Laser Eyeliner Tattoo Removal plus Information on Cynergy’s EliminInk Part III

Eyebrow and eyeliner tattoo removal services are available using a trademarked EliminInk tattoo vanishing system. Prices are quoted on an individual basis after analyzing pigments.

What is EliminInk Permanent Makeup Removal?

EliminInk is a trademarked magnesium oxide product made by Cynergy that removes permanent makeup tattoos when the solution is deposited into the skin employing a similar method of micropigmentation that was used to create the initial tattoo. The magnesium oxide works to attract and bind pigments to itself and then lift them up to the surface where a scab will form and eventually fall off taking the pigment with it. A second product called DermRenu is then applied to help healing without scarring.

Although the following video example demonstrates the effectiveness of pigment / ink removal on a small artistic tattoo, the same procedure may be used when doing an eyeliner tattoo removal. The presentation has a rather long introduction explaining EliminInk so you may want to skip to 2:35 of the video to watch a star outline on a patient’s arm be treated with a micropigmentation device using a pointillism technique. Notice how the technician applies the solution in a similar way as the tattoo was originally applied, but almost immediately there’s a bubbling effect. There are several passes required but a thin layer of the EliminInk solution will be applied to the overall area between each pass. At the end of the video, notice that tattoo removal care requires applying Cinergy’s DermRenu about two or three times per day during about 3 weeks to help heal without scarring. Go ahead and watch Cynergy’s EliminInk tattoo removal video now.


Here’s another demonstration of tattoo removal using Cynergy’s EliminInk courtesy of John Skin Master.

EliminInk Tattoo Removal Demo:

Watch a special media presentation about EliminInk Tattoo Removal courtesy of CBS Atlanta News and BLUE MedSpa in Atlanta.

Tattoo Removal on CBS Atlanta News:

Is Laser Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Possible?

Yes. A laser eyeliner tattoo technician will analyze the pigments to determine if they can be removed without making them appear darker. {There’s a risk that some pigments turn black when subjected to lasers }.

Removing tattoos from delicate areas is tricky – the eyes must be protected with special eyeshields. In the following video, courtesy of Medispa Institute in Houston, Texas, observe how an ocular shield is inserted under the eyelid to protect from the lasers. Although this laser tattoo removal treatment demonstrates an artistic tattoo being removed from a gentleman’s face – very near the eye, the same basic system is used to remove eyeliner and other permanent makeup pigments.

Laser Tattoo Removal – Next to the Eye:

Laser tattoo removal procedures are being successfully conducted by Medispa Institute in Houston, Texas {and other places}. Medispa utilizes q-switched laser technology and have effectively removed hundreds of permanent eyeliner tattoos.

The Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Process

A special shield is inserted under the eyelids to protect the eyes yet the upper eyelid and lower lash area remains exposed to the laser pulses. The equipment used is q-switched Hoya Conbio MedLite C6 that provides a dual reaction:

  1. immediate whitening of the tattooed area
  2. breaking up the pigments into tiny particles which the body slowly can flush away

Permanent Makeup Removal Concerns

In order for an eyeliner tattoo removal to be successful the pigment shouldn’t contain oxides that might turn black. In some cases where a brown or flesh-tone pigment has been used that contains oxides, and the tattoo is treated and turns black, it can be re-treated as if it were a black tattoo and thereby removed. However the oxide pigment that has turned black may refuse to lift and therefore the eyeliner may be worse.

It’s imperative to have the pigments analyzed by an experienced tattoo removal expert who can advise you if the chances of removal are good or if there’s a risk of blackening.

If you’re investigating laser tattoo removal clinics in your region, be sure and look for those that use the MedLite laser equipment with wavelengths that break up pigments.

Removing a permanent cosmetic tattoo eyeliner can take about eight sessions, although each treatment only lasts a few minutes, doesn’t hurt much, and requires only an ice pack afterward. The procedure can be done over a lunch hour.

The permanent eyeliner tattoo procedure is almost identical to that used for eyebrow tattoo removal, except that the eyeshield is inserted under the lid for an eyeliner removal, but you can get a good idea of how it works by viewing this video courtesy of Medispa Institute – Houston, Texas.

Laser Tattoo Removal – Permanent Makeup Eyebrow:

Instead of worrying about tattoo eyeliner risks that may be keeping you from having a procedure done, or wondering about eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo removal issues {with lasers or EliminInk } before even getting started, why not do everything in your power to ensure getting a procedure done right the first time.

Three keys to a successful permanent makeup outcome are:

  1. understanding the process and knowing what to expect by viewing videos and eyeliner tattoo pictures in a portfolio at the clinic or micropigmentation center where you will have the procedure done
  2. carefully choosing a certified, experienced permanent makeup eyeliner tattoo artists / technician who works in a professional hygienic environment with the latest micropigmentation devices and using the latest techniques
  3. meticulously following the eyeliner tattoo aftercare instructions provided by an expert

Here are some straightforward tips and answers to frequently asked questions about permanent eyeliner tattoo procedures from micropigmentation expert Jeanee Lusby {founder of NaturaLook Permanent Cosmetics, member of both The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation, and creator of the innovative Colorwash permanent eyeliner tattoo technique.}

Permanent Makeup FAQ’s:

Notice that Jeanee states, “permanent makeup is not an exact science and we all heal differently” therefore touch ups or corrections may be required in order to achieved a desirable final result. Jeanee continues to say that experienced permanent eyeliner tattoo artists can “warm, cool, lighten, darken, correct and even remove color if necessary.” She advises to find out if there may be a charge for post procedure services should you not be quite satisfied after the initial procedure. In some cases the initial eyeliner tattoo cost will include a follow up session, but don’t take it for granted.

Ready to Book an Appointment? or Do you Need More Information?

Go ahead and book your cosmetic eyeliner procedure / consult a local technician regarding laser eyeliner tattoo removal, or continue learning about micropigmentation procedures and costs, viewing before and after pictures / videos, understanding more about eyeliner tattoo aftercare and discovering who is not an appropriate candidate for a permanent eyeliner tattoo or other permanent makeup procedures, find out about tattoo eyeliner risks for individuals on certain medications, and view yet another innovative eyeliner tattoo procedure called the Slope Technique developed by Dr. Linda Dixon, by following the complete series:

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