Natural Henna Eyebrows – Pens, Powders & Dye Kits

Get natural henna eyebrows using easy to apply pens, all-inclusive henna eyebrow dye kits, and henna eyebrow tattoo and tinting powders in 13 colors including: marigold blonde, Persian blonde, strawberry blonde, mahogany, black, copper, dark brown, light brown, medium brown, neutral, burgundy, red and sherry.

The Best Henna Eyebrow Dye Kits

Godefroy makes the top henna eyebrow dye kits that are easy to use and come with everything needed for perfect henna eyebrows.

See how easy it is to use the Godefroy Henna Eyebrow Dye Kit in this video by Evalash and notice the following tips:


  • dye can be applied on skin and hair to create a temporary henna eyebrow tattoo effect
  • henna dye can be applied using a toothpick
  • henna eyebrow dye works best on dark hair / skin types and auburn shades, redheads, and medium dark strawberry blondes

Watch a step by step procedure that explains exactly how to create beautiful henna eyebrows. The demonstration is done professionally, but you can do it at home. After watching the brief video, shop for a Godefroy kit in the color you desire and then darken and condition your eyebrows with henna


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Godefroy TintKit

  • Deposits Long-lasting Eyebrow Color
  • Blended with Pure White Henna
  • Rich Creamy Consistency
  • Comes with Twenty Color Capsules that are pre-measured
  • Can be ordered in 4 colors
  • Kit has henna eyebrow dye, developer, tools & instructions
  • For use on Eyebrows – NOT Lashes

Henna Eyebrow Pen

Henna eyebrow pens look like felt-tip markers and are very easy to apply. They can be used to create hair strokes, fill sparse areas, and using the thicker tip, add color to the hair in specific areas. The henna eyebrow pen products are best used as eyebrow filler or for creating slender brow edges and tips. They don’t work well when applied to skin that has no hair – the results are not very natural.

Most of the henna eyebrow tattoo pens are made for creating mehndi designs and can be used to draw tattoos onto the skin. In most cases the henna only last a day or two – not as long as natural henna powder mixtures.

1. Hennapenna

Hennapenna is one of the tools that can be used for eyebrows, although it’s primarily designed for decorative tattoos.

2. Natural Henna Eyebrow Pen

The Natural Henna Eyebrow Pen from Herbal Beauty Supply is a good choice because it comes in three shades – dark brown, light brown and black and has a fine tip for contours and hair strokes.

Buy Hennapenna or the Natural Henna Eyebrow Pen now from Amazon

Powdered Henna for Eyebrow Coloring

Natural powdered henna for eyebrow coloring can be used as it is for scalp hair and conditioning or can be mixed with a very mild 3% peroxide or oxidant. Most of the products designed for hair are not suitable for eyebrows and should not be applied near the eye area. However, Rainbow Persian Henna Powder is safe for brows and lashes I used naturally and applied as directed.

Choose 13 different shades of powdered henna for eyebrow coloring that include:

  • Marigold Blonde
  • Light Blonde
  • Strawberry Blonde
  • Mahogany
  • Black
  • Copper
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Neutral {no color}
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Sherry

Shop for all 13 shades of powdered henna

What’s a Henna Eyebrow Tattoo?

There is no such thing as a henna eyebrow tattoo that’s created using equipment that punctures the skin and deposits semi-permanent color into the dermis, and if it doesn’t puncture the skin it’s not a real tattoo. A TATTOO by definition must deposit pigments below the epidermis, and therefore it’s not temporary. To get henna eyebrows that appear to be tattooed and last longer than a day, the procedure is simple, non-invasive and involves natural henna dye, a toothpick and a skilled artists who can shape the brow area and color the hair to look similar to a tattoo procedure.

Henna applied to the skin or hair usually last a few days or up to 6 weeks, but the length of time it last and the color will depend on the type of henna used, the length of time it’s left on the skin / hair and how soon it’s washed afterward {best to leave for 3 days to a week without washing to achieve dark lasting results}.

Salons and private aestheticians, often in conjunction with Indian or Middle Eastern eyebrow threading beauty centers, may offer a service called a “henna eyebrow tattoo”, which provides a temporary tint to hair and skin and often helps to shape the brow area by filling sparse areas and extending the edges but in fact it’s not a tattoo but a long-lasting henna eyebrow dye procedure that will probably last anywhere from a week to a month. Take a look at how it’s done using powdered henna and water paste and a toothpick to apply.

Eyebrow Henna Application:

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To try this on your own, buy natural powdered henna for eyebrow coloring, mix it with water, apply to the brow area for about ten minutes, wipe off, add more as needed, wipe again, but do not wash for a few days to get the richest, darkest results.

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