Learn How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Keep it OFF

One possible side effect of hormonal changes during menopause is a shifting of where fatty deposits accumulate – from the usual problem areas (thighs, buttocks and hips) to the abdominal region. An increase in belly fat (and a thickening of the waist) is one of the premenopausal symptoms (and post menopausal problems) that affects millions of mature women due, in part, to their metabolism slowing down. The aesthetic effects of having belly fat are only one of the problems. By the time such deposits are visible in the waistlines, there’s fat accumulating around the organs, making women more prone to high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, problems with the gallbladder, and even breast cancer. Fatty deposits in the abdomen may pose an additional health threat because cells may be the type that store and release hormones (such as estrogen) or may contribute to insulin resistance. Where does this fat come from? What can you do to eliminate it?

Excuses…Excuses…Stop Blaming Belly Fat on Heredity and Hormones

Deposits in the abdomen are more accurately termed “visceral fat”, and in some cases may be clinically called “central obesity”. To learn how to lose belly fat FAST and effectively, it’s important to understand what causes it. Although there may be genetic factors involved, and changing hormones may contribute to visceral fat in women, it’s a grave mistake to blame belly fat entirely on genetics / heredity, or for menopausal women to put all the blame on hormones, and resign themselves to poor health and unshapely figures. Why? Because the main cause of visceral fat, central obesity or belly fat is overeating and leading a sedentary lifestyle. Although a person may be genetically predisposed to obesity, and hormones may affect the re-distribution of body fat, the FAT must come from somewhere in order to accumulate or be redistributed. Body fat is not manufactured in the body by breathing air – it comes from what you eat. If you don’t eat more food than what your body requires, fat will not be stored in your belly, or anywhere else.

Diets and Belly Fat Exercise Myths

1. Spot Exercises – Advice on how to lose belly fat fast is abundant, but many “belly fat buster secrets” are based on the theory that you need to BURN belly fat by doing specific abdominal exercises – sometimes called “spot exercises” – loosely referring to a variety of sit-up type movements designed to BUST belly fat. While sit-ups and abdominal workouts are definitely beneficial to strengthen muscles and develop a shapely abdomen once there is no fat, experts agree that sit-ups and non-aerobic workouts will not effectively eliminate belly fat.

2. Fat Burning Foods – The other misconception on how to lose belly fat fast is to eat more fat burning foods like chicken, pork, fish, turkey and drinking milk. While it’s better to eat a lean turkey breast sandwich than a greasy hamburger, neither are going to help you burn fat belly very quickly. Additionally, dairy products are mucous causing agents – not the best way to get calcium to lose weight.

Cleanse Your Body and Lose Belly Fat

Experts who have spent their lives studying how to lose belly fat fast and naturally, advocate whole body cleansing – using water, herbs, and fresh vegetable juice to help the lymphatic and circulatory system, as well as the digestive tract, effectively eliminate waste and toxins in an efficient manner. To reduce belly fat, the body must be able to eliminate waste. To learn fast weight loss tips recommended by natural colon cleanse experts consult the related post that describes how to structure a cleanse diet to suit your personal needs.

Five Simple Weight loss Guidelines for Women

Women who are experiencing premenopausal symptoms and are concerned about the effects of hormone imbalances and weight gain, who worry about how a slower metabolism will affect their midriff and want to retain a more youthful, healthful, slender appearance (as well as boost energy levels), would do well to consider a juice diet or a few days on a water diet detoxification program.

In order to counteract some of the effects of the aging process, eliminate the problems associated with hormonal changes and curb possible visceral fat accumulation, women can follow these five simple guidelines:

  1. drink at least 2 liters of filtered or bottled water a day (add a couple teaspoons of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar during a 7 day detox cleanse)
  2. eliminate dairy, animal fat and refined sugars, carbohydrates and packaged foods
  3. drink fresh raw vegetable juice and eat only high water content foods (get ideas for juicer recipes in a related article)
  4. get a professional massage as often as possible to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage and do a daily self-massage in problem areas – abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks. (find out specific ways to get rid of cellulite in the related topic)
  5. schedule time for at least one activity that involves movement – walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, a yoga class – whatever is pleasurable. Exercise shouldn’t be torture or add stress to your life. Don’t focus on losing belly fat but focus on your ENTIRE body and your tummy will naturally become fat free when all its parts are in balance and working optimally.

If you feel that changing dietary habits in your current environment will be too challenging, consider a cleanse diet program at a detox / wellness center abroad. For more information on places to detoxify the body in Thailand, consult what people are saying in colon cleanse reviews. Discover the best and most affordable whole body cleansing retreats in Phuket, Ko Samui and other places in Thailand.

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