Are There Natural Remedies for Acne?

Here are topical natural remedies for acne and effective ways to treat the root causes.

1. Resorcinol

Although topical natural remedies for acne only treat outer symptoms, there are some that work better than others. Although it may be difficult to find in its natural state, resorcinol is one good acne treatment – especially when derived from natural distilled extract of Brazilwood or Persian galbanum from ferula rubricaulis (both being resinous plant substances that have astringent and antibacterial properties). Resorcinol can also be found in mimosa catechu (acacia catechu), known as uncaria rhynchophylla, a traditional Chinese herb (gou teng 釣鉤藤), which helps eliminate bacteria that can worsen pimples, eczema and many skin conditions including acute acne.

Synthetic versions of resorcinol are also found in topical acne medications that serve the purpose of disinfecting the skin to lessen bacteria. There are ointments and facial/body cleansers designed specifically to treat acne that contain about 2% active resorcinol. Higher concentrations usually require a prescription from a dermatologist. If you can go to a Chinese medicine expert, it’s possible to get herbal solutions / teas (not for drinking but for cleansing the skin) that have higher percentages of natural resorcinol and will be effective antibacterial agents for keeping the skin disinfected.

2. Benzol Peroxide

Benzol Peroxide is an organic blend of hydrogen peroxide and benzoyl chloride and is used for disinfecting. It has an antiseptic and drying effect and therefore can help to eliminate bacterial swelling, infection and the formation of acute acne sores that may develop into scars. It may be found in acne cleansers or sold in solutions for antiseptic use. It is drying to the skin, so use sparingly and preferably well diluted. It’s not an acne cure, but an antiseptic to help swelling, redness, infection and reduce future acne scars.

3. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid is derived from the “salix” or willow tree, also used to make aspirin. The willow bark extract (from the white willow also called the salix alba) is natural salicylic acid, or salicin, also a type of beta hydroxy acid that’s one of the main ingredients in skincare preparations, used for treating everything from psoriasis to warts. The reason it’s effective is because it stimulates the body’s natural exfoliation process, whereby skin cells shed themselves more rapidly. Another reason salicylic acid is used to treat skin conditions, especially acne, is that it acts to unclog pores, remove bacteria and then make pores smaller so they’re not as prone to bacteria, infection, pollution, etc. It stimulates new growth in the epidermis, so after shedding the old, a new layer replaces it quickly.

Tackling The Root Cause of Acne

The best natural remedies for acne have nothing to do with topical formulas, ointments, acne cream, astringents or antibacterial treatments. The root cause of acne is internal and that’s where the main battle must be fought. Treating symptoms may dry-up pimples and help lessen the chance of developing permanent scars, but new crops will continue unless changes are made on the inside.

Poor Waste Elimination Leads to Toxic Build-Up and Acne Breakouts

Poor digestion, a toxic colon and various gastrointestinal tract disorders are linked to acne. Mucous causing dairy products such as milk, cheese, yogurt, cream, and refined sugars, simple carbohydrates and fats, as well as general dehydration are all prime causes of skin conditions such as acne. Hormonal changes are indelibly linked to acne as well, but that doesn’t mean they’re unavoidable. Once again, sugars, fats and highly refined foods trigger hormone production / imbalances that intensify hormone changes during puberty and during other times of life, especially in women. Eliminating refined carbohydrates and sugars as well as dairy products and animal fat can substantially reduce the effects of chemical imbalances, hormonal changes and even genetic predisposition toward acne.

Water, Vegetables and Sunshine

Although many natural remedies for acne deal with the outer effects, the best ways to combat breakouts is by drinking more water (about 8 to 10 glasses a day), adding fresh raw vegetable juice and fresh fruit extracts to your diet, increasing vitamin A intake, eliminating dairy / refined foods and staying away from animal products / fats. Additionally, cleanse the problem areas, but don’t over scrub. Get fresh air and sunshine whenever possible.

Cleansing the Body is one of The Best Natural Remedies for Acne

To learn how to cleanse your body naturally please browse related posts. Acne can be helped through body cleansing techniques, detoxifying the colon and replacing refined high fat meals with nutritious natural low calorie foods. Discover how to incorporate vitamin rich negative calorie foods into your diet and balance hormone levels in natural ways.

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I am interested in purchasing, in relatively small quantities (1 kilo), resorcinol powder derived only from natural sources. It wouldn’t hurt if it was usp grade. Please help.

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