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What’s Liposelection / UltrasonicLipo / VASER Lipo About ?

The best high-tech liposculpture techniques are not like the old body sculpting liposuction procedures but a revolutionary process known as vaser lipo or the patented process called Liposelection, which is in fact ultrasonic liposuction. Lipo Selection done through VASER is unique because it shapes the body contours by eliminating only the fat cells that must be removed to give you a better shape, not all the tissue, vessels, nerves and cells in the area. How? It melts fat in very specific targeted areas such as the abdomen, the hips, inner and outer thighs, the knees and arms as well as under the chin and in the neck region.

Why Choose Ultrasonic Liposuction Such as The Vaser Laser Lipo Treatments

Previously liposuction for men and women was an arduous procedure if things like love handles needed to be eliminated, but now vaser lipo can target selective areas without harming or affecting the surrounding nerves, vessels and tissue so that the procedure is not only faster, more effective in the places that are actually a problem, but also less painful and usually allows a patient to recover quickly because the procedure has done less damage.

Ultrasonic lipo or liposelection is differentiated from traditional plastic surgery liposuction specifically because of the way in which the lasers, guided ultrasonically, selectively target ONLY fat cells and not the connective tissue or delicate blood vessels.

What does this mean for a patient? It means the whole operation is gentler, less invasive, accomplished with less bleeding, less damage to skin and tissue, and resulting in much smoother and shapelier contours.

Body Sculpting Liposuction Procedure using Vaser lipo Technology

Liposelection or vaser lipo procedures can be done quite quickly. Depending on the target area, such as a small chin lipo procedure versus complete body contouring, the operating time can be as little as an hour, and more complicated procedures can take only three hours. You need local anesthesia, not full sedation, and then a solution will be administered to the region to be treated similar to how tumescent liposuction is done – with a saline based formula that also has a numbing affect, which also minimizes trauma by helping to stop the loss of blood and lessen bruising. The saline solution is a means to make it easier to melt the fatty cells using probes with ultrasonic frequencies. There will be incisions made through which the solution and the probes will enter, however they are small and tend to heal quickly.

Liposelction Ultrasonic Liposuction Recovery

Liposculpture using the latest ultrasonic lipo techniques will allow patients to recover within about a week. Although there will be some soreness and discomfort during the healing process, most patients are able to resume normal routines within 7 – 10 days and in many cases sooner. When it comes to liposculpture or liposuction procedures, the liposelection surgery is one of the most effective fat removal systems available today.

The top body sculpting liposuction clinics around the world, from London to New York and Los Angeles are offering patients this unique cosmetic surgery alternative to replace more invasive and dangerous liposuction abdomen procedures and the traditional tumescent liposuction that can take much longer to recover from.

What are the Differences Between Ultrasonic Liposuction, Smart Lipo, Laser Lipo, Laser Lipolysis, Lipodissolve and Liposelection?

Terminology for the various body sculpting liposuction procedures can be very confusing for anyone outside the medical profession. Anything that has to do with “fat” removal or body contouring that targets fatty cells in some way will use the term “lipo” because it pertains to fat, be it removal, modeling or manipulating in some way.

UAL – Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction

The clinical term for Ultrasonic Liposuction is Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction and is abbreviated as UAL. It is still liposuction except that it utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to melt fat using a cannula or rod that is inserted into subcutaneous layers of fat deposits and thereby delivering vibrations and thermal energy to break up and melt such deposits.

The original methods that were called UAL or ultrasound assisted lipoplasty were found to be not as safe or effective as tumescent liposuction especially micro liposuction that used tiny micro cannulas. However, there are two types: an invasive ultrasonic procedure and one that is non invasive liposuction whereby the energy is administered outwardly without piercing the skin or injecting anything into the subcutaneous layers of fat.

Smart Lipo versus Vaser Lipo and other Laser Proceedures

SmartLipo is a trademark of a technique and equipment that has been approved by the FDA for about four years and is a procedure that melts fat which is later drained or suctioned out through incisions.

It’s similar to other trademarked techniques and equipment like CoolLipo laser lipolysis, and the main differences pertain to the wavelength used to melt the fat.

ProLipo, SmartLipo, Vaser lipo and liposelection are trademarked words that describe similar procedures using a variety of types of high-tech ultrasonic and laser equipment.


Of all the terms, the one that doesn’t belong in the category of ultrasonic and high-tech procedures is Lipodissolve. Why? Because it doesn’t fall into the category of liposculpture or body sculpting liposuction that pertains to plastic and reconstructive surgery, but rather is an alternative (purportedly natural) formulation of a mesotherapy injection, which may be considered a type of non invasive liposuction, but is not the most high-tech solution, and in light of much controversy, may be not as safe as other mesotherapy micro-injection formulations. For more information on the many mesotherapy preparations and treatments that may be alternatives, please consult the mesotherapy post in this website.

Where to go for laser liposculpture, how to find liposuction doctors and board certified plastic surgeons, how to select a good cosmetic surgery centre and liposculpture prices in the United States…

There are many liposuction doctors and board certified plastic surgeons in your area, however here are just a few you may want to investigate further:

  1. liposculpture Houston—for Laser Lipo try Dr. John Bergeron
  2. Laser Lipo NJ try Dr. Mitchell Chasin /Livingston New Jersey
  3. Dr. Jafer Joffrey, operates in Schaumburg, IL and does aser liposculpture
  4. Dr. Alexander Covey, for Laser Lipo New York City
  5. Dr Ronit Adler is one of the liposuction doctors for laser lipo New York
  6. Dr. Edmond Zingaro operates a laser lipo cosmetic surgery center in Sacramento, CA

Average Laser Liposuction Prices

Here’s the liposculpture cost analysis that only confirms you need to get a quote in person. Why? Because cosmetic surgery prices, especially the latest laser liposuction prices, vary so much from region to region, and from procedure to procedure, that you can’t budget without going for a consultation. Nevertheless, here are some average liposculpture prices:

  1. On the low end, laser liposculpture cost starts at about $2,700.
  2. Midrange liposculpture prices fall between $3,700 and $4,800
  3. High-end costs range from $6,000 to $8,000 for extensive work

For more liposuction prices please refer to the post that offers a guide to cheap liposuction and ultrasonic lipo clinics. However, please be aware that all cosmetic surgery prices are intended as a budgeting guide. Exact costs must be consulted in person, especially if you’ll require liposuction financing tailored to your individual needs.

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