Laser Facial Hair Removal Cost, Side Effects, Safety and Results

Effective facial hair removal for men and women. Permanently eliminate unwanted facial hair with state-of-the-art laser and IPL (pulsed light) technology and RF (radio frequency. No more shaving! No more ingrown facial hairs! No more waxing, sugaring or tweezing!

Affordable personal services by specialists in laser facial hair removal will assess your specific skin tone, hair color and medical history to choose the hair removal treatment that will be safe, effective and produce the best results in your particular case. Whether you’re fair skinned with dark hair, light skinned with blond hair or dark skinned with dark hair, laser hair removal results are now excellent.

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

When comparing electrolysis to hair removal by laser, clients find that lasers are faster per session, less painful, and require only six to eight treatments to be hair-free. Spacing each hair removal laser treatment about two months apart means that in a year you can be rid of unwanted hair forever! Half an hour – forty-five minutes every 4 to 6 weeks is all that’s required, and the appointments can be scheduled during a lunch hour because there are few side effects involved in the procedures. Most people have a slight burning sensation that can be soothed with some aloe gel, and there can be redness, followed by a bit of itching after about 3 days. The side effects are minimal in most cases, it’s rare that infection should set in or that scarring should occur. However, the outcome will depend partly on your own medical history and skin type, as well as what equipment is chosen Discuss the specific risks that you may face with your certified laser hair reduction specialist.

Is Laser Hair Removal Cost within Your Budget?

Facial hair removal for women is the least expensive laser hair reduction treatment available, so it’s probably within your budget if you do a little planning in advance. Treatments start around $100 to $150 per session and the average cost is about $300 for more extensive full face procedures. There are packaged deals to remove upper lip, chin and eyebrow hair for as little as $400 to $600 including all treatments.

Types of Equipment and Laser Hair Removal Safety

To some degree the cost of treatments as well as the safety required will depend on what type of equipment will be used. There are IPL systems that use intense pulsed light, some which are less painful than others and some which are better for certain types of hair and skin tone combinations. There are the YAG laser hair removal systems that that can treat darker skin tones and really coarse hair types. On the eyebrow and fine areas, your technician may recommend to remove your facial hair using the latest Diode laser equipment that can get tough hairs in tight places. There are also combination laser and radio frequency devices that can eliminate body and facial hair on most of the different skin types.

All the machines and devices used in the top certified MedSpa centers, and laser clinics that remove unwanted facial hair and offer other cosmetic laser surgery procedures, are safe when used by the expertly qualified technicians and medical professionals who administer the treatments.

What’s the New Elos Laser Hair Removal Treatment About?

Elos laser hair removal is good option to consider. Why? Because the Elos laser hair removal systems offer efficiency of removal in all skin types, speed of treatments, safety and exceptionally good results no matter where you fall on the Fitzpatrick chart. It’s about what Elos calls Vortex heating which targets the follicle and destroys it, first with laser heat, then with radio frequencies that penetrates deep into the hair follicle.

Specialists who have laser hair removal certification will be able to recommend the best permanent facial hair removal technique, and equipment, for YOUR hair type. This must be done in person, which is why all reputable clinics offer a free initial consultation. Every hair type and medical history is unique, therefore laser hair removal information acquired online is only designed to give patients a general overview of what to expect and help them formulate the right questions to ask their dermatologist, physician, plastic surgeon, cosmetician or laser technician.

Based on what hair removal experts around the world are saying, what doctors and scientists are discovering while testing devices, and based on patient satisfaction, we recommend laser facial hair removal that combines RF (radio frequencies) and laser. Radio frequencies tend to reduce side effects, is more effective in eliminating hair in different skin types / hair categories, and usually minimizes the burning sensation, redness, swelling and soreness that may result from laser treatments alone. Ask your specialist if they have the eLight equipment that uses the latest elos technology.

For more information regarding procedure prices and specific clinics such as laser hair removal NYC centers, specialists in Chicago, Boston and other parts of the United States, please refer to the post about the cost of laser hair removal. For details pertaining to equipment, types of lasers browse permanent laser hair removal articles that we offer for free. If you have questions regarding other cosmetic laser surgery procedures and treatments such as cellulite removal or are wondering whether tattoo removal cream is as affective as laser and RF treatments, please consult our other informative guides.

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