Lipo 6 Review – Is It a Safe Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss and Body Building?

LIPO-6X – the newest fat burning capsule by Nutrex Research is designed for those who want to build lean muscle. The Lipo 6 capsules release their ingredients in two phases to provide rapid fat burning elements immediately as well as a time-released dosage. Many men and women looking for a fast weight loss system, an effective weight loss pill or a means to boost metabolism are wondering if the Lipo 6 capsules actually work to burn fat, and if so, are they a safe dietary supplement?

There’s evidence that lipo 6 works for building lean muscle, for burning fat during and after work outs, and for stimulating the body’s metabolism. The question remains:

Is Lipo 6 or Lipo 6X a safe dietary supplement for health conscious individuals?

To decide if it’s safe for you, here are the ingredients and how they work. Nutrex Research, the manufacturer of the Anabol 5, Ignite, LIPO 6 (for men), LIPO-6X, LIPO 6 HERS (for women), Mass XXplosion, Niox, Pro-Gram, Vitrix, and Volu-Gro do not hide the ingredients in their products and are open about how these work to burn body fat. Here are the ingredients in the Liop 6 X capsules and comments on possible side effects.

LIPO 6 and Synephrine

Lipo 6 contains synephrine, which is related to the restricted (in some places illegal) drug known as ephedrine. The reason synephrine’s cousin ephedrine is restricted is because it can be used in the making methamphetamines and also because its side effects. Synephrine is known to cause cardiovascular stimulation that can trigger an increase in blood pressure and lead to arrhythmia and cardiac arrest. Synephrine, being related to ephedrine, produces similar side effects.

Yohimbine Blood Stimulation and Alpha Blocking

The second ingredient in the Lipo 6 fat burning capsules is yohimbine, touted as a rapid weight loss aid because it stimulates blood flow, acts as an alpha blocker and impedes the adipose tissue from storing fat. What is yohimbine? It’s an alkaloid blood flow stimulant commonly used as a male aphrodisiac and to treat male sexual impotence. It promotes circulation, and although the amount of yohimbine in products like Lipo 6 is probably not sufficient to induce serious side effects, in higher doses it can cause over-stimulation of the cardiovascular system, leading to insomnia, dizziness, panic attacks and in some cases seizures and complications including renal failure.

Caffeine and Thyroid Metabolic Regulator

The other ingredients in the Lipo 6 X dietary supplement include synthetic acacia, phenylethylamine, tyramine, hordenine, caffeine and E & Z guggulsterones – a thyroid stimulant that increases the body’s metabolic rate and acts as a hormone regulator.

Who Can Take LIPO 6?

If you choose to use the LIPO 6 or LIPO 6X, you should be aware that the ingredients are designed to burn fat and aid in muscle growth for serious body builders and pro athletes. People who are concerned with obtaining lean body mass, and understand the risks involved in taking products that stimulate the body into becoming a fat burning /muscle building machine, may take the Lipo 6 supplements.

Men and women who prefer to lose weight slowly using herbal supplements, or are interested in a detox cleanse or colon cleansing product, may refer to other posts that discuss the best diet pills (natural ones from Brazil) and weight loss tips for shedding pounds in a healthy way.

PS: If you’ve been considering the HCG diet and injections, please read the post on this subject before deciding if it’s right for you.

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I have tried many weight loss, fat burner, muscle building pill products in the market for the past 8 years and the Dr Max Powers BURN got to be the best one out there for men. I’ve tried Hydroxycut, Dexatrim and various others you can find at a GNC. The Dr Max Powers Burn has got to be best and fastest way to lower body fat percentage and develop toned muscles.

Of course, a good food plan and regular exercise or an active lifestyle are necessary, but when I tried this lifestyle with other products, it did not deliver the results I wanted.

I have muscles and less than 18% body fat percentage. So yes! I highly recommend the Dr Max Powers Burn and it will work if you stay committed to your exercise and diet plans and follow its instructions.

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