Human Hair Fake Eyebrows for Cancer Patients

Handmade 100% human hair fake eyebrows!

Flexible, easy to apply, reusable natural-looking brows made from genuine human hair. Fake eyebrows for cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy and temporarily have no facial hair as well as for those who suffers from long-term hair loss disorders. Ideal for men and women who have fine or sparse brow hair.

Fake Eyebrows in a Variety of Natural Colors

Human Hair Eyebrow Wigs are the answer to having instantly perfect brows.

Choose from a variety of natural colors that include:

  • Dark Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Chestnut Brown
  • Medium Ash Brown
  • Light Golden Blonde
  • Natural Blonde

There are instant brow wigs for both men and women. All are made from human hair, meticulously placed onto gel-like backings that are flexible and feel like skin.

Human hair brows beautifully mimic natural eyebrow shapes.

Benefits of Fake Eyebrows for Cancer Patients

  • It’s real hair, not makeup or a temporary tattoo.
  • false eyebrows that are made with genuine human hair can be applied within minutes and provide real hair in the brow region.
  • eyebrow wigs can be groomed, trimmed, shaped and colored with makeup or worn as is.
  • pencils and powders can be used to draw brows onto the skin, but fake eyebrows for cancer patients are better because they look more realistic and can be applied when needed with a little glue and reused as often as needed.
  • a permanent eyebrow tattoo procedures is an excellent way to have brows, but patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering with TEMPORARY facial hair loss {especially chemo patients who will eventually regain eyebrows and lashes} probably won’t choose a permanent eyebrow tattoo until they know how much hair has returned. Meanwhile, human hair false eyebrow wigs offer one of the most affordable and effective solutions for temporary eyebrow replacement.

How to Apply Eyebrow Wigs

Applying eyebrow wigs is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. select the eyebrow set that matches your natural hair color or goes with your skin tone.
  2. place a thin coat of false eyelash adhesive to the skin-like gel backing of the brow wigs and be sure to spread glue to the edges.
  3. wait about twenty seconds to be sure the glue has dried a little – just enough so that the adhesive has become tacky.
  4. press the fake eyebrows onto the natural eyebrow area {if you have no brows at all, you may want to mark the desired place beforehand}.
  5. press the brows gently using firm strokes in the direction of natural hair growth.

See how natural human hair false eyebrows can look by viewing this brief video presentation courtesy of Cheryn Salazar.

Cheryn’s Eyebrow Application Video:

Removing Fake Eyebrows

Removing natural human hair eyebrows must be done gently so the little wigs lift off without being harmed.

  1. using a cotton swab, apply a small amount of eyelash adhesive remover sparingly around the edges of the fake eyebrows.
  2. starring at the inner corner, gently peel the brow wigs back and lift off.
  3. as you lift, use the cotton swab with eyelash adhesive remover to slowly and gently remove glue. Remember to work from the inner corner toward the outer edge. You may use a toothpick to help lift.
  4. remove traces of eyelash adhesive from the brow using a swab with sparingly applied remover. Don’t rub vigorously or submerge the brow in adhesive remover. Try not to get adhesive remover on the hair because it may cause them to curl.
  5. store fake eyebrows flat so they’re ready to be reused.

Where to BUY Handmade Human Hair Eyebrows

Beauty Metropolis offers the closest thing to real eyebrows that’s ever been developed!

Beauty Metropolis false brows are:

  • realistic-looking
  • made from 100% human hair
  • easy to apply with adhesive
  • completely reusable

Shop for Beauty Metropolis Fake Eyebrows now.

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