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The best slimming tea is natural – from the leaves of the camellia sinensis, known in Chinese as Lu Cha, 绿茶, commonly called green tea. Although it’s been a traditional Asian weight loss therapy and part of the everyday diet of most Chinese people for centuries, it’s also been analyzed by modern science and found to be a genuine means not only to lose weight, maintain weight but also to decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol levels and arterial build-up as well as helping to prevent blood clotting during surgical procedures.

The long list of studies conducted on the effectiveness of green tea as a means to promote weight loss and overall better health is lengthy and includes the Yale University School of Medicine, Birmingham University in the UK, Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh, Israel Institute of Technology, National Institute of Chemistry in Slovenia, and the University of Hong Kong. Some findings have been published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons where amongst other things it states that green tea “prevents oxidization of LDL cholesterol…which can reduce the buildup of plaque in arteries”.

The numerous tests and laboratory studies conclude that the traditional camellia sinensis leaves not only make a very effective slimming tea but may provide help in combating breast cancer, Parkinson’s disease, lowering blood pressure and even contributing to help with the treatment of eye conditions such as glaucoma.

Slimming tea manufactures often add green tea to diet preparations, so if you want pure tea it’s best to buy the leaves and brew it on your own. Although green tea does contain caffeine, it’s extremely low compared to coffee and therefore isn’t known for giving dieters the jitters. It’s generally considered safe, although it may be contraindicated for people who have a severely damaged liver. Most healthy individuals who seek a natural slimming tea that’s effective, may use it in combination with a healthy low calorie fresh vegetable diet.

In traditional Chinese culture, green tea is a part of everyday life, therefore drinking a liter or more per day is not uncommon. The effects are not instant, but form part of a long-term healthful diet plan – not a temporary slimming tea during a week or two.

Incorporating green tea into your diet can be fun – making fruit drinks with a green tea base, adding different flavors or mixing green tea with fruit infusions.

In many Asian countries, icy cold green tea drinks are sold on the streets and desserts are also made with a green tea jelly. There are a zillion recipes that include green tea ice cream, sorbets, cake, cookies, soups using green tea powder and even green tea beauty products – like facial masks that are really refreshing.

To get genuine Chinese slimming tea that’s 100% natural green tea leaves, or to try a variety of other natural green tea products, visit any Asian grocery store near you, or order products from Hong Kong / Taiwan distributors who offer an assortment of products for sale online.

One place that sells some delicious tea blends, which are not specifically labeled as slimming tea, but are ideal for sipping anytime (on or off a diet), are those sold through a company called Mighty Leaf Tea Company. They ship their green tea and fruity blends around the world, with special sites for clients in Canada, the UK, Australia / New Zealand, Sweden and Hungary, as well as their main site that serves the rest of the world.

You don’t have to buy green slimming tea from a health food store for it to be good. In fact some of the best ways to drink it is in delicate blends like the Green Tea Passion made by Mighty Leaf Tea Company that contains a base of green tea, tropical flavors, cornflower petals and pineapple….mmmmm… just smell it brewing…

Most weight loss tea preparations (with green tea) are really cheap. Even the elegant blends like those recommended from the Mighty Leaf Tea Company, cost under $13 and come gorgeously packaged in cylindrical tubes that keep the tea fresh. Many teabag and infusion style products cost under $5 for a whole box, and dried Chinese tea leaves may be bought in Asian markets by the scoop for even less.

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