How to Pick the Best Professional Eyebrow Tweezers

Buy the BEST professional eyebrow tweezers starting around $17 to $33. Choose German made Niegeloh tweezers, Italian made Denco ultra light easy-grip models, Swiss Rubis sandblasted pewter-finished professional eyebrow tweezers with precision tips, or Tweezerman stainless steel tweezers with funky enamel color finishes.

The 4 Best Eyebrow Tweezers

Eyebrow tweezers need to be:

  1. slanted
  2. provide excellent grip
  3. be able to pluck fine hairs from near the root without pinching the skin

Four of the best eyebrow tweezers that accomplish these tasks are:


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No. 1. best eyebrow tweezers – Toplnox by Niegeloh

The professional eyebrow tweezers called Toplnox Slanted Tweezers made by the German company Niegeloh are expensive, around $33 each, but well worth the price since the trademarked TopInox instruments are part of Niegeloh’s precision surgical implements that are world renowned for being made of the highest quality hardened steel. {Niegeloh also manufactures professional scissors, nippers and clippers used by doctors and beauty professionals who work with problems such as ingrown nails or provide expert manicure and pedicure services.} The Niegeloh stainless steel tweezers have an easy to grip matte finish, they measure 3.74 inches and come with a lifetime warranty. The Toplnox Slanted Tweezers grip extremely well, are designed as precise professional instruments to hold onto hair not skin, and they virtually never wear out.

No. 2. best professional eyebrow tweezers – Rubis Classic Tweezer

These Swiss professional eyebrow tweezers are often chosen by professional estheticians because of the precision tips. They are famous for being able to grab stubble, ultra fine hairs, even small peach fuzz, and seldom slip because the stainless steel has been sandblasted to a matte pewter-like finish that makes gripping easy and secure. To see why the Rubis Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezer is exceptional, watch the following video presentation courtesy of Daily Grommet.

Rubis Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezer:

Rubis recommends: for best tweezing results, follow these four simple rules:

  1. grasp the hairs close to the root without pinching the skin
  2. pull the hair in the direction they grow
  3. keep the tips free of oils, creams and other cosmetic products by wiping with alcohol
  4. cover the tips, using the caps provided, whenever the tweezers are to be stored

These are Swiss made, precision, professional eyebrow tweezers, not general tweezers, and therefore cost almost thirty dollars each, but they GRASP even short or very fine hairs without slipping. Hair removal is easy when done with the correct instruments and one of the secrets to the Rubis design is its rigidity. Although they are more expensive than most of the mass-marketed tweezers, they provide excellent value for your money. However, if you need precision tweezers and can’t afford the high-end Rubis models, you may want to choose a Denco or Tweezerman design that will cost about half the price. {The Tweezerman models are similar to the Rubis designs.}

No. 3. top rated professional eyebrow tweezers – Ultra Aero Tweezers by Denco

For the price, which is about the same as a pair of Tweezerman Tweezers {under twenty dollars}, the Aero Tweezers by Denco are some of the most precise tweezing instruments available. They’re extremely lightweight and have hand-honed tips that come with a lifetime warranty. The handle is uniquely designed to be hollow {with cutouts}, which makes them easy to grip. Although they’re light and easy to use, they are in fact constructed of rust-free stainless steel. These are some of the best eyebrow tweezers you can buy in the mid to low price range. They come with a small storage pouch.

No. 4. best eyebrow tweezers – Slant Tweezer by Tweezerman

These are excellent low-priced general use stainless steel tweezers that have colored enamel finishes with superior grip. Choose a variety of funky fashion colors such as Green Apple, Green Tea, Lavender {mini slant tweezer versions also available}, Leopard Print, Reptile Print, Zebra Print, Tiger Stripes, Midnight Sky, Blue Jewel, Pretty In Pink and the Tweezerman Signature Red. The tips are precision aligned and hand-filed, but it must be noted that tweezers can get out of alignment if dropped or used roughly. It’s recommended to always keep the tips protected when the tweezers are not in use.

Watch how to use the professional eyebrow tweezers by Tweezerman in this video.

Tweezerman Slant Tweezers:

For a few dollars more, Tweezerman also makes a variation of their classic slant tweezers called the Tweezerman Expert Touch Gel Grip Tweezer. They’ve received excellent customer ratings and are highly recommended for anyone who has arthritic hands or has trouble using regular-sized tweezers because the Gel Grip Tweezers have an O-shaped handle coated with a gel gripping formula, ideal for grasping and squeezing even the finest hairs. Tweezerman tweezers come with a protective pouch and a lifetime guarantee that includes free sharpening.

See a variety of Tweezerman designs and unique color choices, including the Tweezerman Expert Touch Gel Grip Tweezer, in this video courtesy of Ultra Fragrances.

Tweezerman Tweezer:

Electric Eyebrow Tweezers and Facial Hair Removal Devices

For most women, a pair of quality professional eyebrow tweezers is the best epilating device for the brow region. They’re safe, precise, not too painful and last almost forever. However, there are electric eyebrow tweezers that can help maintain the brow as well as eliminate other unwanted facial hair.

1. Wizzit Hair Remover

the Wizzit hair removal device acts like a pair of electric eyebrow tweezers because it pulls out the hairs instead of cutting them.

Easy Hair Removal with Wizzit!

There are mixed reviews of this highly publicized product. Some ladies are delighted with how easy it is use while others believe it to be less effective than a pair of tweezers. Since it costs about the same price as a pair of budget tweezers, it’s worth seeing for yourself how it works in your particular case.

Spanish Version:

Wizzit_TvOffer Centroamerica:

2. Emjoi Hair Removers

the Emjoi hair removers aren’t specifically designed as electric eyebrow tweezers but as body and/or facial hair epilators that can also be used on the underarms and bikini areas. They pull hair out by the roots which is why they’re sometimes classified as a form of electric tweezer, but in most cases the machines are not small enough to be used in the eyebrow region. Some ladies may use the Emjoi epilators for shaping above the brow or getting hairs on the bridge of the nose, but primarily are for the upper lip, chin and the sides of the face.

There are a variety of epilators that fall under the category of electric eyebrow tweezers and some of the newest use a diamond head tweezing technique which is explained in the following video courtesy of Emjoi and Virtual Point.

Diamond facial hair removal by Emjoi:

To quickly compare the different Emjoi electric tweezers and epilators, watch this video showing a variety of models and how they operate.

Emjoi, Inc. at the 2010 International Home + Housewares Show {in Chicago}:

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