Natural Laxatives to Lose Weight While Cleansing

Body cleansing may include using natural laxative teas and fiber supplements to help get the bowels moving regularly. Here are what natural weight loss therapist recommend regarding laxatives to lose weight that are safe and effective while you cleanse your body.

1. Senna Leaf Tea

Number ONE laxatives to lose weight and cleanse start with the most potent of natural ingredients: Senna also called cassia angustifolia. This is a powerful and effective laxative that works safely in combination with most detoxification programs.

It’s recommended to drink the Senna leaf tea at bedtime in order to have bowel action first thing in the morning. If taken during the day, it will usually take effect in an hour or two. Please be aware that many people experience cramping and tummy / intestinal gurgling, especially the first time. This doesn’t mean it’s harmful, but it can be uncomfortable, and you should be at home (with bathroom access) when you use this product.

Please note: using laxatives to lose weight without changing your diet, undergoing a whole colon cleanse or as part of a program to detoxify the body (with laxatives as PART of the process) is not recommended. Long-term use of bowel stimulating products, even natural ones like Senna leaf tea, is NOT recommended.

2. Psyllium Husk Capsules

The reason that many people become constipated is due to dehydration and a lack of fiber to help the elimination process. Drinking 2 liters of water a day and taking natural psylium husk capsules will help. Taking laxatives to lose weight should be accompanied by vegetable juice cleansing, increased water intake, and supplements that contain flax, psylium husk, oak bran and other fiber-rich ingredients. The capsules can be taken to stimulate the bowels and will usually act within a twelve to seventy two hour time span, but should be taken only when needed. However, a drink of flax and psylium husk in warm water is okay to take every morning to help keep regular and maintain colon health. Taking natural laxatives should be part of your overall weight loss program – not the only part. Please consult posts on how to start a juice diet or a detox cleanse diet to solve your constipation problem and get healthier overall.

3. Taraxacum Officinale – Dandelion Root

If you’re looking for the best laxatives to lose weight that are all natural and will not only get your bowels moving but also help detoxify the body, you should consider this simple remedy that also purifies the blood and is well-known as a tonic for the liver / kidneys. Yes, the root of the common dandelion, when taken in liquid or powder form, will stimulate the body to produce bile and therefore improve elimination. The leaves are also known for their diuretic properties, so you can make yourself a large dandelion salad, too. Dandelion is generally a supplement you can consider adding to any detoxification program because it’s full of ingredients to help boost the immune system, regulate blood pressure, help with anemia and in general aid the digestive system to function smoothly. For relief from constipation, or as part of a full body detoxification program, try adding six to twelve drops of dandelion root tincture (liquid) in tea, a glass of water or fresh juice. For purposes of weight loss and establishing regular elimination cycles, the drops may be taken 3 times a day, along with a juice diet, lots of water and sufficient fiber.

For more information on how to safely lose weight in a week or two, please consult related posts that deal with losing belly fat and low calorie foods as well as complete cleanse diet programs and how to safely undergo a water diet detox.

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