Natural Colon Health and Whole Body Cleansing Therapies

Whole body cleansing; detoxify the body with a colon and liver cleanse; lose weight; reduce cellulite; increase energy; rejuvenate skin; regulate blood pressure; minimize allergies; alleviate diabetic symptoms; release stress and regain emotional balance; restore vitality by learning how to cleanse your body at home or with the help of specialists that offer herbal preparations, juice fasts and colonic irrigation (colema). Cleanse your body at home with simple formulas that require about 10 days, or choose a detox center to guide your personalized body cleanse every step of the way.

Part 1. How to cleanse your body naturally and safely at home

This is not a faddish celebrity detox colon cleanse, but it’s the best colon cleanse, liver purifier and general immune system boosting program you’re likely to find. This complete body cleansing system is based on elderberry extract (also called Sambucus) and water. It’s simple and effective, doesn’t leave you feeling hungry, and requires about 10 days to offer rejuvenation effects in your entire body. The recommended natural cleanse and diet suggestions will be explained in part 2, but first, why is elderberry so effective as a body cleansing aid?

Elderberry Extract Whole Body Cleanse and Immune System Booster

Elderberry offers a whole body cleanse because it strengthens the immune system almost immediately. Elderberry extract has been clinically studied and findings have been published in places like the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine. What these studies have proven is that over 90% of participants with influenza where completely free of symptoms after only 2 days taking elderberry extract. This means that the body’s ability to heal itself, by receiving an immunological boost, was almost instant. Further evidence of how effective elderberry extract can be, is found in Panama. In the late 90’s, a flu epidemic broke out, and it was elderberry (known in Spanish as Baya de Sauco) that helped bring the epidemic under control. What does a cure for influenza have to do with a means to detoxify the body?

What’s the connection between detoxing and the immune system?

Many body cleansing products and therapies focus strictly on the colon and liver, however it’s important to note that one of the reasons a body stores toxins (in the cells, in subcutaneous fatty deposits and in the colon, bladder, kidneys, liver and other organs), is because the natural immune system, elimination cycles and detoxification functions are not working optimally in the ENTIRE body. If a body is unhealthy it will store or build-up waste that it’s unable to eliminate. An unhealthy body will use its energy to simply “survive” which equals fighting infections, colds, flue, bacterial and viral attacks, as well as processing high protein /carbohydrate diets (which require a great deal of energy to digest) so the body doesn’t have the vitality to get rid of toxins and waste matter – so it stores them saying to itself, “I’ll deal with them later, when I have more energy.”

The sad reality is that many bodies never get a chance to eliminate their toxic stored-up supplies because they’re not given the tools to do it – not able to free-up enough energy while operating with insufficient fluids, battling with a low immune system, struggling to fend-off disease / infections while digesting food. And so, the cycle continues…

When the immune system is functioning optimally, the body begins to allocate energy to the process of stored waste elimination. How does elderberry help?

Elderberry juice not only boosts the immune system, helps to lower cholesterol levels, acts as an antibacterial and antiviral infection fighter due to the presence of bioflavonoids (called quercetin), but is also rich in amino acids, antioxidants, high in vitamin A, B and C, and has a gentle diuretic effect. The diuretic action aids in cleansing the colon, kidneys, liver, bladder, urinary tract and encourages detoxification – naturally, gently, with almost no discomfort.

The presence of carotenoids and natural sugars in elderberry extract provides a satisfying balance of glucose for energy (without leaving you feeling hungry) and the basis for cell rejuvenation and overall healing. Not only does elderberry offer a means to cleanse, purify, eliminate toxins, but is a recognized means to treat such serious immunological disorders such as HIV and Lupus, as well as offer help to fight cancer and provide relief from diabetic symptoms. Studies indicate that the high levels of anthocyanins found in elderberry are what account for the body’s ability to produce cytokines (proteins responsible for fighting disease) and therefore has a better overall defense mechanism.

Elderberry helps reduce cholesterol and regulate blood pressure thereby improving cardiovascular functions. That’s what a WHOLE body cleansing formula should offer – a means to detoxify the ENTIRE body, not just one organ.

Part 2. A 10 Day Cleansing Diet Using Elderberry Extract / Juice / Syrup

Body cleansing must be simple and provide fast results. It’s not true that it’s easier to gain weight than it is to lose it. The body almost instantly rewards us with better health even when we make just a few small changes. While it may have taken years to become unhealthy, in just a few days or weeks, it’s possible to counteract much of the harm done and see immediate results – in energy.

Here is a basic body cleansing diet using elderberry extract that’s safe and highly rewarding.

We suggest the Sambu Elderberry extract and body cleansing program because it’s easy (but you can use any extract you prefer).

In Europe, elderberry extract (also called bebida de Sauco in Spain) is available under the Corpusan brand (also called Jarabe de Sauco) by Dr. Dunner, but is the same basic company as FLORA that makes the SAMBU products in North America (both are Swiss formulations). In the United States and Canada, the internal cleanse program that works as a colon cleanse as well as a detoxifier for the skin, lungs, liver and kidneys is the Sambu formula by Dr. Brunhild Zechelius.

At the Swiss Institute of Nutritional Sciences, Dr Zechelius, developed the formula using a concentrate of wild elderberry and elder flower extracts. The elder flower in addition to the berries, helps stimulate the kidney’s to cleanse themselves. The formula also helps to eliminate mucous (aiding the sinuses and respiratory tract) and the berries assist in purifying the blood, and gently act as a diuretic.

The Sambu preparation (in the kit) for detoxifying the entire body also contains birch / juniper specifically to cleanse the colon and kidneys.

If you choose to try the full body cleansing kit, you’ll find that the herbal tea included is soothing, mildly diuretic and helps with urinary tract issues.

Another product that comes with the Sambu cleansing kit is Floralax II, which delivers a daily dose of natural fiber to clean the digestive system and colon. The flax seed, psyllium husk and oat bran preparation swells and leaves you feeling full. It later acts as a laxative, very gently, with no gurgling tummy or cramps.

Getting Started – Gradually Detoxify the Body

Start with a lead-in to the full body cleansing program with fruit juices, raw veggies and water. Then, on day one of the cleanse diet you’ll take the Floralax fiber and drink the elderberry juice mixed with water. Drink it throughout the day and sip herbal tea when needed. You’ll feel a little hungry during the first day or two, but after that – hunger disappears almost entirely.

For the fastest way to cleanse your body, get rid of cellulite and build your immune system – to really detoxify the body and see fast weight loss results as well as increased energy, do the full 10 day fast (although there are also 3 or 5 day mini cleanse programs).

The elderberry juice diet is a modified fast because it’s not a basic water diet. You will drink the elderberry juice, lots of water and sip tea, but won’t eat solid food for 10 days. This is the most effective cleanse. When the ten days are over, ease back into juices, then solid foods. This isn’t just how to lose weight in a week, but a means to get started on a healthier lifestyle with vegetable juices and raw veggies.

No More Excuses!!!

The main reason people believe they will not be able to do a total body cleansing diet is due to hunger, feeling weak, needing energy to continue routines, and having uncomfortable side affects. All these are non-issues because you will NOT feel hungry after 2 or 3 days. You’ll have more energy and will NOT feel weak once you get started because the energy your body previously used to digest solid food is freed up immediately. The side effects are minimal if you begin slowly. Ease into the fast. You should have access to a toilet during the day because elimination will increase. Side affects are positive, although during the first couple days your body will expel toxins through bad breath, frequent bowel movements, and some people feel a little light headed.

How much does it cost to do the Sambu Elderberry 10 day whole body cleansing program?

The complete kit costs about $160 (but depends where you shop) and comes with EVERYTHING you need to eat or drink (except water) for the entire ten days. That’s $16 a day and no grocery shopping!

How to Cleanse Your Colon and Rejuvenate Your Entire Body at Detoxing Centers that offer Colonic Irrigation Treatments and Massage Therapy

To cleanse your body, get rid of cellulite, manage a strict juice diet or water diet, or to lose weight in a week or two and feel energized in a natural way, you may need to alter your daily routine and change your ingrained eating habits drastically, even get into a new mindset. For that reason it may be better to go to a Body Cleansing center away from home…take a detox holiday.

Cleansing Holiday

One option is to do a holiday cleanse diet in a relaxing exotic place like Thailand. Detox diets are supervised by experts; herbal / fruit preparations are fresh, and massages and colonic irrigation (called colema) are part of the daily regimen. One place to begin your whole body rejuvenation is called Atmanjai, located in Phuket – right on the beach. Receive herbal dietary supplements to lose weight, indulge in delicious natural vegetable and fruit juice, participate in yoga classes, receive personal support and counseling while staying in a relaxed atmosphere. In related posts we go into greater detail about the Atmanjai detox and natural cleansing center and how you can lose weight fast, detoxify your body and regain vigor and strength by choosing one of the many internationally acclaimed detox centers in Thailand. It’s more affordable than you might imagine!

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