Delicious, Natural Low Calorie Foods Everyone Can Afford to Eat

No more expensive prepackaged low calories foods! Here are delicious, natural, affordable foods that are high in nutrients but low in everything your body doesn’t need and can’t process efficiently.

The best low calories foods are the cheapest items in every grocery store, namely:

  1. fresh celery
  2. leafy greens and lettuce
  3. tomatoes
  4. carrots and beets
  5. fresh corn on the cob
  6. cucumbers
  7. onions / garlic
  8. cabbage
  9. cauliflower/ broccoli
  10. asparagus and mushrooms
  11. assorted sprouts

How can you incorporate low calorie foods, such as the above raw vegetables, into nutritious, delicious full meals that are satisfying and balanced?

Admittedly, even for vegetarians and seasoned raw vegans, it’s sometimes difficult to eat a totally raw food diet (especially for moms who need to satisfy children’s palates, or for busy professional who need fast meal plans). It’s more realistic to make an effort to build meals around 80% fresh, uncooked veggies, adding lentils, beans, nuts, seeds and organic grains to the plan. Doing so, it’s possible to incorporate higher calorie foods like avocado, olives, olive oil, nut butters and milks into recipes that won’t leave anyone wondering where the butter, milk, cheese or meat has disappeared to. Low calorie foods need not be unsavory!

Here’s an example how to create a meal plan structured around a variety of low calorie foods with a few richer ingredients to offer flavor and richness, ideal on cleansing programs or low calories diets.

1. Start almost any meal with a fresh tomato gazpacho soup. For the recipe view the article Yummy Juicer Recipes.

2. Try a grated carrot and beet salad with fresh sweet corn kernels and a creamy avocado dressing whipped in the blender with garlic, onion, a dash of cayenne and lemon with a dribble of olive oil.

3. Finely chop celery, cucumber and add to shredded red cabbage then make a dressing with raw almond butter, cold pressed olive oil, soy sauce, mustard and a little sea salt.

4. Lightly blanch asparagus in boiling water, then place them on a bed of alfalfa sprouts and dribble everything with lemon juice, fresh garlic, and a sprinkle of cayenne.

5. Serve any of the salads with a bowl of basmati/brown/wild rice, or a serving of cuscus, even a little pasta is okay from time to time if 80% of the meal is fresh veggies.

6. Thinly sliced onions left to cure in a little sea salt make a nice pickle alternative, and homemade sauerkraut is a savory addition to raw salads.

7. semi raw foods are also possible. One favorite is soy sprouts lightly sautéed (just barely for a few seconds) with very thinly sliced onions, raw mushrooms, raw celery and Cheese soy sauce and a bit of red pepper. It’s a chop suey meal without grease or overcooked veggies but the same basic flavor.

8. Vegetable bullion is good to have on hand during the winter. Create light soups by adding finely chopped veggies (raw) to boiling bullion base. It’s satisfying and feels like a hot meal on a cold day – but the vegetables remain barely blanched and therefore retain their nutrients.

There are dozens of raw recipe books that have ideas for unique low calorie foods that are prepared with raw (or almost raw) ingredients and veggie combinations you’ve probably never thought about. The term “salad” doesn’t necessarily cover all the possible raw food ideas because many are total meals that will provide few calories but heaps of vitamins, nutrients, essential amino acids and minerals.

Editor’s note: My favorite recipe book, packed with ideas for unique low calorie foods that are scrumptious and nutritious, is called RAW The Uncook Book by Juliano Brotman and Erika Lenkert. The photographs are excellent and helpful to create dishes that are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to taste.

Get in line to receive Juliano Brotman’s DVD series called Raw Vegan Cuisine with Juliano, which should be available soon, since the estimated release date was January 2011. Check Amazon or for details.

If you think eating raw, healthy, low calorie foods is going to be boring, then you need to read (or better yet – TASTE) the gourmet recipes that expert Juliano Brotman offers – from tantalizing appetizers and scrumptious entrées to lavish deserts.

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