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Mesotherapy injections: Facts about the Procedure; Prices; Lipodissolve Side Effects and Risks; what Mesotherapy doctors offer; Patient Reviews; Effectiveness in Cellulite Reduction and Suggestions for Getting Rid of Cellulite and other beauty treatments.

Amongst controversy, and FDA consumer warnings that revolve around the lipodissolve injections that are part of the mesotherapy procedure, the treatments continue to be a popular choice for controlling unwanted fatty deposits and resistant cellulites, especially in the abdomen, legs and arms. But first…

What is Mesotherapy? What are Lipodissolve Injections?

injection in a women's legLipodissolve can be a mixture of several ingredients, although it seems to commonly have a large percentage of something called phosphatidylcholine. It’s been shortened to PCDC. Here’s what it actually is:

It is said that PCDC is part of every cell of our bodies. In fact, it may comprise a majority of our human cell structure, although it becomes depleted over time, as we age. When you’re in a health food store and see products that contain lecithin (sometimes derived from soy beans, egg yolk or plant extracts), they contain phosphatidylcholine. People  take these products orally in an effort to maintain youthfulness, since it is thought to help rejuvenate cell membranes. LECITHIN, which comprises the PC part of PCDC, is a Greek word meaning egg yolk, and is also well-known as a thick amber colored substance from plants and animals, which is sold in jars and taken by the spoonful by some people who believe it may help tissue, cells, bones, joints, flexibility and all sorts of other ailments that occur due to the aging process. phosphatidylHowever, Phosphatidylcholine used in lipodissolve also contains sodium taurocholate for its lipophilic properties. What are we talking about? In this case we’re starting to get closer to the word “Lipo”, which means something that is able to dissolve fat – fat being known technically as a lipid. Okay, so how can one fatty lipid help get rid of another? Well, it’s known that what is “lipophilic” in other words fatty, can dissolve other fatty or lipophilic substances, whereas water will not (water being considered hydrophilic). So, getting back to what makes up a lipodissolve injection, it’s a PCDC or a fatty substance that  should, technically, dissolve another fatty substance inside the cellular structure of the human body.

Let’s say this in a clearer way: Lipodissolve is (which is lipophilic) is injected into the fatty cells of the body to supposedly help to dissolve stubborn fat at a cellular level. It’s sort of like using petroleum based detergent to dissolve kitchen grease. mesotherapyHowever, some of the injected ingredients are things like aminophyilline, which is also used as an oral treatment for bronchial problems and emphysema, also claimed to have the ability to dissolve cellular deposits of fat. It is a common ingredient in over-the-counter cellulite creams as well. Many injections also contain vitamins, as simple as vitamin C, and other cell rejuvenating ingredients like collagenases which are enzymes that break down certain collagen bonds. Another ingredient may be lipoic acid, which is widely sold as an over-the-counter antioxidant and nutritional supplement that is said to help produce enzymes that promote detoxification.

mesotherapy Chinese herbalAnother common ingredient in the mesotherapy injections is Ginkgo Biloba, a traditional Chinese herbal extract that is famous as a supplement to aid memory loss and promote alertness and increased short-term memory. In the west, ginkgo is considered controversial. Although recognized for improving memory and reducing fatigue, it is also said to improve blood circulation and repair cell damage as well as reduce blood clotting. But miraculous as it may seem for some ailments, certain ginkgo side affects, which can include increased bleeding, heart palpitations, and gastrointestinal problems, make it contraindicated for use in patients with severe circulatory disorders or anyone who takes antidepressants amongst other things. Due to it’s anticoagulant properties, this ingredient needs to be seriously discussed with a physician who knows your medical history before considering having it injecting directly into your body.

The Origins of This Controversial Cellulite Removal Treatment

This is not a new process. It’s been around for a while, outside of the US. To start with a French pharmacist correctly labeled his discover of phosphatidylcholine in 1874. It was another French researcher, Dr. Michel Pistor, who began mesotherapy as a procedure that involved dermal injections in people during the years 1948 –1952, receiving recognition as a medical specialty from the French Academy of Medicine in the late 1980’s. mesotherapy injectionSince then, mesotherapy doctors have opened practices around the world, offering a non-surgical alternative to the more invasive liposuction treatments. It is known as a cellulite treatment, although in the US, the FDA has neither evaluated nor approved the fat elimination effectiveness or the safety of the ingredients that make up lipodissolve or other solutions and ingredients often used in the therapy, and therefore remains controversial. It is therefore up to each patient to decide, with a medical expert, what the injections should contain based on a patient’s medical history and desired results, and for the patient to decide if the benefits outweigh the risks.

Mesotherapy Procedure, Prices, Risks and Side Effects

mesotherapy man & womanAside from the ingredients spoken about above, microinjections for each patient may be custom formulated for specific needs, often incorporating vitamins and essential amino acids to treat a variety of skin conditions, not only cellulites or fatty deposits. Small injections into what is known as the mesoderm, the germ or middle layer of the skin, are used in order to help in the rejuvenation process. Some clinics and doctors offer a variety of treatments that enhance the appearance or the effects of aging, and these may include procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, lines, stretch marks, acne, and is sometimes used in conjunction with other formulations such as Botox and other cosmetic enhancement therapies to give a patient an overall refreshing or rejuvenating look. There are also some clinics that promote microinjections as means to reduce hair loss, primarily as means to stimulate circulation and therefore help stimulate growth.


Mesotherapy prices start at around $200, although some single injections can be about $300. Remember that a series of them will be required, or at least will be suggested by most professionals. It can cost up to $600 a treatment depending on what is involved and what formula is used for the microinjection in a specific patient’s case. If you get a series of 10 injections, for example, the therapy will cost between $2,000 and $6,000, and this often depends on the reputation, experience, training and demonstrated success rate of the professionals offering the therapy.


mesotherapy risksSmall issues, risks and side effects start with a stinging or burning sensation immediately after the injections that usually lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or longer. There will be swelling, and it is common for this to persist for 5 days or a week, sometimes longer. Most patients say they are very sore and some have extreme discomfort, however, unless there is infection, these conditions are temporary. There have been observed some cases where patients notice skin discoloration, sometimes an unevenness, which doctors may later treat with a chemical peel.

The biggest issues that patients report are very serious indeed. The problem is that there are conclusive or concrete clinical studies that have been conducted in the US to confirm or deny if the cases that left permanent scars or deformed the skin, or left knots that remained undissolved, are isolated or a norm that makes the procedure unsafe. However, it must be noted that clinics around the world have been doing the procedures since the 1950’s,  run by medical practitioners. There have been cases where patients have complained of being unhappy with the results, and as in all procedures, including things like eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup, there have been horror stories. However, during the course of about 70 years, since this treatment began, it would seem that sufficient time has elapsed to allow the public to put a stop to it, and simply NOT go for these therapies if it was causing more deformities and heartache than benefit. Perhaps the biggest question isn’t about deformation and infection, but whether or not it’s actually effective against cellulite deposits and fat. Does it really work?  Or….

Is It Just Wishful Thinking?

mesotherapy wishful thinkingAre we so addicted to the idea of eternal youth, and maintaining beautiful perfect bodies at any cost, that we’re willing to undergo procedures that sting, burn, cause swelling and put us at risk for infection without there being anything more than a placebo effect?

We can’t give you an answer because, as stated above, there are no clinical studies to report finding either way. All we can say is that hundreds of doctors who specialize in the field claim that after as few as 10 treatments, a patient may be able to reduce a couple of inches or more of fat, diminish dimples which are caused by cellulite on hips and thighs, and even, perhaps, shed a pound of fat in a single week. Fact or fiction? Many patients report that these claims are true. The best way to determine mesotherapy results is to consult a doctor in your area, view before and after pictures, discuss your personal needs and expectations and see for yourself.

Professional Beauty Treatments, Plastic Surgery, Micropigmentation and Facial Hair Removal Information

mesotherapyFrom fat dissolving injections, lip pumping treatments, and tummy tuck plastic surgery operations to permanent cosmetic micropigmentation procedures that replace makeup around the eyes, the lips and even create Perfect Eyebrows, we offer information you need to begin considering if these beauty enhancement techniques are right for you.

We also discuss Facial Hair Removal equipment and give detailed instruction on Eyebrow Waxing. If you have had an Eyebrow Tattoo procedure that was not successful and search for Eyebrow Tattoo Removal in such DIY removal creams like Wrecking Balm, we give specific advice pertaining to the product. Before attempting to use any home tattoo removal products on your face, please read the facts we present and consult your medical practitioner.

Important Note:

We DO NOT offer suggestions or recommendations in order to replace the advice of a medical expert who you trust in the various fields of expertise which we describe in these posts. In fact, we strongly encourage you to CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR, plastic surgeon, aesthetician or technician in all matters pertaining to any procedures or treatments that concern your health or wellbeing, even if they are considered beauty aids. In these posts, we offer basic information to help you consider some aspects you may not have thought about, but will now discuss openly with your doctor or specialist BEFORE having any cosmetic treatment or beauty enhancing procedure that is any way invasive or controversial. For detailed information o the latest developments consult the American Board of Mesotherapy at abameso dot org.

Here’s a little more information:

Watch the video about Mesotherapy from the CBS Channel 2 Los Angeles news feature:

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A very informative video created by Vitamin Junkies explains the treatment and health aspects as well as an actual live meso treatment to the abdomen of a patient in the segment, Burning Fat: Body Sculpting with MesoTherapy:

Lipo Injections for Getting Rid of Cellulite – from Epione Beverly Hills

If you’re searching for specific terms and clinics where you can have cellulite reducing treatments, you may want to try using the word: OptiLipo, which is patented system used by the famous Epione Beverly Hills  in their “trans-dermal acoustic therapy” also simplified as TAT. It is a treatment that similarly injects natural extracts into the skin to treat problems with cellulite and aid in fat reduction and various rejuvenation techniques which are used in a variety of areas of the body.

Who is Epione?

They began in 1995 and are one of the top laser and aesthetic surgery centers located in Beverly Hills California. They offer sculpting and body treatments using state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified professionals in a high-end clinical environment. You may view a variety of procedures including mesotherapy before and after pictures and find out more about the pros and cons of specific treatments.

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