How To Use an Eyebrow Razor to Trim Eyebrows

Here are 6 tips on how to trim eyebrows using a razor plus online shopping for items you’ll need for brow trimming and expert maintenance.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Use an Eyebrow Razor

1. First: Shape and Trim Eyebrows

It’s recommended NOT to rely on an eyebrow razor for initial brow shaping or as the primary maintenance tool. The main shaping of the brow should be done by waxing, then cleaning up visible stragglers with tweezers, and eliminating long hairs by using scissors to trim eyebrows. Nevertheless, both dark and fair-haired women often have small or fine hairs { blond peach fuzz or sparse dark hairs which are difficult to detect}, above, below and along the sides of the eyebrows. These hairs may be difficult to eliminate with tweezers, and waxing may not lift them all if they grow in various directions. If these little hairs go unattended, the skin won’t be smooth, and as a consequence, cosmetic products may not spread smoothly and powdered makeup may stick to fine {almost invisible} hairs and make them visible, interfering with brow symmetry and definition. That’s where an eyebrow razor comes in.

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2. Hold the Eyebrow Razor on an Angle and Keep the Grasp Light

Take a small eyebrow razor – preferably one that’s a blade style {not the same ones you use for shaving your legs}, and quickly cleanup the fine hairs just above, below and around the sides of the already defined / tinted / colored brow shape. How? Take a light hold of the eyebrow razor, holding the blade at an angle, and using short strokes, move the razor against the growth of the hair, first along the outer side area, careful not to remove hairs that form part of the natural brow body, and working inward and upward.

3. Start from the Outer Edge – Work Against the Grain of Hair Growth

Work lightly and gently from the outer edge to the area below the lower brow line, cleaning up under the arch working toward the inner area closest to the nose, angling as you go. Continue using short strokes against the grain of the natural hair growth but without pressing hard against the skin to cause chaffing or irritation. Press lightly and drag the blade gently in ONE direction, then lift and go to the next area. Don’t go over the same area because this may cause redness. The idea of using a razor is not to scrape the skin, but to lightly whisk away fine hairs that other depilation methods missed. Don’t use soap and water. Don’t rub vigorously. Don’t move back and forth. Be gentle and keep a light hand on the eyebrow shaper razor.

4. Use the Razor Above the Brow without Touching the Main Contour

Remove the hairs above the brow {no it’s not taboo}, being careful not to catch any of the main hair that provide contour. It’s important to have chosen eyebrow shavers or razors in blade-style devices, which will be easy to maneuver and aren’t too sharp so as to nick the skin, and not one that may be too wide, which may cause you to inadvertently whisk off important hairs that give the brow its shape.

Editor’s Note:
Never use razors, tweezers or wax on any hair in the body of the brow and never eliminate hairs that provide the basic contour to the shape – no matter how thick and bushy you brows may be naturally. Most brow problems can be corrected with brushing, trimming long hairs with scissors, waxing, tweezing and finally eliminating fine stragglers with a razor.

5. Avoid Slips

No matter where you’re working in the brow area, from the outer edge to the bridge of the nose, remember to keep the blade angled with the plastic edge AWAY FROM the main body of brow hair. This will help you avoid unnecessary slips.

6. Check Smoothness

Run your fingers over the skin to FEEL if the area is smooth. Remember that an eyebrow razor is primarily used to eliminate hairs that are NOT readily visible and to give the skin a SMOOTH finish. You may not see a big difference before applying foundation, a cream eye-base or powdered shadows, but the difference will be noticeable when you start applying makeup. The use of a razor will provide a clean, crisp finished look.

Watch the above 6 tips on how to use an eyebrow razor in action by joining expert Chantelle Tarride, a certified professional from the International Makeup Career Center in Miami Florida, as she demonstrates how eyebrow shavers and razors can be used to cleanup a pre-shaped brow area. This video presentation is brought to us courtesy of eHow and filmmaker Paul Muller.

Tips From a Makeup Artist : How to Use an Eyebrow Shaver:

Shape and Trim Eyebrows Like a Pro

Here’s a makeover session that includes instructions on how to use an eyebrow razor to trim eyebrows, and also demonstrates a complete makeup session with Eve Pearl . Skip to minute 2:00 of this video to see just how effective an eyebrow razor can be when doing a quick cleanup of the eyebrow area before applying makeup.

Beautiful Women of Color: Morgan – with Eve Pearl:

Shopping for a Basic Manual Eyebrow Razor or an Electric Eyebrow Razor

In most cases it’s preferable to choose tweezers and a good pair of small curved scissors to trim eyebrows plus a basic manual {disposable}eyebrow razor for your brow maintenance kit.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on an electric eyebrow razor or fancy battery operated eyebrow shavers and clipper sets because, in the end, they may be too large to do the delicate work required in and around the brow. Although some shopping choices for electric eyebrow razor products, which are battery operated, have been included in the following shopping list, the best eyebrow shaper razor devices are the simplest ones that are cheap and are the top 4 items:

1. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor

The Tinkle eyebrow razor set comes with 3 shavers that are small enough for detailed work. These are some of the best, and the cheapest disposable blade-style devices on the market.

2. Stiles Eyebrow Razor

The Stiles eyebrow razor has a 1/8 inch blade specifically designed for the brow. It’s the second best selling eyebrow shaver device that women rave about. It’s a little more expensive than the Tinkle razors, especially since they’re sold individually, but the unique size makes it an ideal item to have in any brow maintenance kit.

3. Noxzema Eyebrow Shaper Razor

These little eyebrow razor sets also come in 3 packs, but they’re sharper than both the Tinkle and Stiles shavers so be a bit extra careful. They are one of the top selling brow depilation and shaping products because the shape is user friendly and they have a protective skin guard as well as being a good size for working in most brow areas. These eyebrow shaping razors are some of the cheapest, even les expensive than Tinkle.

4. Mini Japanese Eyebrow Shavers

If you find that the Tinkle eyebrow shavers are too large, then you should give the mini Japanese razors a try. The ones made by Kai are the best, albeit a bit more expensive than some other mini razors, but the stainless steel blades are ¾ inch and each device has a blade guard. Remember that these little eyebrow shavers are sharper than some of the regular brow razors.

5. Panasonic Eyebrow Razor and Facial Trimmer

This is not a purely manual or an electric eyebrow razor but a battery operated device {which is in fact what most so called “electric” eyebrow razors tend to be}. It does have features that moste electric shavers offer, like a pivoting head and micro-blades {and comes with 2 grooming combs} for trimming brows and eliminating facial hair. It operates with a single triple-A battery so it’s light enough to use, but it tends to be best for whisking away fine peach fuzz on larger facial areas and less practical at smoothly removing delicate brow hairs.

Is it a good product?

Customer product reviews suggest that although some ladies love the Panasonic Eyebrow Razor and use it regularly for brow maintenance, it must be noted that it may {and often does} pull out coarser hairs {which is not only painful but not what a razor should do}. The point of using a brow razor is to gently remove small stragglers and brow fuzz without irritating the skin, and the Panasonic device does so in some cases but not consistently for all women.

Is it Expensive?

When compared to disposable manual eyebrow shaper razor products that are priced under five dollars, the Panasonic razor seems quite expensive at just under twenty dollars, but in the electric eyebrow razor category it’s one of the cheapest.

6. Remington Electric Eyebrow Razor

This is a really inexpensive product, which although not being specifically designed for brows, has worked well for many women. The Remington mpt-35000 model is for both men and women’s facial hair that’s more powerful than most of the electric eyebrow razor products designed specifically for ladies brows. The good features of the Remington electric trimmer is that it’s small, has titanium blades, a powerful motor, operates on a single triple-a battery – which makes it lightweight – and offers the ability to make defined lines with precision even in small spaces.

7. Basic Kit to Trim Eyebrows

To prepare an eyebrow shaping and grooming kit you can separately buy:

a. Rubis or Tweezerman slanted tweezers
b. a good pair of small curved scissors by Tweezerman
c. a few inexpensive disposable Tinkle eyebrow razors
d. a round eyebrow brush

That will equip you with everything you need to trim eyebrows, shape and pluck stray hairs and get a smooth surface above and below the brow.

You can also trim eyebrows, pluck strays and groom your brows using the tools in a kit that comes with a zipper case like the Body Toolz Deluxe Eyebrow Kit, which includes:

a. fine pointed tweezers
b. slanted tweezers
c. small brow scissors
d. brow brush/comb
e. carry case

All the products discussed in this article can be purchased through the Amazon web site.

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If you’ve enjoyed learning how to use an eyebrow razor and want more ideas on getting the basic eyebrow shape by waxing, tweezing or treading {or about choosing products, coloring methods and makeup}, continue reading related posts here at Eyebrow Tattoo such as:

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