Natural Detox Cleanse for Colon Health

Cleanse your body with natural colonic cleansing formulas, fresh raw food and a simple detoxing cleanse diet that works to purify your body, help you regain energy and lose weight easily and safely!

Getting Started

You want to start a detox cleanse. You know you need to begin the process with a colon cleanse so your body can effectively and naturally eliminate toxins and waste, but there are so many colon cleansing products and natural diets on the market you don’t know where to begin. The first step is to stop reading colon cleanse reviews, and DO something. One of the main reasons people fail to detoxify their body is because of an addiction, not to unhealthy foods, but to information. Stop being an information addict and take action. Here’s how:

Four Easy Steps for an Effective Detox Cleanse

  1. begin a raw food cleanse by choosing vegetables and fruits you love. Go ahead, go to the grocery store and stock up on carrots, celery, cucumber, green and red peppers, tomatoes, (even avocados are suitable for making natural dressings), garlic, sweet Spanish onions, lettuce, spinach, sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and other produce you can eat RAW.
  2. That means you won’t choose eggplant, squash, turnips, potatoes, yams or roots, beans and lentils that require cooking. Starting a raw food cleanse is not rocket science. It requires two things: having fresh raw veggies in the house and eating them. Chop, dice, mix, blend ingredients – but eat them RAW. Do this for 7 to 10 days.

  3. a juice cleanse can be done simultaneously with a raw food cleanse or on its own for a few days to purify the body and prepare for a colon detox. Juice cleanse diets are ultra simple: buy a juicer, make celery, carrot, cucumber and apple juice, amongst others. Drink 5 to 8 glasses of pure, fresh juice every day to replace meals. Drink fruit and vegetable juice separately. Do it for 3 days and you’ll stop feeling after those three days, so if you want to continue that’s fine.
  4. Now you need fiber, lots of water and something to help the colon cleansing get underway. The best colon cleanse is the one that has been working for thousands of people for over 12 years, not some new formula that’s sold on television and sponsored by celebrities and so-called gurus.

    The top natural colon cleanse that works is not expensive, but it WORKS. It’s Dr Natura’s system that has two parts, one is the Colonix formula, which is a powerful detox cleanse for the colon. The other is Toxinout, a formulation to help rid the body of heavy metals and chemicals in order to help naturally purify itself.

  5. Continue the raw food colon cleanse diet, and maximize your juice intake, while adding the Colonix fiber supplement to your plan. The Colonix body cleanse kit comes with the fiber you need while on a juice or raw food diet and also includes Paranil capsules comprised of natural purifying herbs as well as a tea called KleriTea which gets your bowls moving in the morning / throughout the day.

You can start the cleansing process and eat RAW food for a week or two as you like, but the colon cleansers should be continued for at least two months. Try to minimize the amount of cooked food you eat during the proposed two month detox cleanse, and if at all possible, eliminate all dairy and animal products, bread, rice, potatoes, carbohydrates, sweets, pastries, chocolate, coffee and alcohol. (It needn’t be forever – just while you detoxify)

How much will it cost you to follow this detox diet plan and get the colonic cleansing products from Dr Natura?

Without any doubt, your complete colon cleanse system and all the fresh vegetables you can eat during the raw food cleanse or juice cleanse will cost a lot less than what you’re currently spending to eat “normally”.

The Colonix pack, if you want just a one month supply of tea, fiber and detox herbs, costs $88 for everything. If you want to get a two month supply, which is a good deal, costs $123 and you’ll have double of everything! Three months costs $177 which means each months supply costs less than $60. I suggest going with the three month supply so you commit yourself to a colon cleanse program that will really get your body back on track and have you feeling more energetic. Even if you fall back to a few bad habits, your body will be able to deal with purifying itself for a while. It’s good to do a detox cleanse at least once a year, especially if you’re not a vegetarian and normally eat meat, dairy or animal products.

Buy a raw food recipe book for meal planning ideas, budget your grocery shopping around whole fresh foods and eliminate packaged and processed items, and see how much you save a month while detoxifying and buying all the dietary and colon cleanse supplements you need.

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so this to work you recomend to eat raw veggies and fruit for the first 7-10 days. what if i eat borchts soup once a day??? is that ok to eat while i am doing colon cleansing???

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