Why Losing Belly Fat is a Challenge

Losing belly fat is a challenge because visceral fat is comprised partly of adipose tissue and may be more obvious as a result of hormonal changes that cause the body to shift distributing body fat to the hips, thighs or buttocks (in women) in favor of the abdomen. Central obesity is also thought to be caused by certain genetic factors, but is not something to merely be passed-off as “heredity” and therefore “unavoidable” because it may contribute to insulin resistance (leading to type II diabetes), and may also be a sign that fat is being stored around vital organs, which may lead to cardiovascular problems.

No matter how it’s analyzed, what name this particular fat is given, or what factors appear to contribute to it accumulating in the abdominal region, it’s still a form of body fat – a source of fuel that the body has decided to store because it’s been unable to burn it, flush it out through elimination channels or utilize because there’s simply too much.

The Heredity and Hormone Excuse

Many excuses for not losing belly fat are based on accurate information regarding heredity and genetic predisposition toward abdominal deposits and the propensity women have toward gaining a tummy during the menopausal years when hormones change. But…there’s another fact that’s overlooked. Fat is stored simply because too much of it exists in the body. Hormones and genetics will not auto-generate belly fat from thin air if the ingredients to produce deposits are not fed to the body or if the fuel the body uses equals the fuel it is given.

Individuals interested in losing belly fat must:

  1. Stop overeating. Stop giving the body ingredients it will convert to stored fat
  2. Burn the fuel the body is given by leading a less sedentary life – being more active
  3. Giving the body the nutrients and fluids it needs to eliminate waste effectively

Overall Body Fat

Despite all the information about losing belly fat through intense abdominal workouts, the real secret to a flat abdomen is losing OVERALL body fat by not consuming fat generating foods, stimulating circulation with healthy cardio activity, and hydrating the body sufficiently to allow regular elimination of waste.

Cleanse and Balance the Body

Learn how to reduce body fat through an initial body cleansing program which can also help balance hormonal levels, boost the immune system, balance blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Then, learn how to maintain a healthy body fat ratio by eating primarily nutrient rich low calorie foods such as fresh raw vegetables, juices, fiber and increasing liquids. Losing belly fat may seem different than losing fat elsewhere, but it’s the same process. When the ENTIRE body is balanced, optimally hydrated, regularly able to eliminate waste, not being inundated with animal fat, mucus causing dairy, simple carbohydrates and overly rich proteins, it will cease to store unwanted fat around internal organs, in subcutaneous layers in the hips and thighs, and also in the abdominal cavity.

Find more information about how to cleanse your body in related posts. Start a body cleansing program at home with tips and suggestions provided by experts in colon and liver cleansing therapies. Detoxify the body from head to toe and watch your belly become flatter, your energy increase and your overall vitality increase!

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