Natural Diets That Work

Tired of pills, packages, expensive low calorie weight loss foods, fat burning supplements, and celebrity diets that don’t work? Try Natural Diets that WORK!

The diets that work start with a detox cleanse. In 10 days to two weeks you can do an effective body cleanse that will help your colon detoxify and get you on the path to losing weight. Cleansing the colon, the liver and riding the body of build-up is not a new age fad. It’s a tried and true method of helping your body eliminate toxins that have been stored in your system, your colon, your liver and inside every cell of your body, over years of feeding it animal fat and mucous laden dairy products instead of living foods. To eliminate these toxic residues that are stopping you from shedding unwanted pounds, you must do a detox cleanse. How you do it is up to you, there are many ways that are effective. The basics are all similar:

Basic Detox Cleanse Elements

  1. drink at least 10 glasses of water a day
  2. eliminate toxic buildup in the colon with a salt cleanse, flax seed detox, or through natural herbal laxative teas, or a combination of several systems
  3. flush the colon and the entire body with water, and fresh juices
  4. do not eat food for 3 to 10 days while on a completely liquid diet
  5. slowly begin new eating habits with vegetable juices, raw food and no dairy or meat

Getting Started on One of the Diets That Work

An effective body cleanse is the Master Cleanse program that uses lemons, cayenne and maple syrup. The famous lemonade diet is one of the diets that work to detoxify the system of buildup, assist you to lose weight and regain energy.

Raw food or “living Food” diets are a sustainable means to maintain a healthy weight loss regime and turn a simple diet into a way of life after an initial cleanse. Diets that work will not just be a few days of taking some magic pills (although some natural supplements can be helpful), but a means to get you started on the road to eating healthier and drinking more raw vegetable juice, more water, and eliminating the foods that cause weight gain, a sluggish colon, lack of energy and substituting them for fat burning foods that are natural and not animal based.

Why Start with a Lemonade Diet?

It’s free. You don’t need supplements unless you want them. Just buy some lemons, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and sea salt to get started. If you need instructions on how to mix the juice and get started on a DIET THAT REALLY WORKS, see the posts entitled Body Cleanse that describes the Master Cleanse system. Get more weight loss advice reading the post about Detox Cleanse products and supplements, as well as the information in Weight Loss Tips that deals with the raw food diet as a way of life Don’t waste your time, money and energy on diets that fail. Do a detox. Drink fresh juice. Then eat raw vegetables for a while. It works!

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