anastasia’s Brow Enhancing Serum doesn’t work as promised within 4 to 6 weeks, and doesn’t appear to be effective even when used for longer periods of time. Although there are reports that it’s been successful for some women, for the most part it’s not a product I recommend because around half the ladies who’ve used the serum claim unfavorable results.

Instead, try:

Librow Purified Eyebrow Stimulator

Yes, I keep mentioning this product because it works to grow eyebrows.

Watch this video review:

Eyebrow Growth Products – Librow Review:

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