How to Use Eyebrow Stencils Part I

Here’s a step by step guide to using eyebrow stencils to create perfect brows even if you’ve never shaped them before. Then continue in Part II to discover where to buy eyebrow stencils in various price ranges and qualities.

Six Step Guide on How to Use Eyebrow Stencils

Step 1. Where to Place the Stencil

Items You’ll Need:

The key to using eyebrow shaping stencils is to know where to position them to start the process. This can be done by taking a ruler {or measuring tape} and measuring the length of your eye. {In my case, the distance was 3 centimeters.} Then, use that number to measure the distance between the eyes. The distance between the start of each brow will be the same as the length of your eye. It’s helpful to mark where each brow should start using a white pencil, which you can buy from Eyebrowz, or use a highlighter pencil / powder to mark the two starting points. See an example of how to use eyebrow stencils, by first measuring where to place them, in this video presentation courtesy of Eyebrowz.

Shaping Eyebrows, Where to Start Your Brows

Step 2. Positioning a Set Of Eyebrow Shaping Stencils and Holding them in Place

Items You’ll Need:

Choose one of the shapes from the eyebrow stencils kit you’ve purchased and position it by placing the start of the inner area on the white line you’ve drawn to indicate where the brow should begin. This process sounds easy but can be frustrating if you’re working alone because the plastic stencils tend to move. Knowing how to use eyebrow stencils involves keeping them in place while working, so I suggest using an eyebrow stencil holder. Just adjust the elastic on your forehead to leave the stencil’s open area where it should be: over your brow with the hair exposed. When the position is set and the stencil is held firmly in place with the elastic, proceed to step 3 and learn how to use eyebrow stencils to highlight as much of your natural hair as possible.

Step 3. Brushing or Combing Brow Hair Through the Eyebrow Stencils

Items You’ll Need:

Brush the natural brow hair to bring it through the eyebrow stencils as much as possible. Be careful not to shift the eyebrow shaping stencils while doing this. The hair should be brushed to reflect how you will want them to rest when the process is complete.

Step 4. Outlining the Complete Brow Shape with a White Pencil

Items You’ll Need:

Continue holding the eyebrow shaping stencils in place {or ensure they’re secure with the elastic holder}, then using the white eyebrow highlighter pencil, trace the outline of the brow shape following the contour. You should have a white line that clearly marks the entire eyebrow. Do this for each side. If you have extremely light blonde brow hair {that’s almost invisible}, you may want to tint ALL the natural brow hair beforehand so you can see what you’re working with – what you want to keep as well as what you want to eventually eliminate. Instead of tinting, you can dust the brow area with dark eyebrow makeup. That way you’ll be able to see the hair that’ll require removing in step 5.

Editor’s Note: Beginners who don’t how to use eyebrow stencils to FUND their best shape should not use the first stencil they pick up. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to try different styles and see how they look, repeating steps 1. through 4. as often as necessary — paying special attention to the arch, before settling on the ONE. When you’re sure of the design you want, then continue following this guide on how to use eyebrow stencils with step 5 that involves hair removal with tweezers.

But first, join Michelle Phan as she does all these steps freehand. Watching her will help you get an idea of what’s involved and why each step is important while viewing each step in a fluid manner without interruptions. Observe how confidently she goes through each of the 6 recommended steps, but don’t get intimidated. If you don’t feel confident enough to do it freehand like Michelle, don’t be ashamed of buying an eyebrow stencils kit to ensure a fool-proof, professional shape.

Basic Eyebrows Tutorial:

Continue with step 5 where you’ll learn how to use an eyebrow stencils kit to get a look that, eventually, you can do freehand like Michelle.

Step 5.Shaping the Brows by Removing Hair Outside the White Outline

Items You’ll Need:

A pair of slanted tweezers. Suggested product: Stainless Steel Slanted Tweezers by Tweezerman

Now that you have the white outline clearly marked on each brow, you can remove the eyebrow stencils and set them aside. Using a pair of slanted tweezers, remove all the hairs outside the white outline, being careful not to pull hairs that belong inside the stenciled area. {For more information on how to shape eyebrows with tweezers see related posts.} Here’s a great resource if you need help tweezing. Watch this video courtesy of kandeejohnson.

How To Tweeze Perfect Eyebrows (for guys & girls):

Step 6. Using a Complete Eyebrow Stencils Kit to Color and Finish the Brow

Items You’ll Need:

  • The same eyebrow stencils kit used to create the shape
  • Powdered eyebrow makeup
  • Eyebrow gel….or
  • Choose complete eyebrow stencil kits that include shaping stencils, tweezers, pencils, powdered makeup, and other items. {Below find suggested products and where to buy eyebrow stencils from various companies and complete kits that include tweezers, brushes, eyebrow makeup and/or tints and gel.}

If you don’t trust yourself to do the last step freehand, you can place the eyebrow stencils {and holder}over the brow and use them as a guide while you color the hairs and set the finished look. Using powder and eyebrow brushes, coat the hairs, which should now be perfectly shaped, defining thin spaces with small lines and filling sparse areas with a soft waterproof eyebrow pencil. Brush the hairs and make sure they’re laying how you want them, then set with clear eyebrow gel. For a faster process, use a tinted brow gel in one easy step. For a more defined look, its recommended to use a colored eyebrow pencil to outline the brow. This can give eyebrows a more structured appearance. Lady Art shares some tips and secrets to getting beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows in this video.

Eye Brow Tutorial; How to get the perfect brow:

The above 6 steps should guide you to know how to use eyebrow stencils, but eventually you’ll be able to maintain your brow shape and color without need of a kit. In the meantime, find out which eyebrow stencils kit collections are the best, the cheapest or provide good value in a mid-price range. Discover where to buy packages of eyebrow shaping stencils and complete kits by the top brow professionals and shop online for all the suggested products. Find out which is the number ONE best eyebrow stencil on the market by continuing with: Where to Buy Eyebrow Stencils Kit Part II

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